Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday is "Drought of the T-shirts" Day.

Drought of the T-shirts:a phenomenon that occurs when a working girl goes back to school; usually a result from her boxing up her college t's for a quilt.

Back in my college days, I was the queen of t-shirts. I wore a t-shirt every day to class without fail. I could go a very long time without doing laundry because I had so many to choose from.

And then little miss I wear a t-shirt for everything did the unthinkable and got a job.

Suddenly, I was faced with the dilemma of getting business clothes and fast. And for two and half years, I worked on a wardrobe that was acceptable in my world. I got to wear a t-shirt and jeans on Friday, but typically I tried to dress it up, so it didn't necessarily count.

Like most things in our life, the time past, seasons changed and suddenly I got my dream!

I was going back to law school and I could wear my former beloved uniform of flip-flops, jeans, t-shirt, cardigan, pearls in my ears and a flower in my hair again.

Except there is just one slight problem.

Girlfriend be running low on t-shirt options.

I have enough respectable t-shirts to get me through a week and a half. And by respectable, I mean they don't have holes, they look worn enough that they're legit, but not too worn that they look pathetic.

I used to have enough to get me through a month which means that if I planned it right, I could get through a whole semester of never wearing the same shirt twice to class!

As you might imagine, in normal Samantha form, I'm in a slight panic.

I can't run to the nearest spot on campus corner to buy a couple of cute shirts because all they sell here is stuff with the University of Michigan on it. I need stuff with my alma mater's logo on it. After all, OU/Texas week is coming up and I have to wear a Sooner shirt all week!

And let's fact it, I'm not in my sorority anymore so there aren't any options for good t-shirts from that route either.

I know it sounds silly because Lord knows I should be concerned about more important things like oh say...LAW SCHOOL!!!

I figure I'll get my wardrobe back on track in a couple of know about the time I need business clothes again for interviews for summer jobs and future jobs in general.

And then the vicious cycle will start all over again.


Happy Wednesday!


Gina said...

Being between maternity and "regular" clothes, I feel your wardrobe pain, sister.

Brittany Ann said...

I know what you mean. With this new gig I've got, I realized I have no more casual clothing.

I'd offer to send you a T-shirt, but you know it would have to be a Gator one...

Brittany said...

Michigan shirts are poisonous. Do not buy one. haha

Lil' Woman said...

All my tees I wear to work now so I don't even have acceptable outerwear ones....*sadface*

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