Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just who is the ruby Turtle hippie???

This is a two part question.

The first part of the answer is found in the actual name of my post. And you can read that here.

And the second part is just a short little ditty about me currently.

My name is Samantha and I am an Oklahoma native who currently lives in Michigan because I am going to law school. Going to law school has been a life long dream of mine. When I am studying I get excited about it because I actually am living out my dream. It's nerdy and I'm cool with it.

The tagline in the header of my blog says that I love Jesus, politics and rock-n-roll and I do, but I also love: celeb gossip, reading and films. Seriously, if I could have any other job in the world besides being an attorney, I'd be a film watcher and book reader. Seriously, I'd be a billionaire at this job. I'd still blog on the side like I do now. Except this blog would be a lot more about the latest shiz I've read about Harry Potter or the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

I did this because I've recently had a few new followers. And for me that is a huge deal!

So hi y'all!!

Welcome to the rTh times!!

My name is Sam.

Happy Thursday!

P.S. I think you should know that just because I love Harry Potter doesn’t mean I love Halloween.

I don’t.

I hate Halloween.

There, just wanted to get in the fact that I am pro-Halloween is a sucky holiday. Glad that’s out there…yet again.


Lucy Marie said...

I am with you. There is no correlation between loving Harry Potter and loving Halloween. None at all.

brown eyed girl said...

Correlation does not indicate causation! And that's about all I can recall from stats I and II.

From undergrad AND grad schools.

Howevs, in more interesting news, I LOVE YOUR VERNACULAR! Shiz like that is straight gangsta, and I talk like that on a regular basis!! Yay, friend!

Hope your week ends on a high note, keep the Reeses Peanut Butter Pumpkins for you, B, and P and say bah-humbug to Halloween...I'll join y'all!

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Hi y'all! The name's Samantha. You can call me Sam if you like. I am a lover to a boy I met at Falls Creek in the summer of 2005, that is a student of Jesus, a Sooner born and Sooner bred and when I die I'll be Sooner dead, Democrat by party, blonde to the core, and oldies but goodies kind of girl.
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