Monday, October 11, 2010

You're not going to believe who decided to guest blog for me.


But before you guess I should tell you that...No, it wasn't the President or a Kennedy or someone from Vera Bradley or one of my bloggy pals or a famous blogger like Pioneer Woman.

Although, if any of those options were to contact me I'd totally take them up on it.

Not a clue??


Sunday afternoon I sent out a plea for bloggers to which no one replied.

I went about my business because I had/have mid-terms to study for and I checked my phone for messages and lo and behold my dad said he'd blog for me if he had the time.

And this afternoon I received an email with the subject title: blog

Now I'll be straight and tell you that I had no clue what I was about to open and that scared me. I told him the magical words, "Blog about whatever you want! It. Can. Be. Anything."

I gave the man total control.

I don't do that people.

It's just not in my nature.

But do it I did and here is my daddio's blog in its entirety for your reading pleasure...

It's a Q & A of sorts.

Me: So do you like Christmas? Inquiring minds here at the RTH Times wish to know!

Dad: In defense of myself, I do love Christmas! Samantha (the great blogger) has a tendency to exaggerate! I do admit a certain consternation as to the time when Christmas rolls around. I love Christmas, but when the stores start getting ready way before Thanksgiving, I get annoyed! Raising four children on a car salesman and school teacher's income is not always easy! I have not really had any problems with my children over the years which has been a HUGE blessing.

However I do tend to panic when I think of how to pay for all the goodies, new Christmas outfits (3 girls, 1 boy who could care less about dressing up), and presents and of course something special for my wife! Usually everyone lets us know what they want for Christmas. My wife is a genius at shopping and always surprises everyone with something they never thought about but is kool!

Me, on the other hand has to invent ways to PAY for this festivity! If the girls liked Harley Davidson, shopping would be easy E Z !

By the way I have a 2005 Harley Springer FLSTSCI. Chrome is always nice!

Nice plug Dad. I'm sure mom is well aware of your obsession love for Harley.

Happy Monday y'all!!

P.S. It is mid-terms around these parts, so I'll be pretty scarce this week. 


brown eyed girl said...

Ha! Daddy B, hello!! My question to you is one of world-peace-worthy importance: Ford or Chevy?

I was totally thinking it was going to be B who guest-posted! Hope your midterms are going well! xoxo

A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

ha ha - that's awesome. I guess I missed the plea. I will guest blog if you ever need/want any again! (-:

Your dad seems really sweet. (-:


Lil' Woman said...

Great post...I think most of us understand now the value of dollar and how much it takes to buy things but I agree with Dad when we were little, I thought that my parents could get anything my little Christmas heart decided.

Brittany Ann said...

Dude, I'm so sorry I was taking a bloggy break, as I would have blogged for you if I'd known!

But hello to your father! Love it!

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