Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

It's no secret, I'm not a fan of Halloween. 

I am more than happy to see November roll in because I LOVE Thanksgiving!

BUT it doesn't mean I don't want the cute little kids to have a fun and safe night!!

Hope you and yours are enjoying the day! 

Happy Halloween y'all!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pulling out the "BIG" guns for this one.

As you know my family is visiting soon for Thanksgiving. Brandon and I could not be more excited. Our church family has been great, but nothing can ever replace our real families.

On Wednesday, I posted about how many days I have left until I see them again. I was talking to Brandon about how we need to figure out his work schedule soon for Thanksgiving and which days to shoot for him to be off based on what time we could expect my family to be here on Wednesday. I happen to speak with my dad about something right after this conversation that was unrelated. When I hung up, Brandon asked why I didn't talk to dad about our conversation regarding traveling for Thanksgiving. And I told him that for things like this, I talked to mom. So I promptly called her and imagine my surprise when I discovered that they weren't going to be here until Thanksgiving Day because dad said he needed to work.

As you can imagine, I was less than thrilled about this development.

I need to pause in this part of the story to tell you an important detail about my family. When Jessi and I were younger, if we wanted to get our way, we had Jessi make a plea to dad if we were desperate. This wasn't required of her very often, but when necessary, Jessi was able to pull through for us. She didn't lose her touch once Loren and Will came along either. I'm sure you have someone like this in your family. Jessi is that person for us.

Today was Dad's Day at OU. Don't they look great!

So, back to the story. I immediately knew this was a situation where we needed to pull out the "BIG" guns. Before I could even tell my mom that we needed to get Jess on this, she told me that she already had. I felt better immediately about the situation. Dad doesn't have much of an argument anyway.

And then I got to thinking about that word argument. You know, it's quite an important word for those of us in the attorney world and then I thought, I while we're pulling out the big guns, I'm not taking any chances.

So Dad, I thought I'd show you what I've learned thus far and write in essay form about why you should be here on Wednesday as originally planned.


The issue is whether or not you should take one extra day off so y'all make it here by Wednesday rather than Thursday.

The first reason why you should leave on Tuesday night is that I haven't seen you in three whole months which means 13 weeks or  91 days. Here, the days have passed quicker than what I ever thought they would, but the fact remains that we haven't seen each other in 91 days and by the time I see you, it will have been much longer than that. Families especially one like ours filled with nothing but love for one another should not be apart this long. Therefore, this first reason is more than adequate for you to get in the car on Tuesday night and burn rubber to Michigan.

However, knowing you, you're thinking about missing work. Well I'm already ahead of you. The second reason why you should leave on Tuesday night is you'll only miss two days of work and still get paid the same which means you're not losing any money. Here, your place of work will be closed on Thursday and you're already off on weekends. You can't miss a day of work if the place is closed and you're still going to make the same amount whether you're there or not. Therefore, this reason should remove any final protests you might have.

Finally, if these two reasons don't convince you, I'm not worried. I've got the big guns already headed for you.

And if Jessi and I can't convince you, meet the biggest gun of all that will.

In fact, you might know her.

Jessi, Loren, Will and I like to call her: Mom.
Isn't my alma mater so beautiful in the fall?!?!

And that means I'll go to sleep at peace about this issue tonight and you'll be sleeping on the couch until you leave for Michigan if you don't see things my way. I've got it on good authority.

Happy Saturday!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just who is the ruby Turtle hippie???

This is a two part question.

The first part of the answer is found in the actual name of my post. And you can read that here.

And the second part is just a short little ditty about me currently.

My name is Samantha and I am an Oklahoma native who currently lives in Michigan because I am going to law school. Going to law school has been a life long dream of mine. When I am studying I get excited about it because I actually am living out my dream. It's nerdy and I'm cool with it.

The tagline in the header of my blog says that I love Jesus, politics and rock-n-roll and I do, but I also love: celeb gossip, reading and films. Seriously, if I could have any other job in the world besides being an attorney, I'd be a film watcher and book reader. Seriously, I'd be a billionaire at this job. I'd still blog on the side like I do now. Except this blog would be a lot more about the latest shiz I've read about Harry Potter or the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

I did this because I've recently had a few new followers. And for me that is a huge deal!

So hi y'all!!

Welcome to the rTh times!!

My name is Sam.

Happy Thursday!

P.S. I think you should know that just because I love Harry Potter doesn’t mean I love Halloween.

I don’t.

I hate Halloween.

There, just wanted to get in the fact that I am pro-Halloween is a sucky holiday. Glad that’s out there…yet again.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday is "28" Days.

28/twenty-eight: the number of days left until family comes for Thanksgiving

I'm so excited!!!

And I just can't hide it.

I am now under a month until my family is here for Thanksgiving. And it's the only thing that's propelling me through the next month of school.

I only have 28 more mornings to wake up until I see them.

And 28 is better than 29.

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"One of these things is not like the other..."

Alternatively titled: “It’s not bad, it’s just different” or “Bless your heart.”

Since being in Michigan, we have come across a few things that are just a little funny. My pappaw would have called them catywompus, but that’s another story for another day.

Some of the most famous differences on the rTh times have been:
  • No Sonic in our current city. I haven't had Sonic in 87 days, but I'm not counting or anything like that.
  • I'm still on the hunt for a new hair stylist.
  • Football is big, but not a way of life. Seriously, people still think it's a bit odd when my Saturdays in the fall ALWAYS include watching college football ALL. DAY. LONG. and willingly so. 
Some of these cultural differences are a bit new:
  • I have decided that people in Michigan do not know how a stop sign properly works. There is a 4-way stop right by my house and I swear none of them know how the concept works. I kinda have a case of road rage, but I've resolved to be Jesus in the situation. I've been reading Luke recently and Jesus always meets every person exactly where they are and then tells them to sin no more. So technically I should be getting out of my car to meet these people where they are, but they might think I'm just a bit more than odd, so I shall refrain and simply smile really big when they get it and honk when they don't just like every other Michigander. 
  • I don't necessarily know that this is a Northern thing, but we now shop at Wal-Mart, Kroger and Meijer. We like certain things from all three stores for different reasons. But it seems lots of people do that here. 
  • The "U.P." is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. There are two things to know about Michigan in its nature. First, if you hold up your left hand with fingers closed, you're looking at the state of Michigan. The fingertips of your hand is an area commonly known as the "U.P." to locals. I figured out what it was because one of my study buddies is originally from there. Brandon learned what it was last night. They kinda looked at him like he was crazy when he asked, but then they realized that he was a Southerner and gladly told him. It kinda seems like Michigan could have been two states because of the U.P. which is like Oklahoma and the phrase, "the more things change, the more they stay the same" comes to mind.
On the flip side, they also have been exposed to the South because of us, a reverse culture shock if you will. Most recently, Michiganders have learned the following from us:
  • Good ole' boys: in the North, they want to just chalk it up to corruption. And it is corruption, but a specific kind of corruption. Yes, it is a corruption that is connected to who you know, but it also is tied to the way the person carries themself. They have a look about them and most of the time can be spotted. I know that doesn't really help, but if you're from the South, you know what I'm talking about.
  • Honey-Do List: One of the girls in our bible study thought Brandon was asking if she had honeydew, the fruit. And we put it in a sentence and they still kinda looked at us like we were funny, but they comprehended and probably chalked it up to just another Southern thing. 
  • And then other times they just laugh because we use certain phrases when stating a fact. For example, today I said, "Good gravy, it's super hot in the library today and there isn't a window in sight for me to crack open." The biggest response we get is you guys tell a story with the simplest of sentences. And then they want to know why we're talking about gravy and how does one exactly crack open a window? 
So it's been a kick to learn about bein' in the North and also in return to explain about bein' Southern.

Happy Tuesday y'all.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday mumblings...

I mumble on Mondays, typically in the morning, but today it's in the afternoon.

My immediate family (outside of Brandon) will be here less than a month from today for Thanksgiving. To say that we're excited would be an understatement.
I found some really great cider at Meijer and now I get to look like a cool kid with my pink peace mug in class.
Maroon 5's "Won't Go Home Without You" always makes me tap my feet and wish for the nearest car with a sun roof and a sunny day.
I tried a pecan pie recipe that wasn't Pioneer Woman's this weekend and I failed miserably. I'm sticking with her recipes. She gives me cooking mo-jo and also there are pictures for me to study over before I begin my latest cooking venture.
B and I are going to be okay. We will praise God in the good AND the bad. He is control of both situations. And as the nicest Cajun I know put it, "Lord help me to know that in ALL things you are still good."
I wrote a ton of fluff last week. I apologize. I hate when another blogger does it. I can no longer get upset at them. I joined the cause. I blame the efects of mid-terms which by the way I did well!
It is a freaking baby boom still in the blogger world.
I wish they'd put out Eclipse already. I mean it's another year before we see one of those movies.
I busted out the Christmas tunes in full force on Saturday while I was watching football. My husband was not amused. 

Okay, back to studying.

Happy Monday.

Friday, October 22, 2010



What are your thoughts on this? 

I agree with Barbara which is extremely rare for me and I have a brother and sister who are 14.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A quick and surprising statement.

As you may know, my Sooners are ranked #1 in the BCS polls.

I, for one, am not crazy about this. I thought we'd be at 2 or 3.

But, the media still hates us.

And, lots of people think we shouldn't be here.

So we got that goin' for us.

Oh yeah, game time being prime time isn't too bad either. 

I don't want this target on our backs. That's my biggest issue.

But I'm Sooner born, and Sooner bred and when I die I'll be Sooner dead.

Boomer Sooner.

Happy Thursday!

P.S. In other news, Go Yanks!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday is "Need a Miracle" Day.

Need a Miracle: self-explanatory

So, here's the skinny version of our life.

Brandon was not offered the job he applied for. He was offered something different. He also was offered way lower pay option.

We had to take it because at this point it is our only option.

There is still another option for a job but we have to wait to hear back on it. (ETA: He didn't get this job either.)

We've done everything we can we feel like.

We've prayed every way we know how.

Major stress, heart-ache and doubt are going on in our house.

It is very hard to focus on school.

So please pray.

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday's High/Low

High: I found Gilmore Girls on sale for $15. You. Can't. Beat. That.
Low: My dog is the best little girl when it's just mommy and daddy, but the minute we have guests, total wild child. Seriously, she peed on the floor three times on Saturday and we took her out multiple times.

High: My family will be here in five weeks.
Low: Blowing your nose with John Wayne toilet paper is not cool.

High: Harry Potter 7.1 is less than a month from coming out in theatres. L and I will be complete.So will Brittany and Gina and Loren and Will and Jessi. But mostly, me and L.
Low: My dog is a bed hog and she snores.

High: This song makes me smile.


Happy Tuesday.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday mumblings...

I mumble on Monday mornings. It's a thing.

Think I'm trying to get sick. I don't have time for this until Christmas.
Watching Gilmore Girls...again.
Oklahoma is in the South. FYI.
I want a good piece of strawberry cake with lots and lots of icing.
OU is #1 in the BCS Poll. Not sure how I feel about this. I like our spot in AP and Coaches Poll. We don't need this kind of target yet. Oh well, the media still hates us, so maybe we got that goin' for us. Boomer Sooner!
Thanksgiving is five weeks away.
My husband put too much pepper in my chicken noodle soup last night.
It's playoff season. Go Yankees!
I finally hammered out a good study schedule.
Keep praying for us. B is still on the hunt for a job.
I am going to see Harry Potter 7.1 and read Meghan McCain's book during Thanksgiving break. Hopefully I won't feel guilty about doing either.
I now watch all three shows from New Jersey: RHONJ, Jerseylicious, and Jersey Shore.
My hair is growing more by the day.
I like RHOBH. It's going to be an interesting season.

Happy Monday. It feels good to blog again.

P.S. I need to know if you want to blog for Christmas for me starting now. I've gotta get started on this project.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday is "What I want for Christmas" Day.

What I want for Christmas in 2010:
  1. To go home to Oklahoma to see our families and friends.
  2. This bag
  3. A cast iron skillet
  4. A Dutch Oven
  5. Some commercial cooking sheets
  6. And of course, world peace. 
More on the development of numbers 3-5 later.

Happy Wednesday. I'm still taking mid-terms. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

You're not going to believe who decided to guest blog for me.


But before you guess I should tell you that...No, it wasn't the President or a Kennedy or someone from Vera Bradley or one of my bloggy pals or a famous blogger like Pioneer Woman.

Although, if any of those options were to contact me I'd totally take them up on it.

Not a clue??


Sunday afternoon I sent out a plea for bloggers to which no one replied.

I went about my business because I had/have mid-terms to study for and I checked my phone for messages and lo and behold my dad said he'd blog for me if he had the time.

And this afternoon I received an email with the subject title: blog

Now I'll be straight and tell you that I had no clue what I was about to open and that scared me. I told him the magical words, "Blog about whatever you want! It. Can. Be. Anything."

I gave the man total control.

I don't do that people.

It's just not in my nature.

But do it I did and here is my daddio's blog in its entirety for your reading pleasure...

It's a Q & A of sorts.

Me: So do you like Christmas? Inquiring minds here at the RTH Times wish to know!

Dad: In defense of myself, I do love Christmas! Samantha (the great blogger) has a tendency to exaggerate! I do admit a certain consternation as to the time when Christmas rolls around. I love Christmas, but when the stores start getting ready way before Thanksgiving, I get annoyed! Raising four children on a car salesman and school teacher's income is not always easy! I have not really had any problems with my children over the years which has been a HUGE blessing.

However I do tend to panic when I think of how to pay for all the goodies, new Christmas outfits (3 girls, 1 boy who could care less about dressing up), and presents and of course something special for my wife! Usually everyone lets us know what they want for Christmas. My wife is a genius at shopping and always surprises everyone with something they never thought about but is kool!

Me, on the other hand has to invent ways to PAY for this festivity! If the girls liked Harley Davidson, shopping would be easy E Z !

By the way I have a 2005 Harley Springer FLSTSCI. Chrome is always nice!

Nice plug Dad. I'm sure mom is well aware of your obsession love for Harley.

Happy Monday y'all!!

P.S. It is mid-terms around these parts, so I'll be pretty scarce this week. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

"They" say that...

Home is where your heart is.

My heart is in so many places these days.

My heart is here with Brandon when we grocery shop.
My heart is with my family going to El Zarape and football games.
My heart is with Brandon's family going to Sonic for the third time of the day because it's part of life.
My heart is with our church here in Michigan because of the people in it.
My heart is with my friends from my former job while we gab about the latest reality tv show.
My heart is in my schoolwork that I do each and every day.
My heart is at Speedway eating a Speedway Special with my dad.
My heart is on a run with my sisters to look at Vera Bradley.
My heart is on a Wal-Mart run with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law late at night.

But one thing for sure is that in all of these places, I am home.

And that's my goal in the long-term is to get home.

But I'm at least three years from that happening. So in the mean time I focus on the short term goals.

Some of these short term goals are:
  • making it through mid-terms next week.
  • making it to Thanksgiving because my side of the family will be here!
  • making it to finals. Only ten weeks left!
  • making it to Christmas time so we can go home to Oklahoma.
  • making it to next Spring so B's family can visit.
 As you can see, I'm still a little homesick but it's made harder by the fact that we're still waiting on a job for Brandon.

Please lift us up in prayer. I know I mentioned this on twitter a bit, but we're really getting weary in this storm. He committed himself to his work in college and now he wants that hard work to pay off so he can be the provider. Being the leader spiritually AND fiscally are two major desires he strives for. He just wants that opportunity to do the 2nd part because he's out of school now.

Happy Thursday.

P.S. Where is YOUR home?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday is "Where I Work" Day.

Where I Work: where a person is productive; where they get things done; a library/home desk combo works for me.

Please ignore the white walls.
I am busy getting things done where I work. Mid-terms are next week. 

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Making a statement: the Camaro v. the Corvette

Last week, my dad sent me this picture of a Nissan 370Z with the caption "What I drove home tonight."
(It's just a loaner.)

I leaned over and showed it to Brandon and said, "Some day..." 

And then my sister tweeted "Listening to Steppenwolf's Born to be Wild with dad in the 370Z." 

I guess I should back track and say this. 

When I graduate law school the only thing I want is a new Chevy Camaro. 

I know this idea is a little crazy. But that's what I want. Well, every once in a while, my dad will send a text with a photo of a sports car in it. It is sort of a little reminder from him to me that this goal of law school is mine and to just keep my eye on the prize.I go back and forth on whether or not I'd like a bumblebee or a cherry red paint option.

Tonight I told Brandon that I debate sometimes as to whether I should get a Corvette or a Camaro.

And he said that I should totally go with the Camaro because it was "bad-a$$."

Naturally, as some couples do, I disagreed with him. 

I said that both cars are about making statements. And what statement do I want to make when I get out of law school? 

And I decided that a Camaro says "hot-shot attorney" because while the car has serious horse-power, it still is young and has some things to learn even though it causes heads to turn on occasion if the person knows how to drive it.

While a Corvette says "bad-ass attorney" because that car has MAJOR horse-power and when it's on the highway everyone pays attention because clearly the driver is experienced. 

So I wanna be a Camaro. A hot-shot if you will and that's my choice. I figure that this option is the respectable one for the time being. Some day, I'll blow by the others. Either way, Steppenwolf and all his buddies will be blaring from my radio.

But I digress.

As usual, I told you this story to tell you this story.

Later, my sister text me and said, "I love riding with dad. We were at the stop light when this car pulls up to us and keeps the speed with us then dad says hold on. And we sped up and left the other car in the dust."

And it made me think of a hot rod time we had with dad one time.

One night, B.L.&W.--Before Loren & Will--we were in the car waiting on mom to finish in the grocery store. It had been snowing and in true Southern form, we were are the grocery store stocking up. The roads were icy and my dad being the dad that he is, wanted us to wait to go to the grocery store until he could get home and take us. (My mother thought this notion was ridiculous and doesn't wait on him to get home anymore much to his chagrin.)

Anyway, the point my friends is that we there near closing. So the lot was empty.

And we happen to be in an Eagle Talon. Remember those?

Well, my mom was taking a little longer than usual and dad decided that we'd do some donuts in the parking lot while we waited.

It was a total BLAST!

We laughed and laughed and then realized we'd better get back to our parking spot before mom came out from the grocery store.

We waited for her to come out and giggled about our great fun.

Mom came out and got in the car and we proceeded to leave the parking lot. She noticed the donuts and said, "Boy someone sure had fun tonight!"

And my sister and I said, "We sure did!!"

We all busted into laughter and my dad laughed the way he does when he's really tickled at himself.

The moral of this story comes in two-fold: Steppenwolf is appropriate whether you're 11, 14, 26 or 60. And I want my turn to take my kiddos out for fun in the local grocery market parking lot some day...

So I'm committed to the cause, not just for me but for my kiddos as well.

After all, who's gonna pass on mad driving skills to the next generation if we don't use the proper vehicle to do so?

Happy Tuesday.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

the one everyone's been waiting for...the hair post.

A little over a week ago, I went to get my hair done. I'll be straight and say that I'm a bit of a drama queen when it comes to the hair department. I whined about it, basically did a 5 year old pout dance and then was pretty much in a state of depression for two days on twitter casually mentioned that it didn't go as well as I liked.

My husband was the voice of pain in my side because while he was right I didn't want to admit it reason and said, "It's hair. It will grow out and you can always go to someone else. And this might sound crazy, but maybe you should give it a day. It is a chemical process."

Because I was so dramatic people started asking me about pictures of my hair. My sisters asked about it. The older of the two was smart enough to realize to back off until I was ready to talk about it. The other kept asking right up until yesterday. People tweeted to me about it. One of "my persons" (see Grey's Anatomy for this reference) even asked my sister about it at the OU/Texas game yesterday! (Hi Mary Katherine!!) 

And I'll admit for about a hot second, I didn't want to talk about it. 

But then, I realized this was my shining moment as a in-betweenie blogger. (It's a technical term which means that I am still in school but I'm married but I don't have kids. Basically I'm in a transitional phase of life. I'm totally okay with it, but it doesn't call for lots of draw within the blogging world because let's face it, the mommy bloggers have a total monopoly on the big draw blogs.)

I don't have kids. I want them. But not for awhile. 

I have my husband who needs a job. (By the way he has another interview this week!)
I have my dog.
I have law school.
I have the whole I'm living above the Mason-Dixon line thing too I suppose. 

But there is only so much of this I can talk about before y'all start getting bored. 

There is relatively little drama in my life that I talk about on here. 

Again, no babies, no major illnesses. 

And that's when it hit me. 

This is my drama. 

My hair. 

It's the drama in my life. 

So suddenly, I decided that maybe holding out on y'all would be good for the RTH Times. 

And wouldn't you know I've gained two followers in the time of the Great Hair Crisis of 2010!?!?!

Any kind of drama in the blogging world draws in the readers. Hair drama included.

And that's when it hit me again. My hair drama is as good as y'all waiting for me to announce I just had a baby! 

So I figure I'd better capitalize on it. 

Here's the long and skinny version of what happened. Got my hair did. It's a little golden blonde. I'm straight platinum blonde. I don't do winter coloring. I use to do it, but now I feel I'm above it. I know that sounds snooty, but I don't give a rat's...Ahem. But wouldn't you know it, miracle of miracles, my husband was right and you can't even tell unless you're super anal like me where it is golden blonde. 

So without further ado I give you...

the front

and the back!
I cannot believe how much my hair has grown out and am looking forward to having super long hair like Amanda Seyfried. 

Thank you for your attention to this most important matter. My hair's ego and I appreciate you more than you know. 

Happy Sunday.

P.S. Let's not judge about my make-up less face okay? I didn't say I was anal about make-up. This is about hair people.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Only Prettier

Dear Texas,
I felt that this song appropriately sums up my feelings about you and your kind with one more exception.

The extra exception being that you suck.

Boomer. Sooner.

P.S. Bless poor Bevo's heart as I eat him for lunch in the form of a burger today.

Dear Papa Boren

As you know, today is OU/Texas Friday, an un-official holiday of the University of Oklahoma. Current students-if lucky to not have classes on Friday or to have a generous teacher who happens to cancel classes on Friday-can tear down I-35 to Dallas for the weekend's festivities. Some students have the misfortune of staying until after class is over before heading down the I-35.

However, as such an esteemed student of history like yourself, you know that this wasn't always the case. But for the sake of my readers, I'll explain the past traditions.

You see readers, according to tradition,OU/Texas Friday used to be OU/Texas weekend. Everyone had the Friday off to make it down I-35 because the roads weren't always the best and cars could not go as fast as they can now. So a day was given to the students to travel to support our men on the football field. If the awful happened and we lost, then we headed back to Norman on Sunday. But when we won, we showed Dallas how to have a good time and the president of the school could cancel classes on Monday, so the students could have an extra day to get safely back to Norman. This tradition of canceling Monday classes hasn't happened since the last time OU won against Texas the year we won the 2000 championship. It was greatly frowned upon by the Board of Regents and so obviously hasn't been an option.

Well, I think you should bring it back Papa B. After all, how will this generation of OU students receive a full education if they don't have the opportunity to experience such an important event as OU/Texas weekend in style?

A decade later, I think it's time to shake things up a bit. I mean you have brought in people like President Bill Clinton, Queen Noor of Jordan, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Vice-President Al Gore, General Colin Powell and Doris Kearns Goodwin to further our education by exposing us to men and women who have made major contributions to our world as we know it to be today. You also have raised the academic standards by bringing in the best of the best to all of our departments and individual colleges to serve as our teachers. We all know how many National Merit scholars we have now because of you too.

Our academic success will not lacking because you didn't try to help us. This is more than evident.

But you know like any respectable academic that not all experiences are learned in the classroom. Lessons of life can only be learned by experience.

Experiences like OU/Texas weekend can allow for these life lessons to be learned. I think that you might even be doing a disservice to the student body by not affording this opportunity. You do want your students to be well-rounded after all.

So I say, if we win this weekend you further the current generation of Sooners' education by canceling classes on Monday. In fact, by winning the game your students would not only be learning a valuable lesson of winning with class, but they would then become the teacher as they could teach the Longhorns that Bevo is meant for dinner and not to stand on a football field.

Now I'm sure you're worried about those Regents. Well, I know that leaders of any nation are most remembered when they are beloved by the people. I learned that lesson in your political science class my freshman year of college. Papa B, your people are the students. I think that one day missed for a good cause like getting life experiences that will last a lifetime is more than sufficient an answer as to why it is imperative you take this coming Monday off should we win on Saturday, don't you?

I hope you take my plea as an alumni of this great university seriously.

Have a safe trip down I-35. Don't forget to enjoy a Fletcher's corny dog while you're at the game. They're the best.

Boomer Sooner,
Samantha T., Class of 2007 

P.S. Texas you still suck.
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