Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pulling out the "BIG" guns for this one.

As you know my family is visiting soon for Thanksgiving. Brandon and I could not be more excited. Our church family has been great, but nothing can ever replace our real families.

On Wednesday, I posted about how many days I have left until I see them again. I was talking to Brandon about how we need to figure out his work schedule soon for Thanksgiving and which days to shoot for him to be off based on what time we could expect my family to be here on Wednesday. I happen to speak with my dad about something right after this conversation that was unrelated. When I hung up, Brandon asked why I didn't talk to dad about our conversation regarding traveling for Thanksgiving. And I told him that for things like this, I talked to mom. So I promptly called her and imagine my surprise when I discovered that they weren't going to be here until Thanksgiving Day because dad said he needed to work.

As you can imagine, I was less than thrilled about this development.

I need to pause in this part of the story to tell you an important detail about my family. When Jessi and I were younger, if we wanted to get our way, we had Jessi make a plea to dad if we were desperate. This wasn't required of her very often, but when necessary, Jessi was able to pull through for us. She didn't lose her touch once Loren and Will came along either. I'm sure you have someone like this in your family. Jessi is that person for us.

Today was Dad's Day at OU. Don't they look great!

So, back to the story. I immediately knew this was a situation where we needed to pull out the "BIG" guns. Before I could even tell my mom that we needed to get Jess on this, she told me that she already had. I felt better immediately about the situation. Dad doesn't have much of an argument anyway.

And then I got to thinking about that word argument. You know, it's quite an important word for those of us in the attorney world and then I thought, I while we're pulling out the big guns, I'm not taking any chances.

So Dad, I thought I'd show you what I've learned thus far and write in essay form about why you should be here on Wednesday as originally planned.


The issue is whether or not you should take one extra day off so y'all make it here by Wednesday rather than Thursday.

The first reason why you should leave on Tuesday night is that I haven't seen you in three whole months which means 13 weeks or  91 days. Here, the days have passed quicker than what I ever thought they would, but the fact remains that we haven't seen each other in 91 days and by the time I see you, it will have been much longer than that. Families especially one like ours filled with nothing but love for one another should not be apart this long. Therefore, this first reason is more than adequate for you to get in the car on Tuesday night and burn rubber to Michigan.

However, knowing you, you're thinking about missing work. Well I'm already ahead of you. The second reason why you should leave on Tuesday night is you'll only miss two days of work and still get paid the same which means you're not losing any money. Here, your place of work will be closed on Thursday and you're already off on weekends. You can't miss a day of work if the place is closed and you're still going to make the same amount whether you're there or not. Therefore, this reason should remove any final protests you might have.

Finally, if these two reasons don't convince you, I'm not worried. I've got the big guns already headed for you.

And if Jessi and I can't convince you, meet the biggest gun of all that will.

In fact, you might know her.

Jessi, Loren, Will and I like to call her: Mom.
Isn't my alma mater so beautiful in the fall?!?!

And that means I'll go to sleep at peace about this issue tonight and you'll be sleeping on the couch until you leave for Michigan if you don't see things my way. I've got it on good authority.

Happy Saturday!!


brown eyed girl said...

My mama and daddy aren't coming up until Thursday too!! I'm sad because I want my mom to help bake and prep on Wednesday afternoon! However, I am conceeding to my father on this one, because the man gripes at making a 30 mile trip. And the griping increases exponentially when you add in New York drivers, the Jersey Turnpike, a Holiday Travel Time, and paying tolls along the highway. So, the mere fact that they will be doing ALL of the aforementioned for little old me and there will be NO complaining...I can hang.

I also enticed my father with some cornbread andoille stuffing...try bribery for your Daddio? ;)

Brittany Ann said...

I love that your mom is the biggest gun of all! Mine too!

Brittany said...

They should definitely come up before the day of! They will need a good nights rest before the big feast!

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