Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday is "Random Facts" Day.

My newest bloggy pal, b.e.g. recently did 26 random facts about herself because she's 26 years old.

Well I'm not 26.

Neener. Neener Boo. Boo.

I'm 25.

Random facts: a set of facts that are about me that have nothing to do with the other than the fact that all of them are true and all of them are about me...and by me, I mean me, Samantha, the ruby Turtle hippie.

  1. I eat one thing at a time on my plate. I save what tastes the best to me for last. However, I wear my best undies first, and my worst ones last.
  2. Divorce is not an option for Brandon and me.
  3. Since the LSAT has completed, I've read 6 books.
  4. I've had the urge to color a complete coloring book recently. I color each page and no I don't share crayons.
  5. If you're needing a new cologne that makes a person like yourself wanna jump him every time you smell it on him, then I suggest Yves Saint Lauren's L'omme sport.
  6. I have some seriously stinky feet. My family loves to tell me about them.
  7. Paisley has totally changed our lives for the better except for that part about her snoring.
  8. My current favorite pop artists are Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and Britney Spears.
  9. The thing that scares me the most about going far away for law school is being away from the people I love including my hair dresser. Seriously, I've almost called her 3 times this week to see if she knows any one in Michigan that does hair like she does. NOT. KIDDING. I am that vain.
  10. The Three Wisemen is a favorite shot of mine. Look it up.
  11. At this moment in time, if I went on a trip tomorrow it would be to see my bloggy girlfriends.
  12. I have kid names picked out, but I'll never tell because I do not want them stolen. Yes, this is completely juvenile.
  13. I do not like kids who quit playing a game when it isn't going their way.
  14. I'm going to be an attorney when I grow up. This fact never gets old since it became real.
  15. I've been watching Gilmore Girls. It's an after Christmas tradition that my husband have been doing for 3 years now.
  16. Vince Vaughn is hot.
  17. I organized our closet tonight. It looks spectacular. I've also been doing laundry recently and it's very rewarding. You can see the progress being made.
  18. I could spend the entire time at the Smithsonian it takes to see everything and maybe, I'd be bored about twice. I wanna see those ruby slippers first.
  19. I miss Teddy Kennedy and I never met the man.
  20. I saw the movie, "Titanic" 5 times in theatres when it was released.
  21. My dog has the most vile farts on the planet.
  22. My wedding day was extremely cold. There was snow.
  23. I did not read the Great Gatsby until my senior year of college. I thought it was a great book. My copy still has my tabs and notes in it.
  24. I hate writing the number one for the month of January. I'm really quirky when it comes to penmanship.
  25. I have blonde eyelashes.
Happy Wednesday!


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I loved learning more about you lady! You and Brandon sound like such a power couple who are anxious for you new and exciting adventure. Just spray that YSL perfume, and you will be in good hands!

Travis said...

And here I was thinking I was the only person in Wagoner or Muskogee county that liked Lady Gaga.

That's awesome!

brown eyed girl said...

YAY! Love it! It even fit in with your educational Wednesdays!

Now, why is your blog, and evidentally, yourself, dubbed "ruby Turtle hippie"? I never asked before!

Brittany Ann said...

Ok, um, after this, I feel an even stronger urge to hang out in person, despite your stinky feet;)

Gina said...

What a fun, funny post! I am so glad I "met" you!

emmy said...

I hate writing dates as 1/7/10, I always add in the extra zeros to make it look more balanced to me (01/07/10). Quirky, indeed.

Mrs. Potts said...

Cute list - I'd have to argue that Hayden (our yellow lab) has developed some of the nastiest gas in the world!

You've got a new follower - I found you through Brown Eyed Girl.

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