Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Foggy Mountain Breakdown Part 2

As you know, I got into law school. So far I've only been accepted to one school.

As of now, this means that we're going to Michigan.

We talk about how the change will affect our lives every day it seems.

There are both good and technically bad things we're excited about for this time in our lives...

  1. This is a chapter in our marriage that we will always have together. Some day we'll have conversations like, "Well, when your mom and I lived in Michigan" and "There's a place in Michigan that has the best..."
  2. I am going to be a lawyer!!!!
  3. There is a lot of growth in our marriage that we're going to experience because we're totally going to have to rely on each other.
  4. We are going to a great college town.
  1. We're going to be states away from home.
  2. My boss told me the other day they wanted to throw a going away party for me and I started tearing up on him.
  3. There's not a decent Mexican restaurant in site.
  4. My hair dresser of 11 years is not going up there. Y'all think this is funny, but I'm serious if you know someone let me know. Of course, I'm gonna need references.
Okay, just some food for thought.

Happy Saturday. Love you girls.


Daffy said...

Wow! What a big change!!! I admire your optimisim. That's so great!

God has awesome things planned for you and its super cool to think that His path takes you to MI.

I hope you continue to blog!!

Brittany Ann said...

It's going to be an awesome experience!

Praying that the negatives aren't too hard to bear!

Kelsey said...

I'll be praying for a great experience!

Megan said...

It will be so exciting for you guys! So many changes, and so scary at times but so exciting!! Start praying now that God would lead you to a good hair stylist! :-

Gina said...

Are you SURE there are no Mexican restaurants around? I bet you'll find a great hairdresser. You're so cute, won't take much to make you look good. :) Can't wait to read the stories!

brown eyed girl said...

Aww sweetie, there's still more good!

- You will meet people with similar morals and values that are away from home too
- You will find a new hairdresser (Check, I use that when we move!)
- You have your husband and sweet puppy to travel with
- You can start going to a new church and get so much support there

Like Britt said, I'll keep you in my prayers and that the negatives aren't too overwhelming!

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