Monday, January 18, 2010

It's Awards Season! Woot!!

I love this time of year because of all the fashion. It's a celeb junkie's dream.

I was extremely happy for Drew Barrymore. She's a personal favorite of mine for like ever. However she was part of the "I'm wearing a flesh colored dress and forgot to get a fake tan or fake bake so I look washed out" group of the night.
Plus, she kinda looked like a bit of a chia pet was coming out of her shoulder and hip.

Sandra Bullock looked okay and I was so happy that she won Best Actress. The Blind Side is absolutely wonderful. I thought her dress color was great, but it was a little 1999 coronation dress for me. I also was not diggin the hair. But she at least had color in her dress.(credit)

I thought Ginnifer Goodwin looked fabulous. Blue is definitely a good color for her.(credit)

Emily Blunt was also part of the I'm wearing a flesh color group, but she had enough sense to have dark hair color and to hit the fake-bake/tan-in-a-can salon before last night.

I actually thought she was one of the best of the night.

I thought that Julia Roberts didn't take the night seriously. She looks semi-formal and the Golden Globes are formal. I was disappointed, but she still is Julia Roberts.

Tina Fey was frumpy.(credit)

And there are no words for Mariah Carey last night. Even Brandon couldn't get over how bad she looked.

Anna Kendrick was wonderful. Seriously, she is tied for my favorite of the night.(credit)

Reese Witherspoon knows how to dress. She is further proof to my theory that blondes do it better.(credit)

What are your thoughts?

I can't wait for the Academy Awards.

Happy Monday and Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day.


Kelsey Claire said...

I was very disappointed in Julia. I mean she is a Hollywood icon, but you need to try. She was almost my worst dressed because it was like she didn't care.

brown eyed girl said...

Brunettes do it better!!

And Mariah Carey needs to face the piper and realize she is pushing 50 and needs to stop dressing like a teenaged hooker. Srsly.

Mrs. Potts said...

Blondes definitely do it better! :)

Didn't get to watch last night - was flying to new England, but am loving the recaps from today.

Brittany Ann said...

Sweet heavens Mariah! Put away the girls!

emmy said...

Tina Fey's dress was wonderful! Also, I loved Lea's, I don't care what anyone says.

Katherine said...

I'm going to have to agree with Emmy. I loved Lea's and Tina's. Perhaps it's also because I wanted them to win badly.

Mariah Carey will never learn how to dress modestly.

Julia should know that long sleeves are only okay if you're over 60.

I too am ready for the Oscars, though Avatar better not be up there.

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