Thursday, March 25, 2010

In my defense...

I feel as though I should offer my side of the story. After all, there are several big sisters who read my blog. And as a big sister, you know that little sisters like to exaggerate.

Like any case in a good and decent court room, you and I both know there will always be two sides to the story.

And since, Jessi has so quickly taken the title of “poor little ole me”, I suppose that makes me the defendant.

There are some facts that Jessi has already provided to you. And then there are some parts of the story where apparently her memory has become a little fuzzy it seems at least to be because she forgot some very important details.

To be specific, she left the details that landed her a one way ticket to the hall way.

It’s true that we shared a room until Loren and Will were born. Jessi gladly and voluntarily moved that time. But the first time was different.

Here's the short version of why I moved her little butt outta there.

She invaded my personal space.

I know it sounds petty, but really did all of her babies need to be all over the room?

Does playing "school" and "house" and "grocery store" require the whole room?

The answer is no. In case you were wondering or needed clarification.

And I'd been crowded one too many times that day.

So I moved her blanket, pillow and Pooh Bear out into the hallway.

Yeah, I did it, but wouldn't have you?

I knew what kind of punishment was coming my way. And yet I still did it. I had a point to prove thank you.

Have a good evening.

P.S. There wasn't any tape in the room that I remember. She's being drama...I think?

P.P.S. Mom, I just want to clarify that I had nothing to do with that statement about you being "wrong". That was all Jessi.


Brittany Ann said...

Oh man, but if the tape HAD been there, it would have been so good! The perfect setting!

brown eyed girl said...

Little sisters are totally dramatic. Big sisters exist to make sure their stories don't get out of control and help to ground them in reality. I feel you!

And good lord if I didn't hate sharing a bedroom with my sister. 14 years of that and I was ready to excommunicate my sister! But life has improved since!

Gina said...

Awww, I was kinda hoping for the tape to be real.

Ashley said...

gosh those little sisters never remember anything right! although the tape would have been classic! Glad to hear your side :)

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