Friday, January 29, 2010

Whip It

Brandon and I were supposed to go to God's country this weekend. (God's Country = Norman, Oklahoma).

Unfortunately we didn't make it because there is a bit of snow on the ground outside. And it's still coming down outside. And by a bit of snow, I mean a lot of snow.

I was not exactly thrilled with this outcome, but I got over it.

Wanna know how??

I made a trip to Wal-Mart with my side-kick aka husband and we bought:

Sour Patch Kids
Beef Jerky
Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster CD
The First Season of Glee
a birthday present for my SIL.
more junk food
laundry detergent-which I totally am excited about and my husband checked my head for fever, but seriously y'all, I dig doing laundry.

BUT, the best purchase of all...

Seriously, this movie is totally rockstar. But I may be slightly biased because Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page are definite favorites of mine.

Oh well, I don't care. If they can take something I hate to do (rollerskating) and make a movie about it and I totally wish I could do what they're doing, it's good in my book.

So as they say in the movie, "Put some roller-skates on and be your own hero!"

Happy weekend.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pardon me for a moment.

Note: This is a rant post.

I do not like crappy attitudes. I don't know how people walk on this earth with such an outlook of always waiting for the bottom to fall out. It is no way to live one's life.

However, I see them on a regular basis.

I've come to terms with the fact that it's just part of life.

But sometimes, it really irks me when people act the way they do.

However, sometimes it bothers me.

Today was one of those days.

People of the world with crap attitudes,

GET OVER YOURSELF. There are things in this world that are out of your control. There will always be good and bad in your life. You have to learn how to deal with them because tomorrow there will be more good and more bad. Some things will be harder than others.

But guess what?

There are billions of others going through the exact same thing like you.

Some of them even know how to not take it out on others unlike you.

Think on these things.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday is "Popcorn" Day.

Popcorn or popping corn is a type of maize which puffs up when it is heated in oil or by dry heat. Popcorn was first developed by precolumbian Native Americans thousands of years ago.;used for watching the State of the Union address

Tonight the President of the United States is on tv. He's making his first State of the Union address.

I love to watch this speech no matter what letter is behind his name.

I love that Democrats are on the left and that Republicans are on the right. Very fitting don't you think?

I also love the tradition of the speech itself. It's in the Constitution. You can't get more traditional than that.

I love that in recent times people do everything to watch it.

And I always watch it with a bowl of popcorn.

If I like what he says, then I say "Hooray!" and eat some popcorn.

If I don't like what he says, then I throw the popcorn at the tv.

There was lots of throwing during the previous administration.

Tonight, it's been 60/40. 60% eating and 40% throwing.


Don't be.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

I don't think I've ever said openly what I am on my blog. Well, I guess this post was two fold tonight.

Happy Wednesday!

P.S. I'll get back to the Q and A questions soon. They're kinda lengthy so it takes a bit to compose them. But I promise I have not forgot about doing them.

P.P.S Ever have that feeling that you've hurt someone's feelings because you haven't talked to them in a few days or you haven't heard from them in awhile? It's closely related to the feeling of I've forgotten to do something that was really important. Yeah it's no fun.
Well, I've had that feeling for two days now.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My dog has a foot fetish.

A little over a month ago, we got our first dog together. Her name is Paisley Noel. As you may or may not know, we adopted Paisley meaning we got her when she was almost one.

I love coming home to her every day. She's always excited to see me and we snuggle each evening.

She also happens to be spoiled. I know this isn't that much of a shock. After all, she is my dog. And hello, I bought her a new collar this weekend b/c her first one was losing shine.

But people, she has a thing for feet.

Stinky feet to be exact.

And to be even more specific than stinky feet.

Ask any of my family both blood and by marriage and they'll tell you about about them.

It's not something I deny, really I don't. I just have come to terms with the fact that my feet stink.

And y'all my dog loves them.

She licks them in the morning while I get ready.

She licks them in the evening while I'm reading your blogs and getting ready to post mine.

She has to touch my feet at least once a day and preferably before I go to work.

I haven't exactly brought this to my husband's attention because I'm sure he'd gag if he knew.

She also prior to last Saturday hadn't really been interested in eating socks/blackberrys/shoes like her previous owners told us she had done.

Until I snuck out of the house before she was awake for my hair appointment.

And halfway through my appointment, during the processing phase to be specific, my husband sent me a picture of a sock that Paisley had swallowed.

It was one of Brandon's.

Brandon wears a size 14 shoe y'all.


Thankfully, she's okay, but the lesson was learned.

And as soon as I got home, I let her lick my feet.

And then I washed them 5 minutes later.

Happy Tuesday.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Just a good old fashioned weekend.

I had a pretty good weekend.

Friday evening, we went out with my parents to dinner (BBQ) and then stopped at the Sonic for dessert. My brother and sister are in the "We gotta go to the movies every Friday" phase. So after Sonic we waited to pick them up and my dad and Brandon entertained themselves by farting/cracking non-PC jokes. They thought they were hilarious. I laughed quite a bit myself..especially when we realized the truck next to us had fogged windows. Then they pretended that they were the girl having a conversation with their mom about the movie they "saw". My brother and sister camped out at our apartment Friday night. Paisley decided that she was going to sleep with them. She got in bed with us around 5am because Loren is more of a bed hog than she is.

Saturday, I got my hair did. I got some new product. I always love getting new hair spray and flat iron spray. I don't know why, I just do.

And there is just nothing like a hair day. Seriously, it's like all is right with the world after I get my hair done.

Then we hung out in our pjs. We had breakfast for dinner and watched the SAG Awards. We watched Public Enemies that night and it was slow. It was interesting, but they drug it out way to long for my taste.

Sunday morning, I woke up late. I mean I hit my alarm off and the next thing I knew it was 12:15pm. Yeah. We wanted to go shopping on Saturday, but it was rainy. So we decided we'd wait until we visited my sister. But then the sun was nice and it just seemed like we should spend the day outside. So we got dressed quickly and tore outta town. It was such a good day.

Wanna know what we got?

So we got Brandon some new shirts and dress shoes. 3 polos and two button-up shirts.
We also got Paisley a new dog collar. It's pink with zebra bones! And she has a hair/nails appointment for Friday. You know a girl's gotta look good.

And as for me, well I am an Old Navy addict. And this weekend only encouraged the situation.
I got three sweater cardigans(two of which were ruffled), two cotton shirts, a polo, a ruffle shirt and another cardigan (argyle), and two tank shirts for under 100.
Basically ten items for ten bucks a pop.
It was wonderful.
And the majority of the items were turquoise. It's the "color" of the season you know?

We came home, had an easy dinner of chips and sandwiches and watched "The Hangover." OH MY WORD, it is HILARIOUS! You should definitely see it if you haven't.

I also bought "The Shred" with Jillian Michaels. That starts tonight and Brandon is avoiding the subject like the plague.

How was your weekend?

Happy Monday y'all.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The SAG Awards

I watched the SAG Awards tonight and here's my Best Dressed.

Christina Applegate, seriously she looked AMAZING.

Okay, Lea Michele can dress y'all. She looked absolutely elegant in this gown.

I know there are probably a lot of people who will not like this dress, but I loved it for some reason. Ladies, I give you Sandra Bullock.(credit)

I don't care who you are, Kate Hudson looked hot tonight.

I loved Mariah Carey's dress tonight.(credit)

And last but not least, Meryl Streep. I thought she looked lovely. She also, like Drew Barrymore, is one of my favorite actresses.(credit)

This was a good show. I can't wait for the Academy Awards!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A little introduction...

Hello. My name is Samantha. I'm also known as the ruby Turtle hippie.

I am going to break the ole' blog name down for ya tonight since a few have asked recently what my name is all about.

Long story short it's about me.

ruby: My favorite color is "Ruby Red" as in the ruby red slippers from the Wizard of Oz. It also is one of the colors from my alma mater, THE University of Oklahoma.

Turtle: On our honeymoon, we bought a turtle carved from wood, in Jamaica. Then we went to the Sea Turtle Farm in Grand Cayman. And we laughed and said in both places, "T is for Turtle and T is for (insert our last name here.)" And so we now collect turtles. Plus, I hear all married women are supposed to do something like this.

hippie: Technically, "hippie" should be blue since I'm a Democrat. But I'm not a total liberal, but here in Red Oklahoma I could be since everyone is so far right it's not even funny. I mean there are people here who think Sarah Palin is wonderful. Yeah. I am a moderate Democrat to be exact. My political beliefs are a story for another day. I mean I'm a Southern Baptist and a Democrat in the South. And hippie also stands for the music that speaks to my core...Rock-n-Roll.

Anyway, there's the explanation. Ya know...just so you know.

And oh yeah, I'm gonna be an attorney.

This is my blog and I'm the writer of the Times.

Happy Thursday.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday is "Stomach Bug" Day.

Stomach bug: the nasty virus/flu that everyone in the continental U.S. seems to be getting recently;

So, I'm sorry for no comments or reading of the blogs today, but I've got that nasty stomach bug that everyone seems to be getting.



Puking is NOT my cup of tea. In fact, if I had to name one thing that I hate in the world the most outside of liars, I'd say puking.

Seriously, it is the one time I cry freely because it makes me that mad.

And I also get splotchy because I'm so disgusted when I puke that I try to back away from the porcelain throne. But then I don't want to miss the toilet because then I'd have to clean puke up. And if I had to clean up, I'd puke more. It's a nasty, horrible cycle. I blame it on the fact that I'm a member of the "if I see puke, hear puking or smell puking, I puke" committee.

See, told ya. Vicious cycle.

Now that I've grossed you out, I'm going to take some more nausea medicine and go back to bed.

Maybe food will sound remotely good tomorrow.

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Foggy Mountain Breakdown Part 3: Moving Away

My family reads my blog. Tonight would probably be a good idea if they didn't.

A few weeks ago, I found out that I got into law school. I've wanted this for as long as I could remember. I made this decision in high school and have not looked back since.

I was and am still so pumped.

Seriously, there isn't a day that has gone by since I found out that at some point in my day, I find myself smiling because I am going to law school.

This was my first wildest dream that I ever had.

But it's only part of the dream.

In fact, it's just the tip of the iceberg.

It's about to get as real as it can here at the old RTH.

As some of you know, I like the Kennedys, but I don't think most of you get why I'm so obsessed.

When I made the decision at 17 that I wanted to be an attorney, it's because I want to be in public service and when I say public service, I meant the presidency.

I know. It's a wild dream.

But it's one I still think about.

I don't know if I'll ever get to the Oval Office, but I sure am going to give it my best shot.

I got my chance to get just a little closer to being in public service with that letter in the mail.

As the Kennedy matriach, Rose Kennedy told her children, their call to public service was biblical. "To whom much is given, much is required." (Luke 12:48)

I believe that.

Now I'm not rich like the Kennedys were.

But I do believe in family and the call to public service like they do.

They are proof that one person can make a difference.

And so I read about them all the time. It fascinates me to no end that they were and are so fearless even with all the tragedy that came in their direction.

And my dad challenged me to use what I have in this world to make a difference. The only way that I can be in public service is by getting my education. It is not something that will be handed to me.

I took it whole-heartedly and sometimes in my life, I know I scared the hell out of him.

When I was 17, I went on a mission trip to the gang-neighborhoods of Boston. I didn't tell my dad until after that it was part of the trip. I'm sure he had some idea, but if he did he didn't freak until I got back.

But I also apparently made him proud.

I didn't know this until he gave his speech at our wedding.

In front of our families and closest friends, my dad told this story:

"When Samantha was little, my dad was worried about her size. He thought she was going to have trouble when she got older. But she didn't. She was brave in ways that I could never have dreamed of being. She learned to swim and ride her bike at a very young age. And when her sister and her went to Las Vegas to see her grandparents, she got them across country without aid from the airline.

She is fearless and I am so proud of her. She has never been afraid of anything.

And I never had to worry if she was going to be okay. Our worst fears for her were taken.

She is smart and is now a woman. I can't believe it. It seems like just last week, I was driving her home for the first time and I was afraid she was going to break every time I held her. And now she's an alumni of the University of Oklahoma. It still hasn't sunk in yet. "

Now, there is more, but I'm going to do us all a favor and stop there.

Because I promise you, it was a tear-jerker of a speech.

But the point, is that I never knew that my dad thought that of me.

My dad is always the one who pushed me to dig deep when things get hard.

Well, it finally has happened. Things are starting to get hard.

I woke up this morning wigging out about the fact that January is almost over. And we are that much closer to the time when we'll move away for school.

I am scared about moving away.

(Loren, Jessi, Mom, stop reading now.)

I knew this was coming. When I got my acceptance letter to OU, I was so pumped. And a few weeks later, I was an emotional mess. I know 3 hours wasn't that big of a deal.

But for about a month, every time I thought about going away in the slightest, I teared up.

It's happening now too.

My boss told me that they're going to throw a going away party for me.

I had to walk away from him because I couldn't stop myself from crying.

My brother and sister are going to be 14 this year. A lot happens when you're 14 and I'm not going to be there to tell them how I got through it.

Plus, Will is the Cowardly Lion. He is brave, but his heart is so tender. I'm going to miss him giving me a hug every time I see him, which currently is about 3-4 times a week.

And Loren, she's the Tin Man, she has the biggest heart and I've done everything I can to not think about her big crocodile tears that will roll down her face when they go to leave us at our new home. Plus she is in the middle of junior high. In case, you forgot girls are mean. And she looks like me, acts like me, gets good grades like me. ;)

And I'm gonna miss the next three years of their little lives.

And Jessi, she's my Scarecrow. She is my best friend. And the only friend who hasn't moved away from me. That is super important in my world. And also, I'm so proud of her. She had a hard time when I first moved away, but she has truly blossomed into a wonderful lady and someone that a lot of people look up to in our sorority. She is so brave and she is making her mark at OU.

Yeah, they can call and vice versa. But it's not the same.

And my parents...oh my parents. They are the reason that I have my wild dreams in the first place. They are some of the best people you will ever meet. They are why I have such strong convictions about politics and why I invest so much into people. They invested in me and my siblings. And they are invested in Brandon. They are invested in our lives being a success.

And I am definitely going to miss Brandon's family. I'm not sure that they realize just how real it is that we're moving across country sometimes.

Hear me now: I am going to law school. I am just realizing that this go round to be away from family is going to be a little bit harder.

Okay who am I kidding, it's going to be a LOT harder.

Yes, I'll get to see them, but it's just going to be hard.

And I'm just admitting that because I think it may be good for me to just put it out there that I am scared.

I am scared, but I'm excited too.

When I left for college, my dad helped me move in. School had started so my mom and siblings couldn't go with us. We did our best to avoid the subject of me moving away. But at the end of the day, he dropped me off.

He had to leave. It was part of the deal.

I cried all the way up the stairs.

And then I watched Legally Blonde that night. As cheesy as it sounds, it reminded me of why I was there.

I was 18. I was happy that I was away from my parents and by the next day I was over it.

This go-round is going to be a bit different. I just have a feeling it will be.

Good thing, I have Legally Blonde 2. It'll help me keep my eye on the prize.

Sorry for the sad post. I just wanted to put it out there that I'm scared.

I like to keep it real ya know?

It keeps me honest.

Plus, I think we all can agree that sometimes being a big kid can really suck.

Okay, sad post over.

We now return to the regular programming, already in progress.

Tune in for the Juicy Details Part 3 tomorrow. It's the story of how Brandon and I fell in love.

Happy Tuesday.

Monday, January 18, 2010

It's Awards Season! Woot!!

I love this time of year because of all the fashion. It's a celeb junkie's dream.

I was extremely happy for Drew Barrymore. She's a personal favorite of mine for like ever. However she was part of the "I'm wearing a flesh colored dress and forgot to get a fake tan or fake bake so I look washed out" group of the night.
Plus, she kinda looked like a bit of a chia pet was coming out of her shoulder and hip.

Sandra Bullock looked okay and I was so happy that she won Best Actress. The Blind Side is absolutely wonderful. I thought her dress color was great, but it was a little 1999 coronation dress for me. I also was not diggin the hair. But she at least had color in her dress.(credit)

I thought Ginnifer Goodwin looked fabulous. Blue is definitely a good color for her.(credit)

Emily Blunt was also part of the I'm wearing a flesh color group, but she had enough sense to have dark hair color and to hit the fake-bake/tan-in-a-can salon before last night.

I actually thought she was one of the best of the night.

I thought that Julia Roberts didn't take the night seriously. She looks semi-formal and the Golden Globes are formal. I was disappointed, but she still is Julia Roberts.

Tina Fey was frumpy.(credit)

And there are no words for Mariah Carey last night. Even Brandon couldn't get over how bad she looked.

Anna Kendrick was wonderful. Seriously, she is tied for my favorite of the night.(credit)

Reese Witherspoon knows how to dress. She is further proof to my theory that blondes do it better.(credit)

What are your thoughts?

I can't wait for the Academy Awards.

Happy Monday and Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hey Carrie Ann!!

I love this song and so I thought I'd share some music that is also a big part of my world: Oldies!!

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2. Copy the award & place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4. Tell us 7 interesting things about yourself.
5. Nominate 7 bloggers.
6. Post links to the 7 blogs I nominate.

Thank you b.e.g.!!

  1. If I became a billionaire, I would hire my hair stylist to go with me everywhere. I also would hire Jillian Michaels.
  2. I think I'll tell you where I work once I've started law school.
  3. Grey's/Private Practice starts tonight and I'm totally pumped. These two shows seem to be bad words in the blogging world.
  4. Two years ago this time of the year, Brandon and I were on a cruise ship. It would be really nice to book a trip this year.
  5. I really like Sarah Jessica Parker's mannerisms and the way she carries herself.
  6. I am a Dallas Cowboys fan.
  7. I am easily starstruck. I know I preach a pretty good, "everyone puts both legs in their pants each morning" speech among others here on the RTH Times. But in reality, I should be looking in the mirror when I give it every time. Seriously, I could meet Tim Tebow and not a word would come out of my mouth. I know what I would say, but it wouldn't happen. And since I brought him up, I want to make it clear that I don't hate Tim. I think it's great that he is the first person in a long time that being a Christian is a plus again and he plays football too. I think he would have been GREAT as a Sooner, but I'm obviously very biased about this part of the pretend conversation.
And now, that I look like a a nerd, I'll stop.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday is "Paisley" Day.

Paisley: The Paisley design is the design printed onto clothing and accesories: a certain French Bulldog

I've decided that Paisley was meant to come into our lives for many reasons. Today was another such instance in which I came to the conclusion.

Brandon and I are looking for new bedding for this new chapter in our lives. I wanted something red, turquoise/aqua/pool and zebra. Seen something like that before?

Well, I've been googling and I came across this on Dillard's website. Guess what vibrant pattern is on the bedspread?

Yep, it's paisley.

Think Paisley will like it?(This is a picture of Paisley thinking. Obviously it was at Christmas time. )

Well, she better because I'm the woman of the house, not her...even though she tries.

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Better safe than sorry

I had a 24 hour stomach bug yesterday, so that's why I didn't blog.

And here I sit trying to decide what I'm going to talk about tonight.

I'm not feeling witty or clever or I'd talk about how I'm easily starstruck.

I'm not jolly or I'd talk about how I can't wait to go to my sister's cheer competition.

I don't care to talk about law school because there are too many questions I do NOT have answers for and I want to give my mind a chance to not think about it.

I've got nothing.

Well, not entirely, but I couldn't talk about any of those subjects without my crabby attitude getting in the way tonight.

And my momma and everyone else's momma for that matter always said, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

So I'm gonna do a rare thing in my life and keep my mouth shut.

I promise you tonight you want me to be better safe than sorry because I'm not nice when I'm crabby.

So for now, hope you enjoy this picture of Paisley.Happy Tuesday, wherever you are.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Foggy Mountain Breakdown Part 2

As you know, I got into law school. So far I've only been accepted to one school.

As of now, this means that we're going to Michigan.

We talk about how the change will affect our lives every day it seems.

There are both good and technically bad things we're excited about for this time in our lives...

  1. This is a chapter in our marriage that we will always have together. Some day we'll have conversations like, "Well, when your mom and I lived in Michigan" and "There's a place in Michigan that has the best..."
  2. I am going to be a lawyer!!!!
  3. There is a lot of growth in our marriage that we're going to experience because we're totally going to have to rely on each other.
  4. We are going to a great college town.
  1. We're going to be states away from home.
  2. My boss told me the other day they wanted to throw a going away party for me and I started tearing up on him.
  3. There's not a decent Mexican restaurant in site.
  4. My hair dresser of 11 years is not going up there. Y'all think this is funny, but I'm serious if you know someone let me know. Of course, I'm gonna need references.
Okay, just some food for thought.

Happy Saturday. Love you girls.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The SADDEST thing in the world is happening tonight.

Disclaimer: Competitive Samantha wrote this post.

This post is about football. If you don't like football, I'm sorry. I personally think you're missing out in the game of life, but to each her own, I suppose.

I come from a very competitive family.

It is not normal how competitive we are.

Seriously, if I were to play a game against you. You're the sworn enemy until the game is over.

Of course, before I was born my dad made a wise decision to root for the Sooners and thus I'm Sooner-born, Sooner-bred and when I die I'll be Sooner-dead.

I am so competitivethat I'm superstitious during football season.

  1. I make sure my immediate family is awake during the entire game otherwise we lose.
  2. I have gameday undies. I purchase these before the season starts.
  3. I have a game-day t-shirt.
  4. And this year, I've decided it's a bad idea to blog too much about my team's history during football season, otherwise, we lose.
I know this sounds ridiculous to the girls who don't like football which I'm still stuck on...I just don't get it. (They probably like to watch soccer too.)

WOW, that was very Republican of me.

Now that that's out of my system, I'll continue.

Long story short, I'm competitive.

I know I've said that in about 300 words so far, but I have a point I promise.

Tonight is the BCS National Championship aka "The Last Day of College Football Season".

And it is downright sad, in my little competitive world.

I get so sad because all there is to watch is basketball. People running up and down the court is not the same as very muscled men in TIGHT football pants beating the crap out of each other. It's just not.

So, I thought I'd talk about my desires for the outcome of tonight's game.

It is Big XII versus the SEC.

And outside of the Sooners, these two teams are apparently the team that everyone loves to hate in their own conferences respectively.

Here's why.

  1. As I am writing this very sentence, Texas SUCKS.
  2. Mack. Brown. Need I say more?
  3. There are some schools...cough Nebraska cough...that think they got cheated out of a conference championship. I don't. But I also am not a fan of Bo Pellini either and that's another story for another day.
  4. This year when Texas has gone against a decent defense they can't hack it. See the OU and Nebraska games of this season for reference on this point.
  5. Texas sucks. Seriously, this is an not exaggeration because I'm a Sooner fan. Their fans are rude and they would not give their arm if it meant it was going to save a Sooner's life. Of course the feeling is mutual.

  1. Apparently SEC fans do not like Nick Saban. I hear they think he's shady because he skips around to various teams because he can.
  2. Alabama won the SEC Championship and poor beloved Tebow and the Florida Gators and the Sports Media absolutely hate that.
  3. Mark Ingram beat Tim Tebow for the Heisman.
  4. It still really gripes them that Nick Saban does what he does.
  5. Alabama and all SEC fans for that matter think their shit doesn't stink to put it frankly. Random fact number 26 about me: I am not a fan of people who think they are holier than thou. I'm sorry if you're an SEC fan, really I am sorry for you.
Now here's what each team has going against them in tonight's game.

  1. Texas can't hack it against a decent defense. I think I hear an echo in the room.
  2. Colt McCoy is not a consistently good quarterback. Otherwise, he'd have won the Heisman.
  3. Mark Ingram is a powerhouse.

  1. Mark Ingram won the Heisman. Say what you want. But the curse is real.
  2. If Texas shows up, it might throw them off their game.
  3. Alabama is the heavy favorite.
So with all that said, who I am rooting for tonight?????

I have very mixed feelings about the situation as you can see.

The Answer: I'm rooting for the Big XII.

Technically I'm not rooting for Texas. And you will never hear me say the words "Hook 'Em Horns." I'm all about breaking them. I am remaining a Sooner and I'm rooting for my conference at the same time.

At the end of the day, I'd like the Big XII to kick the SEC off their high horse or in this case high elephant. I'm sick of Tebow and everyone related to him. I know he's not playing tonight, but I guarantee you he'll be mentioned. It makes me want to vomit.

I know Texas wouldn't do the same for an Oklahoma fan, but I like to think that Sooner fans have a little thing called class.

Happy Thursday and I hear the Olympics happen next month. Those are always nice to watch.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday is "Random Facts" Day.

My newest bloggy pal, b.e.g. recently did 26 random facts about herself because she's 26 years old.

Well I'm not 26.

Neener. Neener Boo. Boo.

I'm 25.

Random facts: a set of facts that are about me that have nothing to do with the other than the fact that all of them are true and all of them are about me...and by me, I mean me, Samantha, the ruby Turtle hippie.

  1. I eat one thing at a time on my plate. I save what tastes the best to me for last. However, I wear my best undies first, and my worst ones last.
  2. Divorce is not an option for Brandon and me.
  3. Since the LSAT has completed, I've read 6 books.
  4. I've had the urge to color a complete coloring book recently. I color each page and no I don't share crayons.
  5. If you're needing a new cologne that makes a person like yourself wanna jump him every time you smell it on him, then I suggest Yves Saint Lauren's L'omme sport.
  6. I have some seriously stinky feet. My family loves to tell me about them.
  7. Paisley has totally changed our lives for the better except for that part about her snoring.
  8. My current favorite pop artists are Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and Britney Spears.
  9. The thing that scares me the most about going far away for law school is being away from the people I love including my hair dresser. Seriously, I've almost called her 3 times this week to see if she knows any one in Michigan that does hair like she does. NOT. KIDDING. I am that vain.
  10. The Three Wisemen is a favorite shot of mine. Look it up.
  11. At this moment in time, if I went on a trip tomorrow it would be to see my bloggy girlfriends.
  12. I have kid names picked out, but I'll never tell because I do not want them stolen. Yes, this is completely juvenile.
  13. I do not like kids who quit playing a game when it isn't going their way.
  14. I'm going to be an attorney when I grow up. This fact never gets old since it became real.
  15. I've been watching Gilmore Girls. It's an after Christmas tradition that my husband have been doing for 3 years now.
  16. Vince Vaughn is hot.
  17. I organized our closet tonight. It looks spectacular. I've also been doing laundry recently and it's very rewarding. You can see the progress being made.
  18. I could spend the entire time at the Smithsonian it takes to see everything and maybe, I'd be bored about twice. I wanna see those ruby slippers first.
  19. I miss Teddy Kennedy and I never met the man.
  20. I saw the movie, "Titanic" 5 times in theatres when it was released.
  21. My dog has the most vile farts on the planet.
  22. My wedding day was extremely cold. There was snow.
  23. I did not read the Great Gatsby until my senior year of college. I thought it was a great book. My copy still has my tabs and notes in it.
  24. I hate writing the number one for the month of January. I'm really quirky when it comes to penmanship.
  25. I have blonde eyelashes.
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I've come to realize...

Thank you Gina from NamastebyDay. I needed some bloggy material.

I’ve come to realize that my job. . .is an eventful place.

I’ve come to realize that when I’m driving. . . back and forth to work, there are always going to be stupid people on the road.

I’ve come to realize that I need. . .8 hours of sleep each night.

I’ve come to realize that I have lost. . .my bad-ass body from my freshman year of college.

I’ve come to realize that I hate it when. . . .people quit playing dodgeball aka the game of life when it doesn't go their way. It is a consistent thing for me to turn my nose up at whiners.

I’ve come to realize that if I’m drunk. . .I was probably at the Mont.

I’ve come to realize that money… is a subject that stresses me out more often than not.

I’ve come to realize that certain people. . .will never change. And I shouldn't be concerned about it. It is what it is.

I’ve come to realize that I’ll always. . .be a blonde.

I’ve come to realize that my sibling(s). . . are some of the best people I know.

I’ve come to realize that my mom…is very politically minded.

I’ve come to realize that my cell phone. . . is attached to my hip.

I’ve come to realize that when I woke up this morning. . . I was energized and ready for the day.

I’ve come to realize that last night before I went to sleep. . . I took a nap and it was hard to go back to sleep.

I’ve come to realize that right now I am thinking. . . about this season of Biggest Loser.

I’ve come to realize that my dad. . . is a very hard worker.

I’ve come to realize that when I get on Facebook. . .I might be a little nosy.

I’ve come to realize that today. . . . O-VER.

I’ve come to realize that tonight. . . . I got my computer back from when I left it at my parent's Huzzah!

I’ve come to realize that tomorrow. . . is Educational Day.

I’ve come to realize that I really want to. . . .know where I'm going to law school.

I’ve come to realize that the person mostly likely to repost this is. . . Jessi or Kelsey.

I’ve come to realize that life. . . is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.

I’ve come to realize that this weekend. . .I don't have to go anywhere and we still get to see Brandon's family. Hooray for my own bed!

.I’ve come to realize that my friends. . . are the best a girl could ask for...even if I don't get to talk to them as often as I'd like.

I’ve come to realize that this year. . . is going to be amazing.

I’ve come to realize that my husband. . .loves me for me.

I’ve come to realize that maybe I should. . . wash my feet daily because they stink that bad.

I’ve come to realize that I love. . . my puppy.

I’ve come to realize that I don’t understand. . .why a Johnson and Johnson heiress would hook up with Tila Tequila. Have some taste, I mean really.

I’ve come to realize my past. . .is my past.

I’ve come to realize that parties. . .can be a sketchy deal if you're not careful.

I’ve come to realize that I’m totally terrified. . . of snakes and the dark and spiders. OH wait. This isn't a realization that's new. I've known this for awhile.

I’ve come to realize that my life. . .is wonderful. Seriously, I have no complaints.

Happy Tuesday!

P.S. Biggest Loser Favorites anyone?

Monday, January 4, 2010

A Bit of a Shopping Spree...

The other day, I mentioned that I wanted a new piece of Vera.

Today just happens to be one of those days where I have not a lot to discuss...aka Monday.

So I'll tell you about what I got at the store today.

My husband told me I should get a treat because I whined sufficiently because I hadn't been feeling well all last week.

First, I got this little beauty 'cept in the new Imperial Toile. I'm of the school of thought that thinks that Vera makes everything better!Second, I got a cheap cheap copy of this fabulous chick flick. It's one of the best, IMO.

And finally, the best part of all, I got... the Lady Gaga cd!!!!!!!!!!!!For real, I have wanted this cd and when Santa didn't get it in my stocking, well I had to fix the problem.

Girls, she doesn't disappoint!

Happy Monday! Hope you have your "poker face" on for the week ahead of us!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Resolutions for 2010

All of my blog posts from 2009 are now in a little section labeled "2009". I like that it is simply put away with the publishing of this post.

Now some resolutions for the year...

  1. Get Fit- I know everyone says this every year, myself included, but this year is different because I've gotta get myself in shape so many blue moons from now, I'll be ready to go in the baby department. Plus, I'm tired of my tummy. I'll be watching what I eat and giving up pop. Any tennis shoe recommendations?
  2. Travel- I really don't care where we travel, just as long as we do it. I'd like to see a beach at some point. (Brandon this is a post you should be reading.)
  3. Blog more- I want to blog at least 5 times a week. This could be tricky come law school time, but I'm up for the challenge.
  4. Better Time Management-I think this one is self-explanatory.
  5. Dress well for school every day-This one is obviously for later in the year. But I'd really like to look well for school every time I go. I know it won't be possible during finals, but I'm gonna do what I can. I definitely wore my hair in a hat way more than necessary during college. I'm going to try to avoid this if possible.
  6. Watch a ton of good movies- I realize this may not be an exactly riveting resolution, but I want to watch more movies that I wouldn't necessarily be open to before now.
MMMMk girlies, I think that's it for now.

Happy New Year!
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