Thursday, July 29, 2010

God Bless Computer/Gadget Nerds.

Y'all I married a computer/gadget nerd.

It's cool. I came to terms with it long ago.

While it drives me a little crazy at times when I am second to the Xbox or Star Wars, generally I don't mind.

You see being married to a nerd has its perks.

I can hold a conversation about just about anything under the sun...except computers.

So you see, it was God ordained that we be married for many reasons, but also because He knew I'd need someone that would keep me from messing up my computer.

In fact, when I make a change to my blog and my husband notices and realizes that I did it he is thoroughly impressed.

And ya know what I'm fine with this arrangement. To each his own in fact.

So it's fitting that his future job will be something to do with computers.

However, this job and hobby is expensive.

And on occasion, I happen to complain about the cost of his toys. Of course he quickly mutters something about my hair appointments, Vera, books to read and the occasional mani/pedi.

But I don't consider his purchase glamorous. It sounds to me like he's getting excited about buying tires.

And I ain't down with that for the most part. But again to each his own...I can't say that I haven't benefited from some of his purchases.

I write from this computer. He picked it out for me based upon my preferences, uses and budget. He got the most bang for the buck.

I can't go anywhere without my iPod adapter. Lord, knows I can't exist without my tunes in my car...

Well that is until recently.

Y'all my radio in my car died about three weeks ago. I may have even tweeted about it.

And it wasn't that big of a deal because I could still just listen to my iPod and sing to my heart's content.

(Okay, to play it off would be a bit of an exaggeration. I was devastated. I mean, I love music. It's in the tagline of my blog for crying out loud. )

However, since I am about to make a trek across the country tomorrow to my new home, it is suddenly a big (read HUGE) deal.

Cause yours truly is going to be entertaining a riding buddy known as my little brother aka Bubba. In the civilian world, his name is Will, but to me he is Bubba.

And while he and I share the same taste in music, he's not to crazy about hearing me sing along to music he can't hear.

I haven't really asked him if he's crazy about it, but personally I don't want to listen to him. So I figured I better fix this problem for both of us.

And for days, I racked my brain about how I was going to fix this issue.

Okay it wasn't days but I did think long and hard about it yesterday.

And the solution came because of my computer nerd husband.

Back before we were married, he bought an adapter for his computer to go in the car because we we're headed to South Bend.

And so we're using that adapter because I can plug in my iHome alarm clock that will plug in my iPod which will play tunes all the way to Michigan.

I knew that husband man and all his computer toys was good for something.

Happy Thursday.


Gina said...

My hubby can fix anything too, even computers. It's heavenly being married to someone like that, isn't it?

Lil' Woman said...

Big Man knows way more about computers than I do...the only thing I beat him at is actual blogging.

Jessika said...

My radio in my car isn't working either. My iphone has literally been my saving grace for months!!

dev said...

I love nerdy boys! Haha, my bf is one of the nerdy types too. As long as I don't have to worry about him wearing the big thick black glasses with tape wrapped around them, then we will be fine.

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