Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just a really pretty day in Michigan.

I officially LOVE this place.

We went to the school first thing this morning. Got a tour of the place and it is a nice campus. Very pretty.

I can't get over all the trees and just how green everything is here.

And oh yeah, the weather is great.

It's going to be like Oklahoma without the tornadoes.

Of course, there is regular snow here, but it starts anywhere from October to December. It won't be bad because there is NO ice and they believe in owning the necessary equipment to keep the roads clean.

We looked at apartments today and we're so pumped because there is a dishwasher. I know big whoop right, but when people have been without this simple luxury like we have for the past 2 and half years like we have, you'd be excited too!

We ate local Mexican today and it was good. We'll definitely miss Mexican food from the South.

But then again we'll have to have friends over to cook Mexican for them like my sister said.

And Paisley will fit in well here too.

I'm excited about everything.

Really, I can't stop saying that.

And I can't get over how pretty it is and how green everything is and ALL. THE. TREES.

Anyway, just a really pretty day in Michigan.

Happy Thursday.


Heather said...

I am so glad!!! I am really excited about your new adventure! I have been MIA reading blogs lately....but I am back and can't wait to read more about Michigan!

brown eyed girl said...

So cute, welcome to the North!! I'd love to take you to New England and show you around the villages and the windy, narrow roads, the lakes, farms, and gardens all over the place. It's totally different than Oklahoma, I love it and love that you're finding happiness there!

Gina said...

A dishwasher is HUGE! Love that you love your new home!

Lil' Woman said...

I miss having a poor little soapy hands cry now.

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