Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm havin' a day.

I am not feeling it today.

And actually, I haven’t been feeling it since last night.

You see, I’m tired.

This weekend—while fun and an important moment in time for my husband and I—was very busy.

And after everyone left, we like morons went floating down the local river in town with our church.

We were dog tired that night, but it was the finale of Brothers and Sisters so of course we had to watch that on DVR before hitting the hay.

Well, I headed to work the next morning struggling to keep my eyes open. Thankfully, my job requires that I work with people and see people all day long so there was not a chance for me to fall asleep as I so desperately wished to do. I told myself if I could just make it to lunch that I’d be okay.

And I made it. I even had one of my favorite meals with my newly husband, who I might add looked like a spring chicken despite the fact that he said he didn’t sleep all that well. Hmph.

That night, we stayed up late again because we still had a life to lead. And that life was still rolling along its merry way whether we wanted it to or not. We realistically had a good shot at getting to bed at a decent hour that night. However, that went out the door because Paisley had an allergic reaction to something. So I saw my pillow late again that night.

Tuesday went by. I didn’t struggle through the day as much because I think I was delirious. At least that’s what I’m calling it. We always watch Biggest Loser and Glee at my parents house on Tuesdays. So we had that to attend and believe me, the shows did not disappoint.

But yesterday I woke up and knew that I had better get my blonde-headed booty to bed at a decent hour or else. Not sure what the else means, but it sounds good, so let’s just go with it okay? My husband seemed to be having the same issue and decided to take a day of freedom from work and stay at home and sleep. I told him to have a good day. I knew he was as tired.

I made it through the day. I called my husband to tell him of my plan for the night. The plan was for me to eat an easy dinner, blog for about an hour and then go to bed. I even had a cute blog for today ready to go in my mind. And when I got home, my sweet husband had made pizza for us to eat. He had started laundry from the weekend and had straightened up around the house.

So I began the necessary routine to get ready for my big night. I found my favorite sweats and went for a t-shirt from our room.

Now I have to tell you at this point in the story that in all fairness, I was tired and my husband was rested. These are keys to the story.

The other keys to this story is that I can handle our house being a little messy just don’t do two things to me. First, don’t jack with my pillows. I am a wiggle-wart when it comes to getting situated to go to sleep at night. This kinda made my husband crazy when we first got married. We didn’t live together prior to marriage and so we had things we had to get used to. He snored and I wiggled. Among other reasons, we didn’t get a lot of sleep those first months of marriage. Ahem. But we found that if I had my pillows situated just right that it made my process of going to sleep easier and quicker for all. And by we, I mean I discovered this. My husband thinks it’s funny to torment me every so often and jack with my pillows.

Secondly, do not leave the toilet seat down. I grew up in a house of girls in the majority and Brandon grew up in a house of boys in the majority. And I still feel bad for his momma having to deal with this issue. Thankfully, we have reached an agreement that the seat goes back down when he’s finished. This agreement was reached back in those early months when I was low on sleep. Falling into the toilet during the night was not a favorite pastime of mine nor was it a welcome sound to my husband to hear my scream in shock that he’d done it again.

So now that we all know the back story, here goes the rest of the story.

While my husband had in fact done all of these wonderful things for me and my evening, he had jacked with my pillows. In fact, they were on the other side of the bed.

HIS. SIDE. To be exact.

Forget the part that it looked like my husband had lived like a hermit for the day in our bedroom. I could’ve have handled it but the man had jacked with my pillows.

My pillows that were finally in the right position.

So I huffed and walked into the bathroom.

And I don’t need to explain to you what happened next.

It seemed that my husband had reverted back to his old ways.

And I probably would have been able to accept it for the day, being tired included.

But that little turd was laughing about it.

I huffed again. Then I told him about my pillows.

Y’all he blamed it on the dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I got ready, scrapped the cute blog post for today idea and went to bed.
I ate my pizza in bed, watched my movie in bed and went to sleep.

Of course, I couldn’t go to sleep right away because my pillows were all jacked up.

So I wiggled for about twenty minutes and THEN I went to sleep.

It stormed AGAIN last night, but I slept right through it because I was that tired.

I’d like to say I woke up refreshed and replenished and raring to go.

But I didn’t.

I woke up cranky.

In fact, I woke up grouchy.

Because my dog had not only stolen the covers in the night she had dragged my second best pillow down a little bit so she could be comfortable.

My husband sleeps with like 6 pillows. Why she couldn’t take one of his is beyond me.

And I was almost late because my alarm didn’t go off because of the storm.

Needless to say, I didn’t wear make-up and I am not sportin’ a good hair day.

Quite frankly, I just feel like throwing myself down in the floor and throwing a class “A” temper tantrum.

It won’t do me any good.

But I sure as hell might feel better to yell and scream and cry about all the stupid stuff.

Well, now that I’ve complained about nothing for one thousand and one-hundred and eighty-two words about nothing of significance, I think I’ll close for the day.

And actually, I am starting to feel a little better. And whatta ya know, the sun is shining outside!

Maybe this complaining did me some good.

Hope this finds you well and if you’re havin’ a day, don’t worry this too shall pass and if it doesn’t well you’ve got yourself some good bloggin’ material.

Happy Thursday!

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brown eyed girl said...

Pictorial representation of pillows in their "proper" and "jacked" positions is needed. Please and thank you.

I am cranky today too, maybe I'll bitch & blog and it'll turn out alright! :) Hope your day gets better! XOXO

Mrs. Potts said...

Oh honey! Not the pillows & the toilet in tandem. He is so wrong!!

I've been tired all this week too - I just haven't slept WELL. And this girl needs her good sleep.

So I've been cranky all week. Sad, huh?

Brittany Ann said...

Right. There. With. You.

That's all.

Where the heck is the weekend?

Domesticated-Bliss said...

Laughing out loud! Sorry for your bad day, but you could change out y'alls names for me and my DH and it would be a normal occurrence :)

I hope you get some rest tonight!

Lil' Woman said...

Bless your sweet heart girl...tomorrow is another day! : )

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I have been reading your blog in Google Reader and on my phone and popped on over to say hi and LOVE the new blog layout!!!

Gina said...

I am ridiculously tired this week too. And I DID throw a fit this morning. I apologized 10 minutes later, but still. Between you and me, it felt kinda good to throw the fit!

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