Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday is “When I Grow Up” Day.

When I Grow Up: a phrase used by many a third grade teacher to start an essay topic for his/her students; the phrase is often followed by, “I want to be…” and the person fills in the blank depending on the person’s likes/dislikes, dreams and desires.

Exactly 5 months from today, I start law school. The phrase mentioned will no longer apply to me.

I will actually be in the process of becoming what I’ve dreamed of for almost a decade now.

Yes, I realize that I am a grown-up in many ways, but I’ve sorta put it off to an extent for the past couple of years in certain ways.

And for some reason the other day, when I realized Brandon was turning 27 this year. It just sounded old to me.

Brandon’s “When I Grow Up” time will have passed in just another month. He will have his “big boy” job. I am so proud of his accomplishments. Really, y’all he’s first generation college. This is a big deal.

And I’m digressing.

The point—I promise I have one!!—is that we are big kids. I’m not entirely sure when this happened. And I think that maybe this is why I struggled so much with moving away. We’ll be just the three of us. (And by three, I mean, me, Brandon and Paisley!)

Our parents will be thousands of miles away and if we need something it will be up to us to do it. Yes, thank goodness we have the technology of a cell phone so when I need my mom’s recipe for her prized cream corn the thousandth time I can call her, but still I’ll know that when she picks up the phone she’ll be on her way to pick up Loren or Will from whatever sport the current season is or on her way to some function for the school or church…and sadly I won’t see her in just a few short minutes or even the next day.

And while it is very sad, and I’m sure I’ll cry the first time it happens, I am really excited.

Because what I want to be when I grow up no longer just includes the fact that I want to be an attorney, and maybe someday in public office.

It includes so much more.

Brandon and I are starting a chapter in our lives that no other person in our immediate family has experienced.

We are going on an adventure…just like the ones we used to read about in our books in grade school.
Oh sure there aren’t any monsters…ha…well maybe there are a few. Their names are Professor __________ and Professor ______________. We haven’t met yet, but I still am excited to use my weapons to slay the dragon for the victory that is known as a good grade.

In fact, I’m starting to just get plain excited about our move to Michigan in general.

I’ve been daydreaming about how I’ll decorate and by the way, a makeover is a heading our way as soon as we get there.

I’ve been imagining myself walk down the streets on my way to class.

I have had several dreams of carrying my iPhone and Starbucks into class like I’m a cool kid. (Hey a girl can dream right?)

I am looking forward to bringing the South to the North in my own form and fashion.

I hope to do Oklahoma, my family and God proud, while we’re there.

I pray to God every night for a new hair stylist as mine now has informed me that I’m a hair snob. If I’m that bad, Jesus is going to have to do some divine intervention y’all.

I’ve been secretly planning out my day as to class time, study time, clean-up time, dinner time, and Brandon time.

I’ve been mentally taking notes of what supplies I’ll need for my desk.

I’ve even decided that I’m going to try all of The Pioneer Woman’s recipes from her cookbook this fall for when we entertain. I mean after all, I hear the North doesn’t know a thing about Mexican food. And if my momma’s enchiladas don’t work then we’ll try a recipe from her cookbook.

And I’ve been praying for our church home. I’m hoping we meet a couple like Karen and Dick from church. People who have “been there and done that”, but still considers us their equals, peers and friends. I’m looking forward to meeting people our age as well.

And we also are excited for our guests to come and visit, both far and wide. We hope to do some traveling ourselves. Who knows, maybe even meet some of you who comment each day! I mean the Ohio State Buckeyes have to play the Michigan Wolverines don’t they? And, I’m sure I’ll need some exposure to the hot, humid sun that only the South can complain about right?

I am looking forward to the snow on the ground in the winter. I know it will be a lot. Okay a ton to be exact, but I do always say, if it’s going to be cold outside, why doesn’t it do something while it’s at it to make it worth my while.

I just am excited in general y’all.

When I grow up, I want to be an attorney and all that goes with it and in a few months, that dream’s gonna come true!


brown eyed girl said...

You guys will have so much fun - it is such a blessing and adventure for you three! Can't wait to hear and see how it all goes. And surely, for creamed corn and engaging dialogue, I will visit Michigan! I've never been!

Jessika said...

I'm SO proud of you Sam!! Speaking from experience, moving that far away from family is one of the hardest things I've ever done, but God is SO good to those who are obedient and you are following His guide and He will bless you tremendously. Go live your dreams girl! You will seriously be the next "Legally Blonde" and you will kick law school in the buttocks!! :) I'm praying for you!

Gina said...

You are at such an exciting time. And honestly? I think you'll love being away and being super independent.

Brittany said...

Law School! Go girl!!

Loren said...

This calls for a road trip for me but maybe a plane ride would be better! I'm gonna miss ya when you leave!

Brittany Ann said...

I am glad you're getting excited! I know exactly how you feel! I can't wait to hear and see little snippets of it! So exciting! You're going to be the cutest co-ed in Michigan, let me tell you!

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