Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday is "Neener neener boo boo" Day.

Neener neener boo boo: a phrase uttered to prove one's correctness and to also be used for emphasis; interchangeable with the phrase, "I told you so"

Last night, I got into the shower to shave my legs. I do this on a weekly basis. My husband isn't crazy about this policy, but I hate shaving my legs. Anyway, my husband left the door open and it was cold in the bathroom.

Now how I ask you is a person supposed to shave their legs when it is cold in the bathroom?

I guess this is what it's like for my husband on Sunday mornings when we get ready at the same time and I leave the door open. He complains and I may or may not utter "neener neener boo boo" when he whines about this sitution. And when I was in the reversed role of the scenario I felt bad for my husband until he came to shut the door.

He put Paisley in there with me.

Now normally, Paisley doesn't have a problem with this time because once I'm out of the shower she jumps in the shower and licks the shower floor. And if I don't hurry, she'll jump in there before I step out.

So in anticipation of the event, she sits with her nose to the wall of the tub.

It's cute in a weird creepy puppy loves you lots kinda way.

Well, I happen to slip in the shower because well, I'm a klutz and this a regular thing in my life. And I noticed that Paisley wasn't in her normal position.

So I peaked around the curtain and she was PEEING ON THE FLOOR.

I immediately yelled to Brandon about "his dog" peeing on my floor. I think he may or may not have uttered a few words and came into the bathroom. He took Paisley out with him and I assumed that he cleaned it up. He muttered something about how she's his dog when she messes up...literally in this case.

I finished up my shower and grabbed my robe and stepped out.

The man put a towel over the section and left it there for me to step on it!!!

I screamed and jumped back in the shower.

I hear Brandon say, "Whoops, guess I forgot to grab that towel. Oh well, as you'd say 'guess you shoulda paid attention to your surroundings before you make a decision about what you're going to say or do.'"

Or in other words, "NEENER. NEENER. BOO. BOO."

I cleaned up the mess and then hit the hay.

I think this is how my relationship with Christ is sometimes. I know this is a really bad analogy but go with me on it for a moment.

I share on this blog about my life. This covers many aspects including the current elephant in the room that is the fact that we're moving across country.

I know this going to be exciting for us. We're looking forward to moving. We're looking forward to relying on just each other.

BUT...we don't know where we're going at this point.

We could go South and we could go North.

We could be Detroit Lions or Charlotte Hornets.

However at this point, I can't say whether I'm coming or going.

I can't handle that.

I do not do well with the unknown and for the past two weeks I've literally made myself sick to my stomach because I'm stressing about it so much.

The last time I felt this way, I was a month away from my wedding. I was VERY stressed at that point and I was NOT telling people about it.

Well, I am not dealing with this unknown future of ours and I am not telling people about it.

Or I haven't been telling you guys that is.

Because the truth of the matter is that I like to maintain control and maintain my image.

I know, I know that sounds silly and COMPLETELY STUPID.

Believe me, I know, but in a world of so much struggling, I figure that I shouldn't give people one other reason to be concerned or to be worried for that matter.

And I don't want to sound selfless because y'all I'm not. In fact, I'm pretty selfish on a regular basis. I just don't show it.

But the point is that when I don't show my fears or tell you that I'm scared. I'm only doing you and myself a disservice.

Because y'all Jesus is always there to say "neener neener boo boo, in case you forgot, Samantha I'm the one in control."

When we think the mess like the one Paisley left me is gone because we let ourselves feel for a small moment of time that fear and scared to deathness of the unknown in my case. It actually isn't.

And when we don't cast our cares on him because he cares for us, he makes us deal with them head on.

Sometimes facing our fears is done by letting yourself cry during prayer at bible study and sometimes it's met by stepping into a towel soaked with you know what.

Just because I don't deal with it or don't take the time to tie up the loose ends or work through my feelings on a matter like being totally freaked about the fact thatI don't know where I'm going to be living six months from now doesn't mean that it goes away like I fool myself into believing.

On the contrary, it typically means that I'm going to deal with it on a much sooner basis.

Tonight in our bible study, our leader said, "I feel like we're really supposed to talk about your moving away. I've been exactly where you are now with the big move away from Oklahoma. But you've got to remember. You know God is already in Michigan or North Carolina preparing for you guys. I know you don't know which one it is and I know that scares you a great deal, and while you can't see it everything is going to work out. God truly does have everything taken care of for you. Our bible study currently being on God's will and how to know what it is is not a coincidence. This moment in time is for you." (Btw Jessika, this is your daddio speaking.)

And when I cried and laid my cares at his throne during prayer, and felt better because I've cried and talked it out with Jesus. I usually laugh afterwards at some point because as hard as I fight it, I feel so much better afterwards.

And it's then that I whisper to myself...."neener neener boo boo."

And I know everything is going to be okay.

Happy Wednesday y'all.

P.S. I hope this made sense. I really thought it was a good analogy at the time I started writing it.


brown eyed girl said...

Let go and let God, girlfriend! You'll be alright and I am soooo glad you are able to blog and get it off your chest.

I think you're similar to me in many a way because I dislike the image of being stressed but I have been trying to be more honest with those around me - otherwise I end up an acne-faced, stomach-ached, migraine'd, angry woman.

I'll keep you guys in my thoughts!

Brittany Ann said...

It made perfect sense! This my be my fav post of yours so far! I have been there! And God always gives me that figurative neener neener boo boo...and it's terrifying. But good. Because He has us. He loves us. And no matter what, we are in His hands. Thankfully.

Also, even if you go North, honey, you can never actually be a Detroit Lion. Don't even think about it:)

Gina said...

I totally get this. I am not a control fact, I often wish that I was a little bit more so. However, I am a HUGE worrier and that's when I hear God saying neener neener boo boo to me. :)

Jane said...

You are making total sense. Moving is stressful, but once it all comes together, it will be the right move for y'all. Keeping y'all in my thoughts! And feel free to let it out anytime - we are all here for ya!

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