Friday, June 18, 2010

DEFCON 5 at the Gilmore House...

I know I am in serious trouble for not posting Part 5 of the series, but I promise you want to hear this story.

Anyone watch Gilmore Girls?

"Yeah!" (I sometimes imagine when I'm telling my story that y'all are all sitting around me at a coffee shop just answering my questions as I go along. This is your response for today!)

Anyway, remember the episode where Lorelei the First comes to visit unexpectedly and Emily is freaking out because she didn't have time to put out the things that her mother in law bought her?

"Yeah, good episode."

Well, on Wednesday my grandparents came into town from Las Vegas. They told my mom they'd call when they were on their way. Well they called and said they were about an hour away.

Now I told you that story to tell you this story.

On Wednesday I was wrapping up my day at work and my phone rings. I didn't think anything of it and finished up my work.

My phone rang again. I couldn't answer it because of what I was doing.

My phone rang a third time and I started freaking out a little bit. My grannie has alzheimer's and is in the last stages and so I'm thinking the worst because well that's what I do.

So I call Brandon back and the first words he says to me are, "Have you talked to your family?"

And so I'm expecting the worst and I breathe out slowly and say, "No."

"Well, your grandparents are an hour away from Small Town, Oklahoma."

Oh shit. I think.

And then...

"Don't worry, I've already started straightening up the apartment. Call your mom and see what we're doing for dinner and how far away they really are."

I hang up.

I call my mom.

I call my sister.

And no one answers my phone.

No one answers my phone three times each.

Finally, my sister answers my mom's phone and says, "I don't have time to talk to you."

"What are you doing?"

"Well mom is putting the dishes in the dishwasher and I'm vacuuming the living room."

"Didn't you clean already?"

"Yes, but you know how mom is when someone is getting...

I hear the phone drop and an "OH CRAP. THE CUCKOO CLOCK MOM.

My mom has a cuckoo clock that is a family heirloom. She's recently redone her living room and hasn't found a place for the clock yet.

Jessi picks up the phone, "What are we gonna do? I bet we could lay it somewhere strategically so it looks like we're still making up our minds."

"Oh yeah, Jessi that sounds like a solid plan."

"Oh hush, you're not dealing with DEFCON 5 at the Gilmore House. You're on your way home and you have Molly WEasley working his magic at your house."


I just grin and drive on down the road.

ETA:Needless to say, they didn’t get the clock up in time.

It’s turned out to not be a big deal because it isn’t something you can just hang up on the wall. My mom wants to put up the clock because of all the sentimental value it has. The situation just made me think of Emily Gilmore.

Anyway, the grandparents are here and we’re enjoying our visit with them.
The moral of the story for this post, is make sure when watching the NBA finals to not get so distracted that you forget to double check you’ve finished all you want to say before closing your laptop or people might think something bad happened.

Happy Friday!


I will be posting Part 5 tomorrow or later tonight. I know you guys really want to know what happens. Er, at least I think I do.


Gina said...

You are all about suspenseful posts lately...what happened?

Brittany Ann said...

Too funny! I hate when this happens to me, though! I'm all about the Southern hospitality, which is why I need fair warning!

Domesticated-Bliss said...

I can totally identify :) I've got some gaudy gold candlesticks that I have to pull out every time my inlaws visit ;)

Brittany said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE The Gilmore Girls. I totally know what you're talking about! Thankfully I don't have anything like that...yet!

Lil' Woman said...

Oh goodness....give us the goods : )

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