Thursday, October 7, 2010

"They" say that...

Home is where your heart is.

My heart is in so many places these days.

My heart is here with Brandon when we grocery shop.
My heart is with my family going to El Zarape and football games.
My heart is with Brandon's family going to Sonic for the third time of the day because it's part of life.
My heart is with our church here in Michigan because of the people in it.
My heart is with my friends from my former job while we gab about the latest reality tv show.
My heart is in my schoolwork that I do each and every day.
My heart is at Speedway eating a Speedway Special with my dad.
My heart is on a run with my sisters to look at Vera Bradley.
My heart is on a Wal-Mart run with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law late at night.

But one thing for sure is that in all of these places, I am home.

And that's my goal in the long-term is to get home.

But I'm at least three years from that happening. So in the mean time I focus on the short term goals.

Some of these short term goals are:
  • making it through mid-terms next week.
  • making it to Thanksgiving because my side of the family will be here!
  • making it to finals. Only ten weeks left!
  • making it to Christmas time so we can go home to Oklahoma.
  • making it to next Spring so B's family can visit.
 As you can see, I'm still a little homesick but it's made harder by the fact that we're still waiting on a job for Brandon.

Please lift us up in prayer. I know I mentioned this on twitter a bit, but we're really getting weary in this storm. He committed himself to his work in college and now he wants that hard work to pay off so he can be the provider. Being the leader spiritually AND fiscally are two major desires he strives for. He just wants that opportunity to do the 2nd part because he's out of school now.

Happy Thursday.

P.S. Where is YOUR home?


brown eyed girl said...

Home is with bubs and our kitties.
Home is in Connecticut with my parents and their kitties.
Home is on the phone with family members.
It's a feeling, not a place, per se.

leslie a. knight said...

Home is a million different places for me. It's my 80+ year old house with my husband and our two dogs. It's cuddling in the morning with the dogs and not wanting to wake up.

But it is also in Texas with my parents. And our family get togethers which do not happen as often as I would like.

I will keep you and Brandon in my prayers. I know how it wears on you. It did the same for Justin and I. It still wears on us some, but God is oh so good and will always bring you through.

Brittany Ann said...

Home is with my hubs, too.

And I'm so excited for my fam to come see us for Thanksgiving, too.

Though they are no longer my home, I miss them.

I'm praying for y'all.

Brittany said...

I'm praying for you guys!! Hope Brandon gets a call soon!

Gina said...

I thought of you the other day...I bribed L with a Sonic "slushery" as he calls it. :)

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