Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday is "Scope Out" Day

Scope out: To check out. To obtain more information about a particular place or thing.

So now that we know where we're headed, I've started scopin' out the place.

You know...

I check the weather.
I look at the website daily.
I found the Target.

But y'all, they do NOT have a Wal-Mart.

I repeat: They do NOT have a Wal-Mart!

I almost freaked. And by almost freaked, I mean my mind placed first in the Indy 500 because it was going so fast.

What if they don't have a Baptist church?
What if they don't have a Taco Bell?
What if they don't have a Wal-Greens?

I'm a very much a chain store shopper. Hello! We don't make all that much right now. I know it's Republican of me and all but you gotta do what you gotta do.

And then I thought of the worst possible situation.


I can handle finding a non-denominational church. And yes, I could deal with no Taco Bell. I'm sure there is a lovely local pharmacy that I'd much rather support.

But I cannot handle a life without Sonic.

I'm sorry. It won't work.

And then my brain began to function.

A single word came to mind...


So I did.

They have Baptist churches.
They have a Taco Bell.
They have a Walgreens.

And YES, they have a Sonic!!!

Life is good and Jesus loves me because I can still be a Baptist in Michigan.

Happy Wednesday.


Kelsey Claire said...

I could see how a Sonic would be a deal breaker! I am glad they have everything else but the Walmart. You can hope in the future there will be a Walmart!

Brittany Ann said...

LOL! I adore this post! least they have a Target! My heart would stop if not!

brown eyed girl said...

Life without WalMart happens for us. It's kind of sad. Compare sib's 50 dollar a week grocery shopping to my 150-200 a week grocery shopping in the MD. Boooo! This needs a dislike button.

And I never fell hard for Sonic, I don't like slushies or soda, so I don't think I'd fit well out in the OK with the sibling.

Gina said...

I'd kill to have an excuse NOT to go to Wal-Mart!

Jane @ Wishful Thinking said...

I love a good pre-move scope out.

Ashley said...

i totally feel you! being an AF wife involves moving a lot and when we first got to NJ there wasn't a sonic (along with some other fav spots) and i get used to it but it's not fun1 I am glad to see they most of your stuff! Where are you going?

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