Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday mumblings...

I mumble on's a thing. And with finals approaching it's getting worse.

My family arrived and departed early in the morning. I miss them TONS.
I need good motivation movies and music recommendations. Give me your best.
Neener neener boo boo Oklahoma State!
In college, I always called my mom the week before finals to tell her I loved her and that I'd talk to her "on the other side" of finals. I made that call tonight. So crazy how things have changed and what my attitude in undergrad was to what my attitude for law school is.
Winter is here. And it is really cold. But no snow yet.
We're playing in the Big XII Championship! WOOT! It's a shot at a TRUE rivalry one last time before Nebraska peaces out to the Big Ten.
Finals are quickly approaching. Did I mention that one?
Sometimes, I wish we'd all put ourselves in each others shoes before we speak.
Have I said how proud I am not only of the Sooner Football team for their win against Oklahoma State, but how I am even more proud to be an alumni of the great university??? Well I am! (Tee hee, like you didn't know this already.)
My poor planner is already falling apart and I haven't even made it through the semester!
I need some more yellow highlighters. I feel like this is the law student's version of the "more cowbell" statement.
November has done come and gone y'all! You know what that means? Christmas is upon us soon!

Happy Monday!


Lucy Marie said...

Um that reference to more cowbell made me laugh out loud. And I woke up my dog.

Gina said...

Tell me you've tried the Sharpie highlighters.

Brittany said...

LOVE the more cowbell statement. I don't know how many times I've said that and people just look at me like I'm crazy...thank you!!


Lil' Woman said...

Good luck with finals!! :)

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