Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday is "Popcorn" Day.

Popcorn or popping corn is a type of maize which puffs up when it is heated in oil or by dry heat. Popcorn was first developed by precolumbian Native Americans thousands of years ago.;used for watching the State of the Union address

Tonight the President of the United States is on tv. He's making his first State of the Union address.

I love to watch this speech no matter what letter is behind his name.

I love that Democrats are on the left and that Republicans are on the right. Very fitting don't you think?

I also love the tradition of the speech itself. It's in the Constitution. You can't get more traditional than that.

I love that in recent times people do everything to watch it.

And I always watch it with a bowl of popcorn.

If I like what he says, then I say "Hooray!" and eat some popcorn.

If I don't like what he says, then I throw the popcorn at the tv.

There was lots of throwing during the previous administration.

Tonight, it's been 60/40. 60% eating and 40% throwing.


Don't be.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

I don't think I've ever said openly what I am on my blog. Well, I guess this post was two fold tonight.

Happy Wednesday!

P.S. I'll get back to the Q and A questions soon. They're kinda lengthy so it takes a bit to compose them. But I promise I have not forgot about doing them.

P.P.S Ever have that feeling that you've hurt someone's feelings because you haven't talked to them in a few days or you haven't heard from them in awhile? It's closely related to the feeling of I've forgotten to do something that was really important. Yeah it's no fun.
Well, I've had that feeling for two days now.


brown eyed girl said...

I thought it was cute how he told everyone to sit down after Michelle became extremely embarassed that everyone was clapping for her. Those moments of humanity make me feel good.

My husband says I'm mostly democratic-leaning but have a few curveballs in my view so who knows what I am on the political continuum!

Jane said...

I feel like I just had an AHA moment when I read that the Dems sit on the Left and the Republicans sit on the Right. Too fitting indeed!

Hope you feel better soon!!

Brittany Ann said...

OK, nothing was better than when he talked about "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and the military officers were just sitting there, deadpan. The hubs and I died laughing. It was too classic!

And I know what you mean. Being stuck in bed for two days with the flu has made me feel like I've missed contact/left important things unattended to in the last few days. Ugh! It irks me!

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