Friday, October 1, 2010

Dear Papa Boren

As you know, today is OU/Texas Friday, an un-official holiday of the University of Oklahoma. Current students-if lucky to not have classes on Friday or to have a generous teacher who happens to cancel classes on Friday-can tear down I-35 to Dallas for the weekend's festivities. Some students have the misfortune of staying until after class is over before heading down the I-35.

However, as such an esteemed student of history like yourself, you know that this wasn't always the case. But for the sake of my readers, I'll explain the past traditions.

You see readers, according to tradition,OU/Texas Friday used to be OU/Texas weekend. Everyone had the Friday off to make it down I-35 because the roads weren't always the best and cars could not go as fast as they can now. So a day was given to the students to travel to support our men on the football field. If the awful happened and we lost, then we headed back to Norman on Sunday. But when we won, we showed Dallas how to have a good time and the president of the school could cancel classes on Monday, so the students could have an extra day to get safely back to Norman. This tradition of canceling Monday classes hasn't happened since the last time OU won against Texas the year we won the 2000 championship. It was greatly frowned upon by the Board of Regents and so obviously hasn't been an option.

Well, I think you should bring it back Papa B. After all, how will this generation of OU students receive a full education if they don't have the opportunity to experience such an important event as OU/Texas weekend in style?

A decade later, I think it's time to shake things up a bit. I mean you have brought in people like President Bill Clinton, Queen Noor of Jordan, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Vice-President Al Gore, General Colin Powell and Doris Kearns Goodwin to further our education by exposing us to men and women who have made major contributions to our world as we know it to be today. You also have raised the academic standards by bringing in the best of the best to all of our departments and individual colleges to serve as our teachers. We all know how many National Merit scholars we have now because of you too.

Our academic success will not lacking because you didn't try to help us. This is more than evident.

But you know like any respectable academic that not all experiences are learned in the classroom. Lessons of life can only be learned by experience.

Experiences like OU/Texas weekend can allow for these life lessons to be learned. I think that you might even be doing a disservice to the student body by not affording this opportunity. You do want your students to be well-rounded after all.

So I say, if we win this weekend you further the current generation of Sooners' education by canceling classes on Monday. In fact, by winning the game your students would not only be learning a valuable lesson of winning with class, but they would then become the teacher as they could teach the Longhorns that Bevo is meant for dinner and not to stand on a football field.

Now I'm sure you're worried about those Regents. Well, I know that leaders of any nation are most remembered when they are beloved by the people. I learned that lesson in your political science class my freshman year of college. Papa B, your people are the students. I think that one day missed for a good cause like getting life experiences that will last a lifetime is more than sufficient an answer as to why it is imperative you take this coming Monday off should we win on Saturday, don't you?

I hope you take my plea as an alumni of this great university seriously.

Have a safe trip down I-35. Don't forget to enjoy a Fletcher's corny dog while you're at the game. They're the best.

Boomer Sooner,
Samantha T., Class of 2007 

P.S. Texas you still suck.

1 comment:

Lil' Woman said...

Lol....Hope your Sooners get their wish! :)

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