Friday, June 4, 2010

Endless Summer: Part 1

So after Wednesday night when I wrote my short and sweet post for the day, I suddenly had the urge for a blogging vacation. And I still have that urge, but you see blog friends, I’m a person who has slight anal tendencies. And due to these tendencies, I couldn’t walk away quite as quickly as I wanted because I am trying my hardest to stay committed to my five posts a week resolution. Also,this is the week I start telling the story of how Brandon and I met and fell in love in the month of June in 2005.

Yes, you read right. It only took a month. I’ve always known that when I met the guy, it’d be fast and furious. And it was. Plus, when you know, you know.

So girls, go buy the Beach Boys album, “Endless Summer” because it is the soundtrack of our story. And if you have it in an 8-track, it will sound ten times better…

I started working at camp on Memorial Day of 2005. I didn’t know what to expect as a worker, you see I’d always been a camper instead. I was on the courtesy patrol. My job along with another female co-worker was to enforce the dress code. It was not glamorous being the fashion police of a conservative Christian camp. Let me just tell ya. The girls’ attitudes were awful and their mothers, sponsors and sometimes pastors were worse. I started out on foot doing my job. This camp has lots of hills and for whatever geographical reason, whatever the temperature is around us, it was always hotter. If there was a bad storm, it was always worse where we were. I was told that it was unlikely that I’d have a golf cart for the summer. And I was definitely bummed about this situation, but after about forty-five minutes I was over it. I had a shade tree and plus camp wasn’t all that busy. It was Texas week. The camp is based in Oklahoma but there is one week out of the summer that only Texas churches attend. Their schedule is based around sports and is definitely more relaxed. I knew some of the workers from going to other camps and mission trips together, but for the most part I was meeting new people. At lunch time I went in and discovered that I would be driving a cart after all because I had to be able to cover lots of ground quickly since there are five to six thousand campers a week at the camp. I had no problem with this new development and was very happy to oblige them on it.

I am going to pause in the story to say that there are some rotten people who have a part in our story, but I’m not going to discuss their part. Long story short, they were not nice. But I still am mentioning them because should they ever find my blog, I want them to know that I have forgiven but haven’t forgotten them or their actions.

Now where was I? Oh yeah, I got a golf cart! And boy did I get busy signing up girls for trash duty. After evening service I ran into a friend of mine that I had been a sponsor with on a previous summer at the same camp. He was working at camp again for the Baptist Collegiate Ministries. His job that summer along with the other members was to encourage graduated seniors to get involved with their local BCM once they started college. They were painting the building they were using for the summer. He introduced me to everyone. There were 4 girls and 3 guys total, and the directors. It also happened that I knew the directors. I hadn’t seen them in awhile so we decided later on to catch up. Once curfew happened I still had an hour before my curfew so I headed back over. They were still painting the building and were now using vehicles for lights. At this point, I began to notice the tallest of the three guys. I will say that at this point in my life I was earnestly not seeking out someone. I had decided that if God had someone for me that it would all be on Him. And so, while the guy was cute and had amazing calf muscles, I didn’t really put much thought into it. Plus, I had no make-up on and my hair was up in a ponytail because it was hot. I went in for curfew, made my bed and organized a few things in the bathroom. I went to bed and had a text from another guy that had been an off and on make-out thing and I responded to him. We talked for a few minutes and I headed to sleep.

The next day was a little busier than the first. Of course, the second day in the week is always the busiest at camp because it’s the first full day. I ran into the two girls that were part of the girl with the tall guy. Their names were Alex and Alison. They were really nice and I knew that we’d be friends. I actually sat with them at meals for the remainder of the week because they shouted my name across the cafeteria if I didn’t pay attention quickly enough. They of course wanted to know if I was dating anyone or had anyone in mind and I told them no.

Later in the week, I ran into the other two guys (tall guy included!) as I was making my afternoon rounds. They both said hi and wanted to know how my new golf cart was working out for me. I was on my second of six that summer. I went through carts three through five in one week. And that week was the next week by the way. Anyway, they were ribbing me about breaking my first cart. I was definitely embarrassed because my dad is a car man. I actually thought both guys were cute, but the tall guy appealed to me more for some reason. I actually looked decent this go round when I saw him. My hair was down and I had make-up on for the upcoming evening services. We chatted a little bit and then I went on my merry way. At that point, I definitely thought the tall guy was cute.

In the mean time, I was making friends with lots of other girls and my roommate had arrived by that point. I was enjoying the week and the experience. I ran into Brandon and his riding buddy Riley a lot across campus. It was fun and of course you know I flirted. I mean hey, just ‘cause I wasn’t making a concerted effort to find a guy didn’t mean I couldn’t flirt. On Friday, I ran by the hut to see if they were around and the doors were closed. I found out that they left early on Friday evenings to go to churches on the weekends to do worship and skits. I was majorly bummed.

And the curious thing was when I laid down that night to sleep I couldn’t stop
thinking about the tall guy named Brandon…

Happy Friday!


Lil' Woman said...

Oooh I can't wait to hear the rest of the series!!

Gina said...

For real? You are leaving me hanging like that? Sigh....

Traci said...

You;re too cute!

Traci said...

when are you gonna tell the rest? I love that y'all met at church camp! :)

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