Monday, May 31, 2010

A Road Trip with Gloria in Review

Last week, as you know we went on a trip to our future home. We went with my mom, and siblings. Growing up, when we went on vacation we usually roat tripped to where we were headed. And this time was no different. The following is a list of the highlights of the trip.

  • We discovered that Oklahoma roads are not the worst in the world.
  • We looked at an apartment that is a mile from campus. They were awesome and we can't wait to live there.
  • We tried Mexican food and let's just say, they need a lesson or two.
  • I love my school already and everything is in one building. So when it snows that will be nice.
  • We got a call for a job for Brandon WHILE I WAS DRIVING IN THE MIDDLE OF INDIANAPOLIS!!!! Don't get me wrong, I was and am still super pumped he got a call, but it was scary because I had Gloria the GPS guiding me. This leads me to my next point.
  • I know GPS systems are supposed to be great but every once in awhile they like to go on their own little tangent which is why we wound up on a random two way highway before we got to our destination. It delayed our arrival time by an hour or two.
  • My little brother has the most gas I've ever seen in a teenager.
  • We had a flat in the town of Effingham, Indiana. No I'm not effing kidding you. That is the name of the town.
  • Everything is so GREEN. Seriously, it is wonderful!
  • We saw the St. Louis Arch and the Great Mississippi. It never gets old seeing the Arch.
  • We're going to be in the EST once we move to Michigan.
  • They like Asian food up there. I like it too, but not enough to put five to six places every few blocks.
  • The trees are so pretty. I know the trees again, but seriously, they're awesome.
Really it was a teaser for us both. We can't wait to be there. Please be in prayer for a job for Brandon. This will make the process go so much quicker.

I'm going to announce the winner for my giveaway soon!

Happy Monday and thank you to those who serve our country and to those who make the ultimate sacrifice doing so!

P.S. What is a Kroger?


Brittany Ann said...

Oh, sister, you never eat Mexican food up there! They don't do it the same like that do in the South!

And Kroger? It's a sub-par grocery store. I say that as a woman who lives in a town with the world's greatest groceries: Publix.

Brittany said...

hahaha, I LOVE Kroger!! Probably because I've been going to the same one since I was about 2 (besides the one I went to in college that was 2hrs from here). Always been a big Kroger fan compared to Giant Eagle and Meijer. Good luck with northern living!!

brown eyed girl said...

Kroger is a grocery store. Like your Publix, Giant, Stop & Shop (God bless New England and the Jerz), or Wegmans (God bless upstate NY).

I think it's a northern thing but SO MANY people order Chinese during the school year, like, cohorts will order in Chinese while studying for comprehensives or exams or just for a late-night dinner while in the computer lab. Hence the need for seven hundred million trillion Chinese takeout places around college campuses!

I will be keeping Brandon in my thoughts - so exciting!!!

~Haley~ said...

I'm from Ohio, so I can fill ya in... first off, Brittany is right... Mexican is not good up here, unless you find an authentic place. =] Kroger is comparable to WalMart or Meijer, and in most cases it's cheaper as well. Good luck getting adjusted to Michigan living.

Traci said...

Girl, Krogers are missed around here! Meat from Walmart is a big no-no!!

So glad that you are having a fun time. When exactly are y'all moving?

Lil' Woman said...

Brandon will def. be in my prayers for his job search.

I must agree with Brittany, Publix is the bestest...their cakes are delish and now living in PA I'm deprived of such glorious things.

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