Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Making a statement: the Camaro v. the Corvette

Last week, my dad sent me this picture of a Nissan 370Z with the caption "What I drove home tonight."
(It's just a loaner.)

I leaned over and showed it to Brandon and said, "Some day..." 

And then my sister tweeted "Listening to Steppenwolf's Born to be Wild with dad in the 370Z." 

I guess I should back track and say this. 

When I graduate law school the only thing I want is a new Chevy Camaro. 

I know this idea is a little crazy. But that's what I want. Well, every once in a while, my dad will send a text with a photo of a sports car in it. It is sort of a little reminder from him to me that this goal of law school is mine and to just keep my eye on the prize.I go back and forth on whether or not I'd like a bumblebee or a cherry red paint option.

Tonight I told Brandon that I debate sometimes as to whether I should get a Corvette or a Camaro.

And he said that I should totally go with the Camaro because it was "bad-a$$."

Naturally, as some couples do, I disagreed with him. 

I said that both cars are about making statements. And what statement do I want to make when I get out of law school? 

And I decided that a Camaro says "hot-shot attorney" because while the car has serious horse-power, it still is young and has some things to learn even though it causes heads to turn on occasion if the person knows how to drive it.

While a Corvette says "bad-ass attorney" because that car has MAJOR horse-power and when it's on the highway everyone pays attention because clearly the driver is experienced. 

So I wanna be a Camaro. A hot-shot if you will and that's my choice. I figure that this option is the respectable one for the time being. Some day, I'll blow by the others. Either way, Steppenwolf and all his buddies will be blaring from my radio.

But I digress.

As usual, I told you this story to tell you this story.

Later, my sister text me and said, "I love riding with dad. We were at the stop light when this car pulls up to us and keeps the speed with us then dad says hold on. And we sped up and left the other car in the dust."

And it made me think of a hot rod time we had with dad one time.

One night, B.L.&W.--Before Loren & Will--we were in the car waiting on mom to finish in the grocery store. It had been snowing and in true Southern form, we were are the grocery store stocking up. The roads were icy and my dad being the dad that he is, wanted us to wait to go to the grocery store until he could get home and take us. (My mother thought this notion was ridiculous and doesn't wait on him to get home anymore much to his chagrin.)

Anyway, the point my friends is that we there near closing. So the lot was empty.

And we happen to be in an Eagle Talon. Remember those?

Well, my mom was taking a little longer than usual and dad decided that we'd do some donuts in the parking lot while we waited.

It was a total BLAST!

We laughed and laughed and then realized we'd better get back to our parking spot before mom came out from the grocery store.

We waited for her to come out and giggled about our great fun.

Mom came out and got in the car and we proceeded to leave the parking lot. She noticed the donuts and said, "Boy someone sure had fun tonight!"

And my sister and I said, "We sure did!!"

We all busted into laughter and my dad laughed the way he does when he's really tickled at himself.

The moral of this story comes in two-fold: Steppenwolf is appropriate whether you're 11, 14, 26 or 60. And I want my turn to take my kiddos out for fun in the local grocery market parking lot some day...

So I'm committed to the cause, not just for me but for my kiddos as well.

After all, who's gonna pass on mad driving skills to the next generation if we don't use the proper vehicle to do so?

Happy Tuesday.


Mrs. Potts said...

You know, I don't know that I'd choose either. I've always associated the Corvette with middle aged men hitting their mid-life crisis and the Camero's as being typically for gear heads.

I'd totally take a new 6 convertible. Or even and M3.

All BMW all the way.

But the 350 doesn't suck either. I miss mine.

Kara said...

An Eagle Talon was my first NEW car. I never cut doughnuts in a parking lot though...

Gina said...

SUCH a cute story.

Also...I read your last post but was pumping and couldn't comment. Your hair looks amazing.

Lil' Woman said...

Great story...I hope I can do stuff like that for my kids one day, make lasting memories! :)

Courtney said...

i love cars :)
(and your blog!)

brown eyed girl said...

Camero. Esp because they brought back the round headlights. Swoon.

Corvettes, like Mrs. Potts, I associate them with middle aged men.

Cameros, however, are HOT. Especially if you can get a tag saying "SBT ESQ" and then SMOKE the people at the stoplight next to you. Oh yes!!!

Kelsey Claire said...

I hope the economy is 100x better by the time you graduate! We could not afford one of those and I have a hot shot lawyer! Hope you get one though!

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