Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just in case you were wondering...

Way back when we started seriously realizing that we were moving North, I began a slight panic because the North is different. They do things differently. There's nothing wrong with it. Just part how they do life. But I thought that if certain things were the same then I could cope just a little easier.

Well there were two situations that were of serious concern to me about being the same.

My Hair.



Waaaaaaaaaaay back in February, I googled to see if there was a Sonic in our new home town and was relieved to find that there was.

Well apparently I googled wrong because there is NOT a Sonic in this town.

I'm gonna let you take that fact of life in for just a moment.

My thoughts exactly.

Apparently, the nearest one is 18 miles from us and even more staggering is the fact that are only 14 in the ENTIRE state of Michigan.

Lower AND upper peninsula included.

Do you know how many are in my husband's hometown????


Now I realize that Sonic originated from Oklahoma, so maybe it's just that we're spoiled. I mean Brandon about had a hissy when he first realized that there was only one in my hometown. But that one plus the three in his town make up four of the fourteen here. Seriously, a town in Oklahoma or the South for that matter without Sonic is basically unheard of and if it is a reality, the town might as well not exist.

Well, lesson learned.

I, for one, will never take for granted again the wonder and magic that is a Sonic drink from happy hour, grilled cheese or a foot long chili cheese coney and tater tots.

And the ice!! Oh the ice. Now Sonic is a place that knows how to put ice in their drinks.

I say extra ice around here and people look at my like I'm a leper.

Oiy with the poodles already.

And that's not even the half of the problem with my hair.

People here roll into Super Cuts like it's no big thing.

And if I hear "it's only hair," one more time, I probably will have a meltdown.

I need blonde put in my hair so bad it's way beyond being funny.

But the dilemma is not that I'm broke until sometime this week.

Oh no, the dilemma is that there is not ONE salon I've seen that looks safe. Stylists up here are just concerned with getting their job done.

There is no cause for concern about the ambiance or the latest gossip.

No sirree.

How do people think my hair looks as good as it does?

I'm not being arrogant.

I have good hair.

Yes, a part of it is the coloring. But the biggest part of it is that my stylist and I had a relationship. She cared about me.

So people, pray for my hair and for a Sonic to open up here.

Otherwise, it will be a LONG LONG winter.

Happy Tuesday.


Lucy Marie said...

Maybe you should open up a joint Sonic/hair salon?

P.S. I've never been to sonic :P

Lil' Woman said...

I agree with Lucy....you might be onto something there.

~Haley~ said...

I'm in Ohio & we JUST started getting more Sonics here. Up til the beginning of this year the closest one was an hour away. And I absolutely LOVE me some Sonic. Now with hair, I think you're right. There's only one decent place in our town, but I got lucky because my BFF is a licensed cosmetologist. I wish you luck finding a decent place to get your hair done. Whatever you do -- DONT TRUST THE CHEAP PLACES!!!! :)

brown eyed girl said...

I've been to Sonic once in my whole entire life and actually prefer my drinks without ice cubes. But I don't like cold drinks in general, so I'm an oddity.

And I'm a Super Cuts/Cost Cuts girl. I don't have good hair, so I get what I pay for!

There are lots of great salons up north, but they often charge way more money than I'm willing to pay. But again, you get what you pay for! Check Yelp for hairstylists in your area?

Brittany Ann said...

Seriously, I know the feeling. I'm nauseous about my hair appt. this Thursday. At least we're still in South. But it's not my old stylist. So I don't know...

Susannah said...

Oh Lord have mercy, that is scary and sad. Maybe you should fly back home for a hair appt-that is some serious shiz!

Kelsey Claire said...

I know you will find someone to do your hair. There has to be someone. I won't tell you that today I had Sonic during happy hour, because that would just be mean!

Brittany said...

We don't have too many Sonics here. The closest one is about 15 minutes away. However, there are 2 on the way down to hubs parents (southern Ohio) and we definitely stop every time!!

Not sure what is going on with the hair thing. Weird MI people. haha. Do you have a Kenneth's or Salon Lofts close? They're usually very good.

Abbie said...

This is hilarious! And obviously two very important things to worry about. I struggle with where to get my hair cut and it is a hot mess so I can only imagine how hard it must be for someone that actually likes their hair!
Good luck!

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