Monday, May 10, 2010

I just LOVE Mondays don't you????

Okay, so that question was just slightly ornery. And by slightly, I mean completely.

So in order to turn my frown and maybe yours upside down, let's start the week with a blog award!

I received it from one of my favorite bloggers, Brittany at Living in the Moment.

She is great. She is a teacher that has a husband who serves our country in the Navy. Both give greatly to each of us on a daily basis. I am so thankful for people like them all across the country. I am also so thankful for her in general. She is a bomb dot com friend and I'm so glad I met her.

Let's get to it, shall we?I'm supposed to list ten things I love!

  1. Text Messages/Notes in the Mail/TWEETS: I love to send texts to others to check on them/see how their day is going. It's also fun to send a note just because. I also love to get texts/notes. And twitter gets me through the day some days. If you tweet, you've cracked me up at some point.
  2. Music: I am obsessed with listening and singing music all the time. It is something that moves me on a regular basis. I really do love it all except for the yelling music. That's not music.
  3. Lasagna: If I had to pick one food to eat for the rest of my life, it'd totally be lasagna. If I'm at an Italian ristorante, then I'm eating lasagna.
  4. Turtles: If you're new to the RTH Times, I started collecting turtles on our honeymoon because you know T is for Turtle. Our last name starts with T. Anyway, I just love them. I'm so sad about all the little turtles that have lost their lives in the oil spill down by the Gulf.
  5. the Movies: I did not have cable until I was 14 years old so we rented a lot of movies to make up for lack of content to watch. And I still love to go to the movies now.
  6. Road Trips: There is nothing like driving down the road to a vacation destination with your family right besides and the tunes blarin'. Some of my favorite childhood memories were from our road trips.
  7. Football season: I know this isn't a shocker for most of you, but y'all I LOVE football season. I have to admit I'm a little sad about this season because I won't be in Big XII country, but football season is football season. Of course, I hear the Northerners don't take their football as serious as we do. So we'll see.
  8. SNOW CONES: My favorite flavors are red velvet cake, wedding cake and caramel cheesecake. AMAZING. Run don't walk to get one.
  9. Getting my pillows situated just right: This is an art people. I am a bit of a wiggle worm until I am just right. Once I'm just right I can go to sleep and getting my pillows situated just right is a major factor in this process happening.
  10. Paisley: She's such a sweet dog. She is our only kid as of now, but we love her tons!
So here are ten of my favorite blogs to read:

  1. b.e.g.
  2. Gina at Namaste by Day
  3. Brittany at Sweet, Sassy and Oh So Classy!
  4. Ivy at Little Woman, Little Home.
  5. Mrs. Potts at Experiments in a Galley Kitchen
  6. Kelsey at Lavender, Leopard and Lace
  7. Megan at Tales of the Trees
  8. Erin at Blue Eyed Bride
  9. Heather at Life at Sonic Speed
  10. Traci at Her Hillbilly Highness
Hope this put some pep in your step for the beginning of the week!

Happy Monday!


Brittany Ann said...

OK, two things:

LASAGNA! I know it goes without saying, seeing as I have all my Italian roots and all, but hello! yum! Could eat it every day!

And two: I don't know what sno-cone place you're hanging out at, but you all have some seriously good flavors. We need to step it up down here or move, because I've never experienced the likes of those!

Thanks for being such a good friend, love!

Lil' Woman said...

You are a woman after my heart!
Lasagna, Sno Cones, and Movies def. rank high on my list as well!!

Thank for the award love!!! : )

Gina said...

Thanks for the award! I've had blogger's block for weeks now so this is quite helpful.

I am so with you on #s 1-4!!

Know what else I love? Your new layout! Gorgeous!

Domesticated-Bliss said...

You just wait :) You're going to love southern football season! Your'e in SEC territory right?

Mrs. D said...

Lasagna and turtles! We are soul mates!

kisatrtle said...

I've never had any of those flavor snow cones. I feel slighted. I'm going to have to look into this or at the very least add them to my bucket list.

brown eyed girl said...

Thank you!!

I totally could get behind lasagna for life, but we'd have to compromise and head to Ritas because I dislike sno cones, but Ritas has custard, so it'd be a win-win!

Traci said...

What? I just saw this! You are one of my fave blogs to read, too!!

I was browsing through your blog posts (I have been out of town for a while) and wanted to know what you thought of RHNYC!! Kelly is becoming quite the little psycho!

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