Thursday, June 24, 2010

25 for 25

1. We have 5 Saturdays in Oklahoma left until we move. We plan to make the most of them.
2. In my Orange Leaf (aka the local fro-yo shop) I like to have the original tart flavor with blackberries and white chocolate chips.
3. I am growing out my hair. I want it to be like Amanda Seyfried length. We’ll see how long this lasts.
4. I can’t stand the original yellow post-it notes. I think they are ugly.
5. My dream kitchen currently includes, white cabinets, dark wood floors and robin’s egg blue walls. If you need a reference for robin’s egg blue please see a box of 94 Crayola Crayons.
6. I had braces for almost 2 and half years.
7. I am not a Tori Spelling fan.
8. I think Caroline is the most real Housewife that Bravo has.
9. I am the resident Google girl at work. There is not anything that cannot be found by me.
10. At my very first softball practice I busted my thumb. I played for 8 years.
11. My dad taught me everything I know when it comes to music, films and politics.
12. Of the four of us, my youngest sister and I are the ones who’d be most likely to have ADD. We also are the hippies of the group.
13. John Lennon’s Imagine puts my heart at rest. It always plays on the radio when I need it most.
14. I mentioned Brandon’s birthday the other day to him and he freaked out. Apparently 27 is a scary number.
15. Mashed potatoes from Del Rancho are wonderful. HINT. HINT.
16. My sister Jessi and I wore the shirts that our mom bought for us a month ago yesterday. We didn’t call each other. This is a regular occurrence.
17. I go back and forth between a cherry red with racing stripes or bumblebee Camaro for when I graduate law school.
18. I have a very low tolerance for pouters.
19. We’ve been swimming twice this summer. I need a day in the sun so I can be tan.
20. I like vanilla shakes from Sonic. Again, HINT. HINT.
21. For my 21st birthday, I was in Las Vegas, Nevada.
22. My brother is a football stud.
23. Every time I see the Dawn commercial for the animals in the Gulf my eyes water especially when I see the turtles.
24. I am special ordering some pens that I use at work for law school. Yes, I’m that anal about pens. I make no apologies.
25. Brandon has another interview. He is for sure going to our new home again. I on the other hand might get to go at this point. Another trip up there excites me nevertheless.

Happy Thursday!


Loren said...

I like number 12 the best! It makes me smile :) i love you sister, lots <3

Gina said...

Now I want a vanilla shake. Desperately.

Brittany Ann said...

I cry during that Dawn commercial too! Every time! That song! Those sweet baby birds! Gah!

Brittany said...

I love Caroline!! She reminds me so much of my's scary!

Ambs said...

I am the same way about pens! I especially like felt tip ones the best

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Ohhhh the move!!

Lil' Woman said...

I agree with the Caroline actually shows her as a home with her kids and family.

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