Thursday, November 11, 2010

Random Rosy on Thursday.

  1. The Power of Prayer is amazing, wonderful, flooring, mind-boggling and so much more. I prayed at the beginning of this week for God to encourage me in my studies and specifically to keep my drive going. I have received encouragement every day this week so far. God is so good.
  2. I want a recliner so I can have my back supported while I work on homework while watching tv. 
  3. I am going to see my family in LESS than 2 weeks. 
  4. The amount of twitter messages I get sometimes is obnoxious. 
  5. I still need guest posters for December. PLEASE!!!
  6. I have a hair appointment on Saturday. GOD. BLESS. AMERICA.
  7. The closer we get to the end of the semester the harder it is for me to comment. I'm sorry for this really I am because I hate not getting comments. I still read though!
  8. I pack a good lunch. 
  9. I am well more than obsessed with checking off items completed on my to do list. 
  10. I have started 9 sentences with the word, "I" and now I can't decide if I should finish with ten random things or ten sentences that start with the word "I". OCD is a problem.
  11. I still need guest posters for December.
Guess you know which one won.

Happy Thursday and thank you to all the men and women that protect the land aka Happy Veteran's Day!!!!


    ~Haley~ said...

    I love lists... but my OCD makes me wish your list only had 10 things, or 12 things. I love even numbers. =] Have a good Thursday!

    Mrs. Potts said...

    I don't have a hair appt until December 3rd. I really needed to get a trim in November, but don't want to schedule two appointments (cut & color).

    What kind of guest posters are you looking for?

    emmy said...

    I'll guest post for you, sassypants. Also, you have an email from me.

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