Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Snoop Skillz.

I’m a little legendary in the snoop department. In fact, I’ve only been surprised three times in at least the last decade.

My parents surprised me with my Camaro for my Sweet 16 in 2000.

Brandon surprised me with my engagement ring at Christmas in 2005.

Brandon surprised me with my puppy Paisley at Christmas in 2009.

I admit that most of the time, that I am the culprit when a surprise is discovered.

But sometimes, I have to make no effort in finding out secrets.

Some people just can’t help themselves. And in other instances, they don’t know it’s a surprise.

There have been three times when I’ve found out about a surprise.

All three were parties.

The first was my 18th birthday party. My parents worked extremely hard to keep it a secret. And it was a secret right until ten minutes prior to the party.

My friend Mark called the house and said, “Sam, the party’s still on right?”

And I hesitated and said, “Why yes, it is Mark. Who all is coming?”

“Oh crap.”


Ten minutes later a ton of my closest friends showed up for my surprise 18th birthday party. It was a good time.

The second instance was for my 24th birthday. I wanted to go to Norman for my birthday naturally. It happened that we were going to Norman the weekend before my birthday weekend. I was tipped off by one of my in-laws. She asked a couple of questions that made me suspicious.

I saw my husband later that afternoon, and said, “So do I at least get to pick the restaurant we’re going to for my surprise birthday party next weekend?”

He was not amused.

I found it hilarious.

And the third instance hasn’t even happened yet.

Yes, that’s right.

And I wasn’t even looking for it.

This Friday is my LAST day at work. I’ve taken vacation next week to be at home.

Get excited!!! I know I am.

And y’all there is a party.

Tee hee.

I feel so loved.

Isn’t snooping fun?

Happy Tuesday!


Brittany Ann said...

Awww! Yay! I love that they're throwing you a party! Good! You deserve it! Holy crap! You're so close to leaving!

Kelsey Claire said...

You deserve a party!

Gina said...

Oh, that's awesome. You'll have to blog all about it, including how you found out!

Lil' Woman said...

I'm horrible about surprises.

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