Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday is "Mecca" Day.

Mecca: In everyday language it's an honourable mention; The center of any given thing, area or activity. The word originally comes from the arabic city name of Mecca which is considered the 'centre of Islam'.

Google is the mecca of internet searches.
McDonald's is the mecca of hamburger meals.
Barnes & Noble is the mecca of books.
London is the mecca of museums.
India is the mecca of curry food.

A few years ago, my cousin was married up North in South Bend, Indiana at the
Basilica at Notre Dame. We drove up there because my dad would rather view the scenery and take a road trip then get in a plane and fly.

“You miss out on the scenic views,” is one of his classic responses to our protests.

"Plus," he as he goes on, you miss out on big crosses, Cadillacs coming out of the ground, the world's biggest ball of yarn, and really awesome things like the Grand Canyon."

Although, really, the protests now are more in jest than they are serious because our family knows how to do a road trip.

I mean really. We’ve been to Vegas over twenty times in my life because we have family there. I know we drove at least 17-18 of those times. That’s a 24 hour trip. So driving to South Bend, Indiana which is a 14 -16 hour drive give or take depending on the amount of potty breaks your Granny needs, should have been a piece of cake. And it was.

I have to admit, I was looking forward to seeing the place. I hadn’t seen this part of the country, or at least this part of the state. I imagined it being this wonderful college town say like Norman, Oklahoma or Ann Arbor, Michigan.
And the campus was nice. Very nice. I must say, those Catholics know how to make a campus perty.

But y’all, the town was gross. I mean disgusting.

I’d heard growing up in classrooms about the Industrial Age in our country and what factories meant for us. I was excited to see this one too. I saw the pictures in the history books of all the very dirty factory workers, so I shouldn’t have been surprised. Historical or not, I couldn’t get over how dirty it was.

And me, aka Little Miss Doesn’t Like to Get Dirty-and ironically I was a catcher in softball!—was not close to interested in the joint. Plus there's that whole deal with Notre Dame ruining OU's winning streak after WWII that I still haven't got over. Nor has any other Sooner for that matter.

So you can imagine when we loaded up to head north to view my future hometown. I was less than thrilled about hitting all the factory towns along the way.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool to see all the Chevy plants along the way. It does make my heart smile, because working plants means people have jobs, but the dirt that goes along with it, isn’t. I think it kinda ruins the town’s shot at having a personality almost. Maybe it was just South Bend.


The point is that when we headed to Michigan earlier in the summer, we were definitely headed through some factory towns. I wasn’t jazzed about it based on my previous experience.

On our way up there we saw a particular town that was home to a Chevy plant in Indiana known as Fort Wayne. We saw the sign for the plant and were excited because the place was hopping and also because we’re a Chevy family. We took a picture and sent it to my dad because he’s the source of our Chevy love.

And as you know we rolled onto Michigan. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and I daydream on a regular basis about what it will be like to live there.

But on our way back, our view of Fort Wayne, Indiana changed.

We still were thrilled to see the plant because this time we noticed the kinds of vehicles that the plant made.


“Girls, I see a VERA BRADLEY plant!!”

As evidenced by my profession of love yesterday for things Vera, and of course on several other occasions here at the RTH Times, y’all clearly know that I was beyond ecstatic about this development. I also learned later that not only is Fort Wayne home to a wonderful, fantastic Vera Bradley plant, it is where Vera and Bradley became one in holy fabric bag matrimony!!!

In other words, this Vera plant is THE Vera Bradley plant.

It’s the Vera Bradley’s version of Mecca y’all!!

(I'm going to pause at this moment so you can take in the magnitude of this discovery.)

You also better know that my sisters, mother and I will be making a stop in our own version of Mecca later this month when we move. I mean hello, they have discounted Vera y’all!

And naturally, we need to make our pilgrimage.

Life is so good.

Because when I go, it will just have been payday for all parties involved.

And I now am a reformed factory town lover…especially when Vera Bradley is involved.

I told you life is so good.

So, when y’all decide to head my way sometime and you like Vera, I’ll be more than happy to make a trip to Vera Mecca with you too.

After all, there is no such thing as having too much Vera. It just isn’t possible.

Happy Wednesday.

P.S. No I was not paid by Vera Bradley to write this post, but if they wanted to give me a Weekender in Cupcake Pink or anything in Cupcake Pink for that matter, I would most certainly NOT object. And neither would my husband or my dad's checkbooks.

In any way.

At all.

Just so you know Vera Bradley, my color is Cupcake Pink.

Glad we got that covered.


Jamie Lee said...

alright lady. So I was not a Vera fan... don't hate me yet. I just really didn't get it. UNTIL.... this weekend I went to the Vera Bradley store in Southlake, Texas. And let's just say that I walked out... with too much stuff. I got a big duffle, glasses case, straightener cover, and placemats. Boo. Now I really hate Vera Bradley.

Kelsey Claire said...

Oh how fun is that? You will have to take pics of everything that everyone bought!

Brittany Ann said...

If I send you a cheque and an order form, would you be willing to be my personal shopper and grab and ship a few pieces my way when you go?

Purty please? I need a Vera fix!

Gina said...

B is a road-tripper too and I'm learning to love it myself.


I have no Vera items. Not a one. Will you still be my friend?

Lil' Woman said...

I'm right along with Gina...I sadly do not own any Vera.

Jennifer said...

If your new pals at Vera Bradley were to send you a gift, where would they send it?

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