Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The one where I give an update...

Re: My hair
Long story short, girl didn't put me under the dryer while processing so I'm more golden blonde. It's a sort of blonde's winter look. But I'm a platinum blonde year-round. I'll just put myself under the dryer hood next time if I have to. Overall, she did a great job on the highlights. I think she may have been afraid to pull my hair to get closer to my scalp but even so it still looks good. I will post a picture later this week when I've straightened it out. I've been curly the last few days. And I want to do a post about growing out my hair. I still don't know if I'll post a "before" picture or not. When I say it's bad, trust.

Re: school
I do a ton of homework all the time, but I totally love it. Things are starting to make sense for me.So if I'm up studying until 1:30 on a Saturday night, then so be it. I can't believe I'm already in my fourth week of school.

Re: Michigan
I am really starting to like it up here. It's not the South and I'll move below the Mason-Dixon line again someday. But it is a pretty great place to be for the time being. No Sonic and all. Although, I'm hearing rumblings of getting a Sonic since we're in a college town. So maybe there's hope after all.

Re: Family
We're now less than two months away until my family comes to visit for Thanksgiving!! I get more excited as the days go by. I heard the song "I'll Be Home for Christmas" on my iTunes shuffle the other day and it is going to be the song that is most special to me this year during the Christmas season.

Re: Brandon
He is still on the hunt for a job. We're down to the wire. I know I've said that before but this time it's real. Please pray that he gets a job and that it meets our two needs that we've been praying for.

Re: Texas
They still suck.

Happy Tuesday!!


Jessika said...

I love reading about your hair saga since I don't have any of my own :) I'm sure it won't be up to par for a while, but I'm sure Joy will come to the rescue during the holidays :) I get to see my Momma Friday after a long month! Prayin for B!!

Elizabeth said...

I will keep your husband in my prayers. My family has been through this many times and God always come through. I almost feel it's because God wants us to know that he is in control and therefore we know it's his work and not our own. Good Luck with school!

Lil' Woman said...

I can't wait to see a pic of your hair...your beautiful no matter what! :)

Lucy Marie said...

I want to see the hair ... I'm also so glad that you are enjoying school and your new home.

Jenni said...

Glad your hair turned out ok!! And hey, as an Austin TX girl, I resent that last remark!! Hee Hee jk. ;)

P.S. Thanks for linking to me! :)

leslie a. knight said...

i will pray for brandon. so often, God answers our prayers right at the last minute. but it is always in His timing and done His way. we've recently realized this as my husband just changed fields completely and right when we needed it to happen.

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