Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Billy Badass!

"Before Elvis, there was nothing." -John Lennon

I'm sure by now, y'all are dying to know just who Billy Badass is.

Well, I tell you.

Billy Badass was born in 1950 making him a baby boomer born before Elvis was even on the radar.

Still no clue?

Billy Badass graduated high school during the tumultuous 60s. He saw John and Bobby shot and was totally rockin' along when the British invasion happened known as the Beatles.

You're still clueless?

Billy Badass was in college when Woodstock , Vietnam and Nixon's Watergate Scandal happened.

You still don't know?

Billy Badass fell in love with his "Hot Child in the City" in the 70s. Their relationship barely started when the King of Rock-N-Roll passed from this earth into the Great Beyond.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaa? How many more clues do you need?

Billy Badass started his family in the 80s when gas was short on commodity, the Berlin Wall fell, and Blondie, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi and Journey were the new hot tickets.

No? Still nothing? Well how about this one.

Billy Badass wrapped up his baby-making ways in the 90s when bands like Savage Garden and stupid shows like Dawson's Creek and Full House were blaring on his tv, President Clinton was in office and neo-con was a new political term.

Okay, okay this should settle it.

Billy Badass welcomed the millenium with his family in tow, settled down and became a deacon in the church while still riding his motorcycle on the side to maintain his image. He saw the invention of the iPod, Google, his oldest off to college and the death of the youngest Kennedy and gained a son-in-law.

Okay fine, I'll just tell you if you really don't know.

Billy Badass is the one and only daddio of yours truly. And he turns the Big 6-0 today.
Billy Badass is the reason that I'm so in tune with all things rock-n-roll, pop culture, film and politics.

Billy Badass taught me that having a good family foundation is key to a happy child.
Billy Badass taught me that in order to understand where I am in life, I have to understand what happened before that got me to my current place in life.
Billy Badass taught me that education is important and is something you'll never regret doing.Billy Badass taught me that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.
Billy Badass taught me that balance is important.
Billy Badass taught me that no matter how bad I might be scared of a situation that no one can ever eat me.
Billy Badass taught me that wearing shades on graduation day are a must and going barefoot is downright stickin' it to the man.Billy Badass taught me that rocking out in my car is always in order and most especially on your worst day.
Billy Badass taught me that having a business side and a rocker side are more than acceptable.

And I know that he will always be proud of me. He believed in me from day one.

And I am proud of him, more proud than words can express.

After all, how many girls do you know have the biker name of Billy Badass?

I only know one.

Happy Birthday Billy Badass! I love you!! Hope you get some time in on your Harley today.

Now crank up the volume and press play.

P.S. Sorry Mom for all the bad words on my blog today. They were completely necessary. I promise...all twenty-one times. Okay, twenty-two including the title, cause Lord knows you're probably started counting the minute you saw it more than once in the post.

P.P.S. Neener neener boo boo Loren. Look who's the favorite kid now!


Gina said...

Happy Birthday to your daddy! What a great tribute...I want to meet him now! Love the picture of you are both so cute!

Lil' Woman said...

Happy Birthday to your daddy!
He sounds awesome!! :)

Brittany Ann said...

Awww, Happy Birthday to your daddio!

Seriously, your whole family is aging up recently!

(Also, I really want to hear what you think of Eat Pray Love when you're done.)

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