Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our little family of three...

I can't tell you how much our life has changed within the past couple of days since Paisley Noel came to live with us.

And I am absolutely loving it.

Here's how our life has changed so far...

  1. Paisley sleeps with us, under the covers. We actually adopted Paisley because the family that she was with found out that they were expecting their first child and already had two boxers. So she has a few established habits. And she sleeps waaaay under the covers. Brandon now sleeps with two heaters, one human and one canine.
  2. She is already potty trained! Hooray! So when she is ready to go to the bathroom she lets us know by going to the door or by well...farting while she's sitting in our lap. After one or two toxic poots we're out the door to resolve the issue.
  3. Paisley goes where we go. When I get ready in the morning, Paisley sits patiently in the bathroom while I'm in the shower. If she gets nervous that I'm gone she whines a little, I peek around the shower curtain and all is well. This should be interesting.
  4. Paisley likes to drink out of the bathtub and if she doesn't get her way she plops her little Frenchie hiney down on the tub floor until she does.
  5. We're more active since she's around. This is without a doubt the biggest plus of all. We both want to lose weight and we're serious after the New Year, but she sure has given us a head start by playing tug of war with her rope and peg ball. She does not like it either if you quit on her. In fact, I think it pisses her off a little bit. That's my kinda girl. She doesn't quit because it gets hard.
  6. Brandon and I are spending more time together with her. We think about her needs and when we arise to the occasion to take care of her both of us are usually up to do so. We don't want to miss out on any Paisley action and as a result we spend more time with each other too. So this one actually is better than Number 5. (Which is why you're reading this lame-o post now....I'm hurrying so I can get to bed.)
  7. Oh yeah...Paisley gets one piece of ice a day. It's a favorite treat of hers and she will stand and stare at the fridge when she's ready for it. Can we say spoiled? But we wouldn't have it any other way.
Hope this finds you well.

Happy Sunday and Merry Christmas from my new little family of three.


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I am loving #10 -- what a sweet momma!!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I am loving #7 -- what a sweet Momma!!

adrienzgirl said...

What no photos? I love furry family members! We have four Chihuahuas.

Chimee(named after a Chimichanga), Lola-Blu, Superman and Blu-Belle

Daffy said...

I love the name Pasiley! And *sad face* the pic didn't come up on my computer. Probably the filters at I'm going to have to revisit later. I'm a sucker for animals! Our dogs are very much people too! (Did ya read my TMI post last Thursday?).

Thanks for sharing!

Leesie said...

Paisley is super cute! I had to go back and see her to learn more about her. We have a 3 month old kitty who is just as crazy as can be, and she sleeps with us too. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

Kelsey Claire said...

I love reading about Paisley! Don't dogs just make your life more complete? I always say to TJ "Wouldn't you be lonely without the dogs?"

Brittany Ann said...

When Marvin was a puppy he used to stick his head around the shower curtain to check and see if I was in there. It was a little Peeping Tom creepy, but I somehow found it endearing still.

Cathy said...

Hi, my daughter sent me your blog, I hope its ok....she is the one you adopted Paisley Noel from....and she is so happy just knowing that Paisley is in a super great and loving environment, she truly adored her....thanks so much for all your posts....I love reading how happy Paisley makes you because I know how happy it makes my daughter too.....thanks so much and Merry Christmas.....

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