Friday, May 21, 2010

because I haven't talked about RHONYC in a bit...

Traci, this blog post is for you.

Real Housewives of New York last week...

Alex- She is probably the most real one on there. She is passionate about her children. She is professional in her work and she likes to let her hair down and have fun. She is appropriate in all situations I guess is what I’m trying to say. Of course there was that incident where she unleashed on Jill, but it seems that was a long time coming.

Bethenny- It seems like she’s just been dumped on each week with life changing events, but can’t focus on them to grieve or to be happy because of all the petty crap she has to deal with from Jelluan. (Jill+Kelly+LuAnn). But she still has a big fat mouth at times.

Jill-Needs to grow up and detach herself from LuAnn. She is nothing but bad news so long as she is connected to LuAnn.

Kelly-NUT. CASE. Whatever Bethenny did to you regarding the press was wrong, but she's apologized for it. It seems like she was the one being fake about accepting it so the ball is Kelly's court, not Bethenny's. Also, feelings are very much in style. This is why she's on something. She has to be. That is the only explanation I have for her CRAZY behavior.

LuAnn-Still a snake in the grass, now we can add tone-deaf to the mix. Oh yeah, and she has no manners. Oh yeah and she is a horrible kisser and a terrible flirt. And when she kissed what's his face, I almost puked in my mouth a little.

Ramona- I LOVE TURTLE TIME. And she was killin' me when she was on the Hooters boat. "I'm just gonna shut her up if she comes over her trying to cause trouble. And her bathing suits were so cute.

Sonja-She just wants everyone to feel included and also for everyone to get along. I'll be interested to see what team she is on as time progresses.

Real Housewives of New York this week...

*************SPOILER ALERT************************

Alex-I love the swimsuit she wore in her photo shoot. And Alex can't get a word in because she's so baffled by the ridiculousness that is Kelly.

Jill-She has a good heart, she just has more pride than she does heart. That's why she can't get over Bethenny. Ha! And she said Kelly couldn't make a full sentence.

Kelly-More crazy and so beyond the point of blunt, she's crude. And she is nuts. Did I mention that?And what is the deal with the NOTE PAD??? And oh yeah, Kelly it is Ramona's Bachelorette Party! So it is about her completely!!

LuAnn-Yes, Ramona has been married for 17 years and she's celebrating it. LuAnn, bitter party of one! That's the real reason why she's not going. She's still a snake in the grass and now she's jealous. And she didn't want Jill to go because she'll have no one except her ugly boyfriend.

Ramona-She looks so happy the whole time. And I like how she tried to make peace even when Kelly wouldn't allow it or accept that she is the problem. By the way, Kelly is nuts. And oh yeah, if Ramona calls you coo-coo, you gotta be some kind of crazy.

Sonja-She's like a girl with her first bad hangover in college. And that leopard suit is AWESOME.

Best line of the night: "She's coo-coo for cocoa puffs!" -Bethenny

And guess what!!!! There's more!! Jill hasn't even arrived yet!!


Traci said...

I love it! Thank you SO much!! I agree with everything that you said. That kiss? Gross! She is bitter!

Kelly has to be on something. Who acts like that. You are right- if Romona is calling you crazy........

I laughed so hard on the scenes for next week when Bethenney was making fun of Jill- "Hiiiiiiiiiiii- it's like a horn!" I love B for some reason!!

Brittany Ann said...

I can't wait to watch this week! It's on my agenda for tomorrow!

Lil' Woman said...

Kelly is ridiculous...I can't say it enough!

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