Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Earth Day Post

I’m sure some of you expected an Earth Day post from me at some point today. I do have the word, hippie, in my blog name after all. And while, I think conservation of our Earth’s resources is extremely important, there is another matter that is just as pressing today.

Of what event, am I speaking?

Why it’s the NFL Draft Day of course!!

Now, I know I don’t speak of the NFL all that often, but when the number one draft pick is Sam Bradford, aka the BEST quarterback in the country, aka a SOONER, then you can quickly imagine, I’m very interested.

I’m interested for a couple of reasons.

First, while I’m very sad to see Sammy leave OU, I am very excited to watch him play again. I think I might even root for the team that picks him provided that it’s not Green Bay. I heard he might go to Cleveland and that’s only 3 hours from where we’re headed and that would be fun to watch. And if he goes to St. Louis, I hear there’s a bloggy girl, that I need to meet there. So I’d be more than obliged to kill two birds with one stone.

Secondly, I am so glad that there is PROOF out there that Sammy is better than Timmy.

Yes, I said it.

Sam Bradford is the real deal. He is the number one pick because he is the better and yes I’d even say BEST option.

I know that there are a few Florida fans that read this blog. I am sure you are probably a little infuriated at this point because I’m trashing your beloved quarterback.

I understand completely how you feel. Really I do.

Because my blood boiled ALL SEASON listening to the commentators talk about how great yours was while mine was considered a “has been” because some stupid Longhorn took him out.

Well, in case y’all and the rest of the sports commentary community forgot….

Sam Bradford won a Heisman just like Tim Tebow.

Sam Bradford is a man of high moral character just like Tim Tebow.

But the difference is that there is that the NFL wants Sammy so bad they can’t stand themselves.

In fact, ESPN, is calling him “King Sam”-the nickname his teammate and high draft pick as well, Gerald McCoy gave him—and his performance as a quarterback, nothing but excellence.

And Tim “Cry Baby” Tebow can’t stand it because the attention is not on him for once.

Sam kept his head down this whole season and the seasons before when the media spent their time regularly drooling over Tebow.

It looks like it paid off to work hard and not being so concerned with getting the media’s attention, Timmy.

Maybe you could take a lesson from good ol’ Sammy.

The NFL can't wait to have this well-rounded quarterback.

OR if you just can’t let it go, give him a call, I hear he’s looking for a great receiver.

You can be his wingman. You know his number TWO.

Apparently you need a lesson in just that.

Happy Earth Day and Boomer Sooner.


Lil' Woman said...

Lol..Your hilarious.
I don't watch college bowl but I can imagine Florida fans just reading with their mouths dropped open! :)

Brittany Ann said...

I shall not comment on this post formally for two reasons;):

1. Obviously, our opinions differ.

And 2. I don't think you'd ever speak to me again if you heard the uproarious laughter and mocking things said when Sam went #1 in the draft in my house full of Fla. fans this evening.

Although, I will say this...I actually slotted Sam #1 in the draft, and my seniors owe me donuts in first period tomorrow.

So I'm happy!

Happy Thursday my love!

Domesticated-Bliss said...

I love this post :) I am a football fanatic and wasn't shocked one bit when Sammy got picked first! I'm a Nole and a Jaguar so we were just sad we missed out on CJ Spiller!

Can't wait for football season!

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