Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Educational Wednesday:"You are Outta Here" Style

Ok first of all BOOOOO, because my computer was being really dumb, that is why this post is coming to you so late, but I finally got it to work so here you go.

Well it's that time of the week again for the educational Wednesday a personal favorite I might add. If you have not figured out by now this is not Sam, it's I the younger sister aka Jessi. She asked me to guest blog so here I am. I am only 2years and 11 months to the day younger than Sam, so you can say we go way back in time together. I consider Sam one of my best friends in life and probaly will when we are old grannies, but at one point in tie we did not see eye to eye on things. This is where the educational part comes into play.

When Sam and I were younger we lived in the same room as each other. Now I do not know why we did, because we had another bedroom, but my parents I guess thought it was a good idea...some days they were right and other days they were WRONG. Yep, I just wrote for the world and my mother especially since she reads Sam's blog in all to know that I am telling her she was wrong on this particular day to making us live together.

Anyways we shared a room until our younger brother and sister came into the world. On one particular day Sam and I were hashing it out like D.J. and Stephanie Tanner from Full house would. We were I say 7 and 10 at the time and Lord knows we were not getting along. I mean we had a strip of tape down the middle of that awful red SHAGGY carpet in our room, because we got on each others's nerves so bad. Sam thought it was good idea, but was she wrong. Sam told me that it was a way of life to know when I was in here personal space aka her side of the room.

Well my side was on the opposite side of the room as the door, so if I wanted to leave I had to walk on her side. I mean there was no other way of getting out unless I wanted to jump onto the ceiling fan and swing over and out the door. On this particular day I was rather on her "last nerve," so when I decided to leave the room she yelled at sweet little ole me. She said, "That's it your outta here!" I said, "Well yeah I am leaving." She said, "No, I am kicking you OUT." I said, "Whatever and went on my merry way to play with my baby dolls, I think I was taking them to the grocery shopping that day. I did not think she was being serious, but little did I know.

Well I later returned from the "grocery store," but really it was time for bed or so my mother siad. I go down the hall and I see it a SIGN on the door that said NO Jessis allowed. I had to figure out what it said, so I knocked on the door to my own bedroom because I had to talk to the Royal Hiness and see what the deal was. She said, "I told you earlier that you are outta here you don't live here anymore. She said, " Your stuff is at the end of the hallway and with that she slammed the door, and I saw my pillow, my Pooh Bear, and my blanket laid on the floor for me.

So I did what any other confused kid would do I got under the covers and started snoring. My mom later headed to bed, but was disturbed by the child in the floor asleep. She woke me up and asked what I was doing and then told me to get in my bed. I had to explain the whole situation and boy was she not happy. Needless to say I was not kicked OUT of my room forever.

So in the end if you are going to kick someone out at least do it the right way and give them a blanket, a pillow, and a Pooh Bear to at least show them you still love them. Hope I did not bore you to much and don't judge if you find grammatical errors in this post, because I had two test today so my brain is shot to say the least.

In the picture below is the original Pooh Bear!

Hope this finds you well!

Boomer Sooner,



Brittany Ann said...

Hi Jessi!

Oh this is hysterical! And makes me a little glad for the first time in my life that I only had brothers.

Gina said...

People actually put tape down their floor for real? I love it!

Ashley said...

that was great Jessie! I have a yonger sister and can totally relate :) I loved the post!

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