Friday, April 30, 2010

a few thoughts...

  1. I've written two posts for next week already. I'm totally addicted to pre-scheduled blogging.
  2. I owe a thank-you to Lil Woman for her suggestion of the Real Simple Magazine. I love it.
  3. I am in love with Avon's eye make-up.
  4. I did my own French manicure with my husband's help last night. It's wonderful.
  5. I have a hair appointment next week. Woot!
  6. There are a few changes in store for the ole' blog and I could not be more excited.
  7. I've been listening to the Beach Boys lately. They make my heart smile.
  8. My parents are planting flowers for graduation festivities next month.
  9. Someday we will be living on a bigger budget.
  10. I've been told at work that I'll be missed greatly. That's very nice & flattering to hear.
  11. There's a full DVR with my name on it...RHONY included.
So, that's all I've got. My contacts are about to pop out of my eyes. It's time for me to go to bed.

Hope you had a good week!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm finally ready.

I am ready for my life to be in the next chapter.

I feel like I have been in a holding pattern for 3 years.

I graduated from OU, got married, and started my job.

Everyone around me is moving to their next destination whether they’re having babies, buying houses, or graduating.

And someday, I’ll do all of those things and probably in rapid succession.

But in the mean time, I’m just sitting and waiting.

Thankfully, my husband graduates next month so we do have some excitement.

And there’s that part that will start the moving process both literally and figuratively, we will move this summer to Michigan.

But in the mean time, I’m just sitting and waiting for my life to start.

I’m not depressed about it. I wish it would get here faster than slower some days. But then, I get a phone call from my baby sister and brother asking if we’ll come out to mom and dad’s house for dinner and I’m completely okay with where I am at the moment.

But when I get down to really thinking about it all, I am ready.

I am ready to be somewhere new.

I am looking forward to our first month in Michigan because it will be like a mini-vacation for me. Brandon will be at work. So I’m sure I’ll spend my first days unpacking and decorating. But when he gets home we can go explore the city and learn a new place. We’ll get a kick out of people and I’m more than sure they’ll get a kick out of me.

I am ready to be in law school.

I love to learn and for the next 3-4 years, I’ll be doing nothing but just that. I am ready to be where I’ve ultimately wanted to be since I was 17. Also, I am very excited about the school supplies. I don’t care how nerdy that makes me sound. I take it on completely.

I am ready to be just the two of us…and Paisley too of course.

As scary as it sounds for us to move away like this for all parties involved, I am excited for it to be just the two of us. As of now, we do not think we’re going to be able to make it home for Thanksgiving because my break at school is very short. So if our family doesn’t come to see us, we’ll have our very first major holiday by ourselves. I am looking forward to making all of our favorites that day and just enjoying a long weekend to ourselves. If family comes to visit well then, we’ll be happy that they’re there. But this is a chapter of our lives that we’ll get to tell our kids about some day. The stories will start, “well, when your mom and I lived in Michigan…” and go on from there.

I have this picture in my mind of what I want our lives to look like once Brandon graduates and I start law school. I’ve tried to put it into words in this post of what a small fraction of this life will look like, but I know that it will not look anything like it.

It will be much more challenging.

It will be better.

It will stretch us.

It will change us.

It will cause us to be out of our comfort zone to say the least.

Don’t get me wrong. I know I talk a good talk. But remember, I am still the girl who’s nervous as all get out about this whole deal…with just one difference.

I’ve finally let it settle in my bones that God will be with us the whole way.

So, here am I Lord.

I am ready.

Send me…and Brandon and Paisley to a far off land known as Michigan. You know...after Brandon graduates and all. Ha!

And Satan as far as you’re concerned, like the Pat Benetar song says, “Hit me with your best shot. Fire away!”

Happy Thursday.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday is "RHONJ" Day.

RHONJ: Real Housewives of New Jersey; a reality tv series; Caroline, Dina, Teresa, Jacqueline...and her.

Y'all I love me some RHONJ. I am counting down the days until Monday. Seriously, I can't wait. I watched all the clips from where the girls have been on the Jay Leno Show, the Today Show and the Regis and Kelly Show watching all of their clips.

In fact, here's the clip from Regis and Kelly today!

It is my favorite Real Housewives series. Seriously, I love love love it!

So if you don't watch here's the quick run down:

Caroline and Dina are sisters.

Jacqueline is married to Dina and Caroline's brother.

Teresa is a family friend.

Danielle is a crazy lady.

Any questions?

I didn't think so.

I can't wait for bubbies, the Chateau, , happy wife-happy life, the Brownstone and drama!

And speaking of the Chateau, I'd love love love to have my hair done at the Chateau. Seriously, have you seen their hair? Need I say more? I could totally and still might do a post on how well they take care of their hair.

Girls who take care of their hair, are my kinda girls.

And yes, I'm shamelessly purchasing the first season of RHONJ this weekend. I'll need to refresh before the big night!!

Sorry for the randomness and the reality celeb junkie post, but really I love love love it!!

If there ever were some reality celebs I'd like to meet most it would definitely be these women...well minus Danielle of course.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

top two: my 5th?

I have to admit this was extremely hard for me. I have something I love about each season of the year, yes winter included, but summer time is when I really come alive. So there are a ton of favorite things about summer.

But since I have to pick, here’s what’s most prevalent in my life at this time.

1. A Good and Hot Summer Day: The only place I’ve ever been that trumps the humidity we have here in Oklahoma is Florida, so Brittany will know what I’m talking about, but y’all I love it. There is nothing like a hot day that just makes me want to jump into a swimming pool that leads to that good exhausted feeling afterwards because I played “Colors” or volleyball so hard. Of course, this usually leads into a good meal usually hamburgers or ribs grilled and strawberries and sugar for dessert. Got that good mental picture in your head now? We usually play a little Dr. Mario and then it’s back to the pool. And man do I sleep great on those nights!! By the way, this is usually our routine for 4th of July.

2. Summer Grass: The grass smells differently in the summer time. I’ve posted about this before. But y’all I love to smell the grass literally grow. Secondly, I love the way it smells because it smells like football and baseball. And those are my favorite sports of all time; so naturally, there is nothing better than green grass with some boys in tight baseball or football pants in the summer time playing or practicing those sports.
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Real Housewives of New York and a Nibble

First a few thoughts on the show this week...

Alex-She is really starting to grow on me. She just needs to get a hold of her hair and I think she'll be solid. I like that she is grounded and comfortable with who she is.
Bethenny- I am officially Team Bethenny. I had someone ruin my engagement day and so I totally relate to her on this deal. I cannot blame her in the slightest for being upset. Too little too late Jill. She seems so happy.
Jill- She needs to get her self together. This is starting to get ridiculous. Take ownership of what you do and say. Apologize. Let others apologize and GET OVER IT.
Kelly-For a fleeting second, I thought she was normal...and then talked about how cute she always looks. Fleeting second over and I remember she's just weird.
LuAnn- RUDE. RUDE. RUDE. Get over the deal with Mario. Oh yeah, she's RUDE. I mean seriously, she should have just kept her mouth shut to Bethenny if she couldn't say anything nice without being RUDE. She really is CountLESS!
Ramona- Oh crazy eyes. She really is going to have to make a choice soon. I like that she and Mario are renewing their vows. It's important to her.
Sonja-She's going to be interesting to say the least.

And the nibble...

Brandon is starting to get calls about jobs. So please pray that the right opportunity opens up to him.

Happy Monday!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Earth Day Post

I’m sure some of you expected an Earth Day post from me at some point today. I do have the word, hippie, in my blog name after all. And while, I think conservation of our Earth’s resources is extremely important, there is another matter that is just as pressing today.

Of what event, am I speaking?

Why it’s the NFL Draft Day of course!!

Now, I know I don’t speak of the NFL all that often, but when the number one draft pick is Sam Bradford, aka the BEST quarterback in the country, aka a SOONER, then you can quickly imagine, I’m very interested.

I’m interested for a couple of reasons.

First, while I’m very sad to see Sammy leave OU, I am very excited to watch him play again. I think I might even root for the team that picks him provided that it’s not Green Bay. I heard he might go to Cleveland and that’s only 3 hours from where we’re headed and that would be fun to watch. And if he goes to St. Louis, I hear there’s a bloggy girl, that I need to meet there. So I’d be more than obliged to kill two birds with one stone.

Secondly, I am so glad that there is PROOF out there that Sammy is better than Timmy.

Yes, I said it.

Sam Bradford is the real deal. He is the number one pick because he is the better and yes I’d even say BEST option.

I know that there are a few Florida fans that read this blog. I am sure you are probably a little infuriated at this point because I’m trashing your beloved quarterback.

I understand completely how you feel. Really I do.

Because my blood boiled ALL SEASON listening to the commentators talk about how great yours was while mine was considered a “has been” because some stupid Longhorn took him out.

Well, in case y’all and the rest of the sports commentary community forgot….

Sam Bradford won a Heisman just like Tim Tebow.

Sam Bradford is a man of high moral character just like Tim Tebow.

But the difference is that there is that the NFL wants Sammy so bad they can’t stand themselves.

In fact, ESPN, is calling him “King Sam”-the nickname his teammate and high draft pick as well, Gerald McCoy gave him—and his performance as a quarterback, nothing but excellence.

And Tim “Cry Baby” Tebow can’t stand it because the attention is not on him for once.

Sam kept his head down this whole season and the seasons before when the media spent their time regularly drooling over Tebow.

It looks like it paid off to work hard and not being so concerned with getting the media’s attention, Timmy.

Maybe you could take a lesson from good ol’ Sammy.

The NFL can't wait to have this well-rounded quarterback.

OR if you just can’t let it go, give him a call, I hear he’s looking for a great receiver.

You can be his wingman. You know his number TWO.

Apparently you need a lesson in just that.

Happy Earth Day and Boomer Sooner.

Home Decor

Okay so let's get serious.

As you know, we're moving to Michigan soon.

And I've officially got the itch...the decorating itch that is.

So tell me, what are your favorite home magazines?

I want bright colors.

I also want some form of teal/turquoise to be a part.

I'm open to major suggestion.

I feel like I've looked everywhere and asked everyone, but maybe there is something that I've missed.

So hit me with your best shot.


Ready team? BREAK!!

Happy Thursday.

P.S. I promise a "real post" is coming soon. We're about done with the "fluff posts" on a regular basis business. While it is fun, it's definitely not my style. I'm just enjoying not being serious cause that's all my life is lately. Loves!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday is "little things" Day.

little things: the moments that are given to a person in a rough or even good day that helps her/him get through the day.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know yesterday was a bit of a rough day for me. Okay fine, it was rough. So rough in fact that I took a moment to complain about it on publicly.

I don't do things like that.

I complain privately to a group of people and that's it. Sometimes I complain to all of them and sometimes I just complain to one of them.

I am a big "suck it up" kind of person because there is always someone who has a worse situation than you do.

But yesterday I just needed to complain.

And complain I did.

  • Excuse me while I complain... I am sick of not having nice things.
  • It must be nice not to live pay check to pay check.
  • And it must be nice to have date night not on a budget or anything not on a budget for that matter. I WOULDN'T FREAKING KNOW.
  • And it sure as hell must be nice to be worried about when your next trip will be.
  • And I would love to know what it's like to gripe about not being able to find the right furniture or designer clothes.
  • I know we're just getting started and I have a job.
  • But I'm just having a day. And I needed to complain. I'll be okay. And someday I'll be very grateful for all that we will have.
  • But that day isn't today. Today I just need to be mad.
  • #Soapbox and excessive #twitterrant over
Yeah, it was bad.

And after I got that out of my system, the little things that help me get by started happening.

My dad called me because he follows me on twitter. We had a good conversation.

Then, I started getting some texts that just made me smile for the most inappropriate reasons.

I also hadn't checked my email all day and realized I had a ton of comments and by ton, I mean 8. That's a lot for me.

And finally, the mother of all "little things" happened.

This song came on the radio.

And I knew that I would be getting a night of good rest and today would be better.

What are the little things that get you by?

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Top Two Tuesday: my fourth

Top Two Items Under $15

1. Movie Tickets. Seriously y'all, I LOVE to go to the movies. And with our student id's, we get into the movies for under $15! And speaking of movies, I can't wait for:
Iron Man 2
Letters to Juliet

They all look so GREAT!

2. A New Book-You know kinda like the 5th book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series....isn't that right Bubba? It's good and it was a deal!(credit)

Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

the beginning of the "Pathetic Puppy" series...

I have a pathetic puppy named Paisley.
She is extremely spoiled.Ask her because she'll tell you all about it...if she wasn't so busy sleeping.See? PATHETIC.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Let's talk a little about my main squeeze, shall we?

My brain is fried. Work has been crazy this week. So I'm doing a fluff post.

  • Who is your man? Brandon
  • How long have you been together? 5 years this June.
  • How long did you date? 2 and a half years.
  • How old is your man? 26. He's a year older than I am.
  • Who eats more? It's a dead heat. Seriously.
  • Who said "I love you" first? He did.
  • Who is taller? He definitely is. I'm a foot shorter than he is.
  • Who sings better? We both actually sing pretty well.
  • Who is smarter? I'm definitely the book smart one. He's book smart too, but he's way more street smart than I am.
  • Whose temper is worse? We take turns, I think. Different things set us off.
  • Who does the laundry? He does. I help sometimes.
  • Who takes out the garbage? Whoever is standing there when the bag gets full.
  • Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me and it currently drives him crazy because he is on the inside of the bed.
  • Who pays the bills? My money pays the bills, but he physically pays the bills.
  • Who is better with the computer? I have a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He will graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Systems degree. Hopefully that clears things up for you.
  • Who mows the lawn? We don't have to...yay for living in an apartment!
  • Who cooks dinner? Hubs, most of the time. I'm looking forward to cooking more once I'm back in school.
  • Who drives when you are together? Depends on where we're going. Short distances, me. Long distances, him.
  • Who pays when you go out? He does usually. He likes to pay.
  • Who is most stubborn? Definitely a toss up!
  • Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? ha! If you've seen the scene in the movie, "The Blind Side" where Leigh Anne Tuohy's husband asks how that vinegar tastes going down, then you know how this goes. I'm just not wrong all that regularly so it hurts really bad when it happens.
  • Whose parents do you see the most? mine.
  • Who asked who out? He asked me out. He was the first guy I didn't pursue. It was very old fashioned...and I completely LOVED it!
  • Who proposed? He did.
  • Who wears the pants in the family? Tee hee. I'm pleading the fifth.
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday is "Famine Underwear" Day.

Famine Underwear: The garments you wear during a shortage of underwear, when you haven't done laundry in several weeks or months. Usually characterized by lack of elasticity, holes, and typically are at least 5 - 10 years old. In some cases soccer shorts, underwear of unknown origin, thongs, bathing suit bottoms, or 'granny panties' can be considered famine underwear, but do not necessarily meet the above criteria.

Yes, you read this definition correctly.

I know it's tacky, but it's an issue that needs to be addressed.

And plus, it's been a little Debbie Downer in the ole' bloggy world. So I thought I'd post about something that's inappropriate and a whole lotta funny at the same time.

My French bulldog, Paisley is a panty stealer.

Thankfully, she doesn't steal the good panties, but y'all it has come to my attention that as of yesterday, I no longer have any skivies. (Skivies are what I call famine underwear. Mine aren't as dramatic as the ones mentioned above, but they serve a purpose.)

I thought she was just hiding them because I've found a couple of pairs she's stolen and washed them and went about my business. Ha!

I was seriously, wrong.

That dog has chewed up those underwear. Now, my mother is I'm sure completely okay with this because she's always griped about me having them.

But the point is that I'm out.

I'm sure my mother is pleased and is probably feeding her little grand-dog treats on the side for this, but these underwear served a purpose ya know!!!

Oh well, I guess. Time for some new undies I suppose.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Top Two Tuesday: my third

Top Two Beauty Secrets

I thought about what I would say for this one. And then I remembered, I take great pride in my hair and spend money regularly on my hair.
So here are my two tips.

1. The Cut/Color: Take the time and money regularly for a good hair cut. I also get mine highlighted regularly. But whatever you do, whether you just get a cut or have color done as well, do it regularly.
One of my favorite days happens once a month. It is the day I get my hair done. Seriously, I feel so much better about myself because my highlights are done again. While it may seem superficial, I don't care.
As a side note, I also budget this expense into my monthly budget breakdown. I also have been going to my hair stylist for 11 years. I've cried on more than one occasion about the fact that I'm moving away from her.

While this may seem a bit extreme, I happen to be a firm believer in keeping your stylist the same person.

Do not be a shop hopper.

They know what you want and also know the texture of your hair, what color it will take and won't take, etc.

2. The Hair Product: I know that there are lots of schools of thought out there on whether you should use good hair product or whether you shouldn't. The argument is "Does it make a difference?" I think it does. And I also think it doesn't. For my hair pre-blow dry, I use cheap shampoo and conditioner most of the time. I think the key is to change it up regularly. The only thing I do consistently is buy the same scalp shampoo.


I know I can't believe I let it leak I use it but I do. I use Johnny B shampoo paste and it is amazing. Seriously, twice a week and it makes a huge difference, plus it smells GREAT!

I use a different kind of shampoo/conditioner every third time I buy it.

But product, I use post blow dry, I use the real deal. I am obsessed with the Big Sexy Hair Product line. I love their flat iron spray, hair spray and leave in conditioner. It makes my blond hair look great!

(No I didn't get paid for this post by the way.)

So there you have it. I love my hair!

Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Grey skies are gonna clear up! Put on a happy face!!

Today's post is gonna be random style. It's okay. Y'all will live.

Heh heh.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Return of "Competitve Sam"

Note: This is "Competitive Sam" speaking. Beware.

Dear baby brother,

I know you say you don't care about beating me in finishing the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.

But I know you do.

Because while you are like our sister, Jessi, in many many ways, there is one way in which you are just like me.

To sum it up quickly and frankly....

You HATE to lose.

Yeah, Jessi and Loren hate it too, but you and I take it personally.

No matter how big or small the competition, we are "in it to win it" as they say.

If we're going down, we put up one hell of a fight on the way there.

I have a couple of theories as to why we're wired this way.

Of course, there's that whole part about you being a boy.

And my nickname is a boy's name. Doesn't make me a guy, just makes me a girl that makes guys bring their A-game to a whole new level.

We both play/played baseball/softball.

And we already go head to head in the biggest rivalry of all. You like the Bo' Sox and I like the Yanks. So we've got experience in this field. And I know just how bad it chapped your thighs when the Yankees won the World Series last fall.

It's not my fault, you picked a sucky team.

I did try to tell you, but I hear ya gotta let kids make their mistakes.

But the biggest theory of all, is that you hate to lose to a girl! And the reason, I know this is that your favorite movie and scene of all time is this one.

So little sweet baby brother of mine, you have a choice. You can put yourself in the Hambino's shoes and play some serious ball.

Are you gonna step up to the plate and give it your best shot at beating me in reading the Percy Jackson series?

Or are you gonna play ball like a GIRL????????

Bring your A-Game little brother.

You'd be a fool not to.

Kiss and a hug pee drinking crap face,


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday is “When I Grow Up” Day.

When I Grow Up: a phrase used by many a third grade teacher to start an essay topic for his/her students; the phrase is often followed by, “I want to be…” and the person fills in the blank depending on the person’s likes/dislikes, dreams and desires.

Exactly 5 months from today, I start law school. The phrase mentioned will no longer apply to me.

I will actually be in the process of becoming what I’ve dreamed of for almost a decade now.

Yes, I realize that I am a grown-up in many ways, but I’ve sorta put it off to an extent for the past couple of years in certain ways.

And for some reason the other day, when I realized Brandon was turning 27 this year. It just sounded old to me.

Brandon’s “When I Grow Up” time will have passed in just another month. He will have his “big boy” job. I am so proud of his accomplishments. Really, y’all he’s first generation college. This is a big deal.

And I’m digressing.

The point—I promise I have one!!—is that we are big kids. I’m not entirely sure when this happened. And I think that maybe this is why I struggled so much with moving away. We’ll be just the three of us. (And by three, I mean, me, Brandon and Paisley!)

Our parents will be thousands of miles away and if we need something it will be up to us to do it. Yes, thank goodness we have the technology of a cell phone so when I need my mom’s recipe for her prized cream corn the thousandth time I can call her, but still I’ll know that when she picks up the phone she’ll be on her way to pick up Loren or Will from whatever sport the current season is or on her way to some function for the school or church…and sadly I won’t see her in just a few short minutes or even the next day.

And while it is very sad, and I’m sure I’ll cry the first time it happens, I am really excited.

Because what I want to be when I grow up no longer just includes the fact that I want to be an attorney, and maybe someday in public office.

It includes so much more.

Brandon and I are starting a chapter in our lives that no other person in our immediate family has experienced.

We are going on an adventure…just like the ones we used to read about in our books in grade school.
Oh sure there aren’t any monsters…ha…well maybe there are a few. Their names are Professor __________ and Professor ______________. We haven’t met yet, but I still am excited to use my weapons to slay the dragon for the victory that is known as a good grade.

In fact, I’m starting to just get plain excited about our move to Michigan in general.

I’ve been daydreaming about how I’ll decorate and by the way, a makeover is a heading our way as soon as we get there.

I’ve been imagining myself walk down the streets on my way to class.

I have had several dreams of carrying my iPhone and Starbucks into class like I’m a cool kid. (Hey a girl can dream right?)

I am looking forward to bringing the South to the North in my own form and fashion.

I hope to do Oklahoma, my family and God proud, while we’re there.

I pray to God every night for a new hair stylist as mine now has informed me that I’m a hair snob. If I’m that bad, Jesus is going to have to do some divine intervention y’all.

I’ve been secretly planning out my day as to class time, study time, clean-up time, dinner time, and Brandon time.

I’ve been mentally taking notes of what supplies I’ll need for my desk.

I’ve even decided that I’m going to try all of The Pioneer Woman’s recipes from her cookbook this fall for when we entertain. I mean after all, I hear the North doesn’t know a thing about Mexican food. And if my momma’s enchiladas don’t work then we’ll try a recipe from her cookbook.

And I’ve been praying for our church home. I’m hoping we meet a couple like Karen and Dick from church. People who have “been there and done that”, but still considers us their equals, peers and friends. I’m looking forward to meeting people our age as well.

And we also are excited for our guests to come and visit, both far and wide. We hope to do some traveling ourselves. Who knows, maybe even meet some of you who comment each day! I mean the Ohio State Buckeyes have to play the Michigan Wolverines don’t they? And, I’m sure I’ll need some exposure to the hot, humid sun that only the South can complain about right?

I am looking forward to the snow on the ground in the winter. I know it will be a lot. Okay a ton to be exact, but I do always say, if it’s going to be cold outside, why doesn’t it do something while it’s at it to make it worth my while.

I just am excited in general y’all.

When I grow up, I want to be an attorney and all that goes with it and in a few months, that dream’s gonna come true!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Top Two Tuesday : my second

This week's top two are magazines.

And these are my two:
1. People: This is what I consider the most trusted celeb gossip mag out there. They also are the most respectable reporters that're possible in the business in my opinion.And the second: Better Homes and Gardens. I always love to look at their ideas. Happy Tuesday y'all!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter y'all!

Hope your day has been blessed with sunshine, good food, family and a visit from Peter Cotton Tail!From our family to yours: Happy Easter y'all!Hope this day finds you BLESSED!
With love,
Samantha the ruby Turtle hippie

Praise the Lord. He is RISEN!

-He Arose
Up from the grave He arose, (He arose!)
With a mighty triumph o'er His foes, (He arose!)
He arose a Victor from the dark domain,
And He lives forever, with His saints to reign.
He arose! (He arose!) He arose! (He arose!)
Hallelujah! Christ arose!

"'Don't be alarmed,' he said. "'You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified. He has risen! He is not here. See the place where they laid him.'" -Mark 16:6

I am so glad that this morning in history happened.

Jesus overcame the grave.

The tomb is EMPTY.

He is risen. Hallelujah!

Hope this Easter finds you well.

Buona Pasqua!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday day dates are the best.

Saturday mornings are my time to chill. I sleep in late and usually read a bit. I got to do both of those and then I decided I wanted Subway before we headed to see The Last Song.

Subway was great.

And the movie was even better.

But the best part of all...the WEATHER!I thought Miley was great and Liam was a total hunka-hunka burnin' love. I won't write any spoilers on here.

Now here's my question, I know there are lots of Miley haters out there and all.
And I guess I'm just curious to know why.(credit)

She seems like a nice girl. She has style and hasn't done anything too stupid. The girl knows the business it seems.

So tell me honestly, do you like her or not like her?

Happy Saturday.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Why I can't have a Kindle...

I can’t have a Kindle.

Believe me when I say this.

And to my family and well meaning friends, I know y’all think I’m the perfect candidate for one.

But really, I can’t.

I can’t have a Kindle.

I know I’m the perfect candidate for one. A few posts ago, I mentioned that I bought a stack of books. Yeah, well, I only have two to go from the original stack and have since added 2 more to the pile.

So you can see, I have a little bit of a problem. And by little bit, I mean astronomical.

I like to read. (Guess that’s a good thing since I’m headed to law school this fall.)

And while all of my educators do not think this is a bad thing, I still have a problem.

Most girls have a shoe problem or a purse problem or just a shopping problem in general.

And I do. Boy, do I have that problem. Ask Brandon. He’ll tell you all about my running Vera tab I have in my head on a daily sometimes hourly basis.

But I can resist the urge to buy Vera and shoes. I’m not good at it if the money is able because I am always willing.

I cannot, however, resist the urge to buy a book when I am in a book store.

Example: My dad likes to read like me as well. His problem is car magazines to be specific. He’s not all over the place like me.

He asked me to stop by Hastings on the way home from work to check on the latest Rodder’s Journal for him yesterday. Well, I went on my lunch break today because I couldn’t be late for church last night.


I went in and they didn’t have his Rodder’s Journal.

And well, I’ll just tell you the story at this point from the viewpoint of my thoughts…

I can’t walk outta here without buying anything. That’s just so tacky.

But at the same time, I do need a new journal. Wait, they’ve moved the journal section. Hmmm…maybe it’s a sign.

Oh, the non-fiction section. Nah, never mind, I’ve still gotta read the stupid Sarah Palin book. Besides I do not need to spend money.

Making important strides by heading towards the door….

Oh huh, the Bargain section…let’s see what books they’re trying to get rid of this month. I gotta do this looking thing fast because I still gotta grab lunch and I don’t want people to think I’m trying to steal something in here. Linger just a tinge too long and people start to stare and it’s creepy. And then I’ll definitely have to buy something.

Annnnnnnnnnnnd then it happens….


The Pioneer Woman Cooks!!!

I’ve wanted this for awhile. Brandon’s gonna kill me. I just bought two books yesterday. Oh, but I’ve wanted this for such a long time. Okay, not that long, but still…there’s a chicken fried steak recipe in here! He won’t care!


It’s sad isn’t it?

So, imagine if I had a Kindle. It’d be like having a bookstore at my fingertips.

Yes, it’s better for the environment. I have had that argument a thousand times over with my little tree hugging baby sister.

Yes, I wouldn’t have books all over the house. But y’all that’s not so much of a problem because like Carrie Bradshaw has a hell of a closet, I will someday have a hell of a library/office for my books.

I just can’t have a Kindle y’all.

I’d be in major debt faster than you can say, “I read Wikipedia on occasion because I like to read that much.”

Yes, that sentence is not long and yet so true.

So we’ll just keep that Kindle at bay because it’s the best for all of humanity…at least for those of us here in my little part of the world.

Plus, Kindles don’t have that wonderful book smell.

So there.
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Hi y'all! The name's Samantha. You can call me Sam if you like. I am a lover to a boy I met at Falls Creek in the summer of 2005, that is a student of Jesus, a Sooner born and Sooner bred and when I die I'll be Sooner dead, Democrat by party, blonde to the core, and oldies but goodies kind of girl.
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