Monday, March 29, 2010

Team Jill...and the return of RHONJ!!!

Well, since I haven't talked about Real Housewives of New York City in awhile, I thought now would be appropriate to do so since I'm caught up on the episodes.

So here goes...

Alex: Oh Alex. I go back and forth about liking you and it's all to do with your hair. Honey, you make enough money to make sure your hair looks fabulous. It looked great at the party where Bethenny peddled her Skinny Girl Marherita product and then at Jill's Saks party it looked atrocious! What happens?? I feel bad for her because she's has to make a decision soon about where her loyalties lie. And I don't think that Alex is the type of person who likes to do this sort of thing. I also think she had a right to be upset about Jill/LuAnn talking about her kiddo. I mean really, he's four. Plus, pick on the adult all you want, but don't touch the kids I say.
Bethenny: Sigh...where do I start? I still think that Bethenny doesn't know when to close her mouth and she has no tact either. Have the conversations at the appropriate times. I did think the scene at the beginning where she was with Jason was cute. Also, not crazy about acting like she and Jill were honkey dorey after not seeing one another for 4 months, but I have to admit it was professional of her....GASP. I know!
Jill: The scene with her sister and mom was priceless. She totally cracked me up. I thought she was a little scarce this episode. I felt bad for her when Bethenny tried to have it out with her at the show. She looked hurt that Bethenny wanted to have it out then...maybe even scared. But, I'm interested to see how it all goes down in the episode to come. Because Bethenny is crying and Jill is not in the previews.
Kelly: She is growing on me. And I completely agreed with her when she was upset that Ramona sent her daughter in a cab to go home by herself. I think she might have overreacted a tinge when talking about her bubbies. I mean, it was just girls at the event so why the fuss? I thought she handled talking to her girls well about the Playboy shoot.
LuAnn: SNAKE. IN. THE. GRASS. Seriously, she likes to stick her nose where it doesn't belong but when someone calls her on it she pulls the etiquette card every time. And really who cares whether or not you get two kisses. Jill, you need to get away from her.
Ramona: You are the biggest drama of them all. I cannot believe you acted the way you did at Jill's party. And also, why did you put your daughter in a taxi??? You said, I'm gonna put you in a car. If it was a private car service, it might have been just a little better. But it wasn't. This is New York City!!

But the best news of all from last week!!

The return of the Real Housewives of New Jersey is upon us!!!

I can't wait for May 3rd!! I'm Team Everyone but Danielle of course!

Happy Monday!!


Traci said...

I cannot stand Lu Ann and Romona is right up there with her. Alex and Simon creep me out- seriously!!

I do feel sorry for Jill but I really like Bethanney. She may be gettin' too big for her britches, tho. It does crack me up the way they kiss and talk like they are not mad at each other when they clearly are! Who does that?

Ambs said...

I'm right there with you on NJ. Danielle is a psycho!!!! Can't wait to see what happens!

brown eyed girl said...

I can't stand Kelly. She's a fake, I think. The way she treated people last year and the way she talked down to Bethenny makes me seriously question her ability to be such a nice person. She does come off as very clueless, so maybe she has a memory issue that allows her to be nicer, all of a sudden. I don't like her as a mother, either.

And I think for Alex, if she bleached her teeth, she'd be a lot more attractive. Her hair looks like it's just out of control and she needs a serious Japanese straightening session. But her penchant for buying burlap sack-style haute couture dresses may be hindering her ability to pay for said hair treatments.

I am so catty. Me-OW!

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