Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What happens when my mind rambles...

This is one of those streams of consciousness posts. And I don’t know why but I hate that phrase. “Streams of consciousness.” It sounds like someone just said, “I hate your stinking guts.”

Really, it miffs me off.

You know what else miffs me off, people concerned with whether or not the President is a Muslim or a Christian. My thought is, who cares?? This country was founded for many reasons and one of the biggest was because of religious persecution. And we have bigger fish to fry at this point like public education, the economy, unemployment, and the war in Afghanistan.

Well, glad I got THAT out of my system. That was a little salty to start this thing off, but it’s where my mind is. Speaking of salt, you know what my favorite seasoning to use is? Lawry’s Garlic Salt. It’s on my toast tonight. I spread butter on it and then sprinkle some garlic salt and voila it’s Garlic Toast. We had Chicken Piccata with angel hair pasta by the Macaroni Grill. It’s a mix you can buy and it was awesome. Yes, we do meals out of boxes sometimes. I just broke a blogger code or something by admitting that we don’t make things all natural. I know it’s not cool but oh well.


It tasted good, but it didn’t burp well at all. That can only mean bad things in the future.

And speaking of future, I have decided that before my life ends next week aka I start law school, I’m going to have a Harry Potter and sports films marathon. Those are good pump up films, I think. I blame the Harry Potter film marathon that ABC Family Channel had this past weekend and the fact that they have on Remember the Titans on tonight too. They play good movies. What they don’t play that is good is that stupid commercial for that movie called “The Last Exorcism.” It is sick and playing it over and over is a nuisance and I haven’t been able to turn off the lights for over a month now because of it when I’m by myself.

My husband just made some snide remark about how my dog listens like I do. That means she’s a great listener because I listen well! Ha…okay, okay. I might have selective hearing on occasion.

But I was busy writing this random post.

And back to my life ending, aka law school starting. I don’t think my life will completely end, but can I tell you that while I am excited, I am still dreading it. I mean, I love school, but sometimes learning can be lame. There I said it. Self-proclaimed nerd, just called learning lame. But I am grateful for being here. A year ago, I was having a blogger identity crisis about what my blog was about. I wasn’t a mommy. I’m still not. I want to be some day. But now, I’m the wife who is going to law school. Not that I didn’t have an identity last year, but it was just hard. I didn’t know who I was for a split second. It was a sort of quarter-life crisis so to speak which was fitting because I turned 25 last year. But now I’m cool with who I am. And hey, Pioneer Woman didn’t become Pioneer Woman over night now did she? And by the way, if I had to pick a famous blogger I’d want to meet, I’d pick her. I’d pick her because she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She has given me serious cooking inspiration and she’s from Oklahoma. Plus, I’m dying to stay at The Lodge. And she dresses really cool. Can’t forget that part.

Speaking of dressing really cool, what should I wear for my first day? It is casual dress. What does casual dress mean? I saw people in jeans and a t-shirt.


Happy Wednesday…again.


Kara said...

back when I was in law school, people dressed like slobs. jeans, etc. the only thing i ever remember somebody wearing was a t-shirt that said "porn star". this girl came in...late mind you...wearing this shirt and turned around to get in her seat and we all busted out laughing. so if you own that shirt, skip wearing that :-)

but then you may not want to listen to me because I started law school 12 years ago. yep, just did the math and I feel 100!

Gina said...

Harry Potter and Remember the Titans have been on at our house too! Wouldn't it be fun if we were neighbors and could watch them together?

Lucy Marie said...

he he he - what a fun post!

Also - can I please join you for the HP marathon? I am running out of ideas as to how to make the next 20 something days go by and that sounds like a perfect idea.

Shaina said...

Hi there! Lucy told me about your blog and I HAD to comment. I'm from Michigan and spent both undergrad and grad school at U of M - is that where you are in law school? I also have really close cousins who live in Norman, have gone to OU, and one is the dean of the dental school there. We are very solid Michigan-Oklahoma fans! I hope you are getting acclimated to Michigan and Ann Arbor - if you need anything (like restaurant recommendations!!!!), let me know! I love Ann Arbor and I think it's a great place to live!

Brittany Ann said...

1. I think it's the word consciousness. It's just an ugly sounding word.

2. Amen on the prez comment. Let's focus on the bigger issues, people!

3. I think you should blog about what films will be in your sports marathon. You know how I love sports movies.

4. Wear jeans, pearls, ballet flats, and a cardi. Classic. And gorgeous.

brown eyed girl said...

1. Dang you and Brittany hating on my "stream of consciousness" phrase. Please appreciate Sigmund Freud and the psychodynamics of it all!

2. Amen, amen, and amen re: Obama's religion. Did y'all know we left Europe back in the day to escape religious persecution? And hot damn, what are we doing nowadays?

3. I'd wear jeans, ballet flats, and a nice blouse or a cami-cardi combo, depending on the weather! YAY LAW SCHOOL and GRAD SCHOOL BLOGGERS!!!

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