Tuesday, April 27, 2010

top two: my 5th?

I have to admit this was extremely hard for me. I have something I love about each season of the year, yes winter included, but summer time is when I really come alive. So there are a ton of favorite things about summer.

But since I have to pick, here’s what’s most prevalent in my life at this time.

1. A Good and Hot Summer Day: The only place I’ve ever been that trumps the humidity we have here in Oklahoma is Florida, so Brittany will know what I’m talking about, but y’all I love it. There is nothing like a hot day that just makes me want to jump into a swimming pool that leads to that good exhausted feeling afterwards because I played “Colors” or volleyball so hard. Of course, this usually leads into a good meal usually hamburgers or ribs grilled and strawberries and sugar for dessert. Got that good mental picture in your head now? We usually play a little Dr. Mario and then it’s back to the pool. And man do I sleep great on those nights!! By the way, this is usually our routine for 4th of July.

2. Summer Grass: The grass smells differently in the summer time. I’ve posted about this before. But y’all I love to smell the grass literally grow. Secondly, I love the way it smells because it smells like football and baseball. And those are my favorite sports of all time; so naturally, there is nothing better than green grass with some boys in tight baseball or football pants in the summer time playing or practicing those sports.
Happy Tuesday!


Beth McC. said...

Love your summer picks! Your blog is too cute!!

Mrs. Potts said...

Great picks! I love a pretty Summer day.

Gina said...

The summer grass smell...amen, sister!

And I do love me some summer heat, too. Not sure if I'll love it this summer with this big ol' belly, but it's really chilly here today and that does not make me happy.

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

great picks :)

Brittany said...

I LOVE summer glass! When we were in OBX 3 years ago, I realized there was NO grass! I became kind of depressed. Then one day when we were out shopping there was a large patch of grass on the ground. I ran out of the car and laid on it. I was so excited to see grass!! OH the little things!

Lil' Woman said...

Florida gets crazy hot in the summer. We went to the waterpark today and it wasn't even that hot but I am burnt to a crisp

Brittany Ann said...

You're right. There is something about those sticky hot pool days followed by big al fresco meals! LOVE. IT.

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