Monday, April 26, 2010

Real Housewives of New York and a Nibble

First a few thoughts on the show this week...

Alex-She is really starting to grow on me. She just needs to get a hold of her hair and I think she'll be solid. I like that she is grounded and comfortable with who she is.
Bethenny- I am officially Team Bethenny. I had someone ruin my engagement day and so I totally relate to her on this deal. I cannot blame her in the slightest for being upset. Too little too late Jill. She seems so happy.
Jill- She needs to get her self together. This is starting to get ridiculous. Take ownership of what you do and say. Apologize. Let others apologize and GET OVER IT.
Kelly-For a fleeting second, I thought she was normal...and then talked about how cute she always looks. Fleeting second over and I remember she's just weird.
LuAnn- RUDE. RUDE. RUDE. Get over the deal with Mario. Oh yeah, she's RUDE. I mean seriously, she should have just kept her mouth shut to Bethenny if she couldn't say anything nice without being RUDE. She really is CountLESS!
Ramona- Oh crazy eyes. She really is going to have to make a choice soon. I like that she and Mario are renewing their vows. It's important to her.
Sonja-She's going to be interesting to say the least.

And the nibble...

Brandon is starting to get calls about jobs. So please pray that the right opportunity opens up to him.

Happy Monday!



brown eyed girl said...

I still contend Alex needs Crest White Strips and a hair fixing.
LuAnn seems to be developing a serious case of BSC every time I see that show.
Ramona needs to get a filter. She needs executive funcioning, she needs a chill pill, and some tact to go along with all that.
Jill is just laying on the drama to get more air time, I don't think she has that much beef with Bethenny, she's just doing it for air time, IMHO!
Bethenny is still rubbing me the wrong way, I think she's genuine but then some of the things she says/does just...don't sit right? I don't know yet.
And Sonja is going to be a spitfire, for sure!

I have RHONJ already scheduled on my DVR!!!! I need to catch up on season one, any ideas when I can do that? Love, love, love that you enjoy this show as much as I do!

And ps - still have Brandon in my prayers!! XOXO

Brittany Ann said...

I totally agree on all accounts! I really actually like Alex! Who knew??

Gina said...

I know I'd love that show if I watched it!

Lil' Woman said...

I couldn't have said it any better. I can't stand LuAnn and Jill this season.

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