Saturday, July 10, 2010


First, I must apologize to my father because he HATES these shows with a passion and yet endures them all the same. He also happens to read this blog and will utterly disgusted when he sees that I've decided to devote another post to these "ignorant and ridiculous" women. Dad, really I'm sorry.

Thankfully, I'm 25 and this is also my blog. So tough titty said the kitty!

Ahem. Now that I got that out of my system!

RHONY: For real, I think this one may have edged out RHONJ in first place unless things don't change soon.

Alex: I am glad she spoke up this season. She is well spoken and is very witty.
Bethenny: Seriously, I am in love with her new show. I didn't watch until last week and OMG it's wonderful! She looked beautiful at the reunion and didn't let Kelly off the hook. She didn't bully her by the way. She tried to make sense of the nonsense that was spewing out of her mouth is all.
Jill: I felt bad because she really was taken through the ringer, but really she needs to forgive Alex and move on.
Kelly: I don't even think I need to say any more on her except to say that I tweeted through a reunion one night and she tried to follow me. I quickly blocked her. No thank you Kelly. NO. THANK. YOU.
LuAnn: I thought she was extremely classy when asked about her divorce.
Ramona: She handled herself extremely well. And I'm glad she finally told Jill what for.
Sonja: I love her!! She's so fun. I can't wait to see what she brings next season.

Caroline: She is without a doubt my favorite housewife. I think I'd be most like her if I was on a RH show. Her family is so fun and I can't get enough of them. She also makes no time for Dirty D.
Danielle: I wish they'd fire her already. I honestly do not care about what she brings to the show because it is so wrong on so many levels. I feel so sorry for her girls. They have to be so embarrassed.
Dina: I respect her a ton for removing herself from the situation. Danielle is toxic and she removed it from her life.
Jacqueline: I really enjoyed her blog from this week. I can listen to her about the Dirty D situation easier because she made an effort. However, her parenting approach to parenting with Ashley is a little too liberal for my taste.
Teresa: She is getting on my nerves. I admit it. It has nothing to do with her bankruptcy either. I just am annoyed by her currently.

Okay girlies, what are your thoughts?

Happy Saturday!!


Brittany said...

I love Bethanny's new show. I can not watch an episode without laughing out loud! I also love Caroline. Can't wait for Monday's new episode!

Kelsey Claire said...

I am so over Danielle. I mean I don't even want to watch the show because of how ridiculous she is!

brown eyed girl said...

Okay, I am very much in agreement.

Jill - She drives me nuts because she has an excuse for everything.
Bethanny - She seems like she really grew up this year and learned a lot of life lessons, I like her a lot.
Alex - I think her and Simon stopped acting for the cameras and got real. They might not have been the most "interesting" or "dramatic" but they were very real, I felt.
LuAnn - I think she needs to stop using the 'Countess' title because she's divorced and losing that would show that she's moved on. But she was very classy during her explanation of her divorce
Ramona - I'm gonna hit someone if I hear the word 'renewal' again!
Sonja - Love her!
Killoren - She is off her damn rocker. She concerns me, srsly.

Caroline - I like her a lot, I think she could do more to support Albie in his struggles but I am biased.
Dina - I respect her for leaving the show as well, but I think part of the process of removing Danielle from her life is learning to do the show without involving herself in Danielle's drama. But that's my opinion!
Jacqueline - She needs to be tougher on her daughter. That girl should not be talking to Danille and stirring the pot, nor should she be allowed to come and go from living in her parent's house as she pleases. I don't like the back and forth.
Teresa - She is so fake. You're a housewife with a big huge house and four little kids and you put on this show that you're always put together and have a clean house and have sex with your husband multiple times a day. Not real. Cut the shit.
Danielle - How are breast implants a sign of a "new" life? How was she ever feeling not sexy? She is the most full of shit person on the show. I feel so bad for her daughters, but the oldest one appears to be presenting herself with some of the characteristics of her mother. I think Danielle is crazy, her perceptions of situations are blown out of proportion and her boundaries with others are whacked as well.

I do have 1 RHONY show left on my DVR, but I think I'm pretty well caught up!

And with that, I conclude my comment of epic proportions.

Lil' Woman said...

You summed it up pretty well....I thought LuAnne was a snake this season on NY....she just got on my nerves and I usually like Teresa but she's kinda getting on my nerves as well.

Abbie said...

I am secretly obsessed with these shows...shhh don't tell anyone! They are my guilty pleasure. I don't know why it is so fascinating to watch these crazy women but it is! How are you feeling about the upcoming RNOWDC? I think it is CRAZY that those people that crashed the white house party are actually on the show!

Kara said...

Hi! Had to stop being a lurker and comment on this one. Love these shows!

I pretty much agree with you on everything. I think I'm annoyed with Teresa partly because we see her spending like crazy and know the end result.

Kelly is just totally crazy cakes.

Love Bethenny's new show.

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