Thursday, March 18, 2010

Life Lesson #92: Parenthood is a really good show and Liver is REALLY REALLY bad food.

Tuesday evening, I mentioned that we had turkey for dinner. When I say turkey, I mean my mother had two turkeys and decided she wanted to cook one of them.

And since I’m supposed to stay away from deli meat, this turkey sounded great!

So after work, I headed to my parents house with little sister in tow and we got caught up on some DVR shows (you know the important ones like Hannah Montana’s last episodes) while my mom waited for her turkey to finish.

Now I know that everybody’s momma is a good cook. I don’t doubt it for most of you.

But I know that my momma can cook a turkey like no other. Seriously.

So the turkey was made. My sister carved as I held the serving plate. I may or may not have sampled it as it was being placed on the plate. That evidence remains to be seen.

In any case, we had a lovely meal. I was glad to be full for once and our mom and my sister are definitely hooked on Parenthood. (It’s a show on NBC that you should totally check out.)

I got back up and decided that I wanted just a little more turkey.

I picked up some pieces that had fallen to the bottom.

I tried one because well, I just couldn’t wait any longer.

And it was AMAZING. It had been sitting in the juice so it just melted in my mouth.

Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

Now, I’ve told you this story to tell you this one.

As you know, I have two younger siblings that are 13. That means that there is quite a bit of an age gap between my sister and me.

We were 12 and 9 when they were born.

And they are the babies of the family. So if you’re an older kid you’ll be able to relate with me when I say, “My parents have gone soft in their old age.”

I don’t like certain foods.

They include the following: peas, bleu cheese, kidney beans, LIVER, mayonnaise, cottage cheese, hominy, heart, calf-fries, potato salad, raw onions, coleslaw, turnips and beets.

The reason that I know I don’t like these foods is because I have tried them. You know why I have tried them?

I’ll tell you why.

My momma is old school.

She believes that she fixes a meal and what is on your plate is your option.

Also, you could not get up from the table until you tried everything on your plate.

I agree with this thought process.

During this process, I thought it was the “most awful thing ever” of course. But I’m appreciative of it now.

I appreciate that my mom was my parent first, and now that I’m older we’re friends.

This is still true for my parents and younger siblings, but they didn’t go through the experimentation phase in the food department like Jessi and I did.

If they had, they might have understood better and even related when I gagged and almost puked in the kitchen because I ate LIVER and not a dark piece of turkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It still makes me cringe when I think about and that was two days ago.

And when it happened, I couldn’t move. I spit it in the trash can immediately of course, but I was in such shock that I had to get Loren to get me a glass of water.

And until I had that glass of water to rinse my mouth out I simply put could not function.

This is how our life as Christians can be.

We know when something is wrong for us. We even have people in our lives like our parents that help guide us in our path with Christ.

And even though I’ve struggled with being stressed out recently. Until I reached for Jesus I was not going to find the cleansing relief that my heart, body and soul needed. 1 John 1:9 promises me that.

And no matter what my “valley of death” (see Psalm 23) looks like at the time, Jesus will always bring me through.

He is faithful and just.

I know I don’t talk about my faith all that often on here, but after I recovered from the liver, I immediately thought about my struggle with stress and how I’m coming through it but only because Christ’s blood has washed me white as snow.

And this song came into my head.

I hear the Savior say,
"Thy strength indeed is small;
Child of weakness, watch and pray,
Find in Me thine all in all."

Jesus paid it all,
All to Him I owe;
Sin had left a crimson stain,
He washed it white as snow

-Jesus Paid It All

God is bringing me through this deep valley and it is because of His grace that I can smile through my tears and fears of the unknown. (Jeremiah 29:11)

Hope this one finds you well and if not, I hope you’re on your way to getting through it.

Happy Thursday.


brown eyed girl said...

I cannot tell you how much I cherish the concept of 'parents first, friends later.' My parents sound very much like your parents, straight down to the dinner table.

I once refused to finish my food, my mother left me at the table, cleaned the kitchen, and the family was in the living room watching tv. My mother came back, after what felt like hours, and told me, "Eat two more bites." And I said "What good would that do?" And with that, she was defeated. But that never reoccurred.

Brittany Ann said...

Oh man, were we raised alike! (My parents went soft, too, with the baby in our family.)

Also, what are calf-fries? Is that an Okla. thing? Or do I just call them something else?

Gina said...

My momma is old school too...I didn't have to eat everything but I had to try it. I can't bring myself to doing that to Lo with certain foods! I secretly like that his school does it, though. If they want more meat or fruit, they have to take one bite of their veggie. Apparently my poor little guy gags, but he does it...and sometimes if he's hungry enough, he'll clean his plate!

Traci said...

That was such an awesome post! I remember that song mainly from Wednesday nights at church.

I LOVE Parenthood! Watch it get cancelled now! ha!

Lucky you. My mom was a really bad cook! Still is! :(

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