Friday, January 29, 2010

Whip It

Brandon and I were supposed to go to God's country this weekend. (God's Country = Norman, Oklahoma).

Unfortunately we didn't make it because there is a bit of snow on the ground outside. And it's still coming down outside. And by a bit of snow, I mean a lot of snow.

I was not exactly thrilled with this outcome, but I got over it.

Wanna know how??

I made a trip to Wal-Mart with my side-kick aka husband and we bought:

Sour Patch Kids
Beef Jerky
Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster CD
The First Season of Glee
a birthday present for my SIL.
more junk food
laundry detergent-which I totally am excited about and my husband checked my head for fever, but seriously y'all, I dig doing laundry.

BUT, the best purchase of all...

Seriously, this movie is totally rockstar. But I may be slightly biased because Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page are definite favorites of mine.

Oh well, I don't care. If they can take something I hate to do (rollerskating) and make a movie about it and I totally wish I could do what they're doing, it's good in my book.

So as they say in the movie, "Put some roller-skates on and be your own hero!"

Happy weekend.


Jane said...

Fun trip! Love going to the store and coming back with little guily pleasures!! Movies and beef jerky!!

Brittany Ann said...

Wow! I wouldn't have called this one! It must be good!

brown eyed girl said...

We can differ on our opinions on the location of 'God's Country', no? :)

Sounds like an awesome weekend - I got rediculously excited about our new laundry hamper!!!! Now all we need is some bleach and I will be a happy lady!

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