Friday, December 11, 2009

My second surprise ever at Christmas happened today.

At Christmas time, I have a bit of a reputation outside of lover of all things Christmas.

I'm a bit lot of a...snoop.

In fact, you might say my skill is legend.

By the time I was 10 I had unwrapped and wrapped back my first movie.

I kinda was on the naughty list for that one.

At 12, my mother relocated ALL of MY presents to other states because I was just so skilled at being bad. And yet, with all the preparation that my parents so painstakingly took, I still found out I was getting a brand new bike.

Needless to say, I began to get bored with just doing it at Christmas time.

So I started snooping for birthday presents too.

Brandon was not amused when he found out that I was a snoop.

You see he wasn't amused because he had a pretty engagement ring to give to me our first Christmas.

And at this point in our little story, I'd known about my presents for 5 years straight.

A little side note: I was concerned about being a badass in my Camaro that my parents got me for my Sweet 16. I figured I owed them a break that year. By the way I was totally surprised then as well.

I digress. This tale is about Christmas surprises.

Okay so engagement is my understanding that Brandon was almost caught about 5 different times. And I still was completely oblivious.

And don't think I didn't try to figure out what I was getting for Christmas.

I did.

And I totally failed.

Brandon asked me to marry him on the merriest of days: Christmas.

And on the 22nd of this month we've been married for two years.

December seems to be our month.

This year, we decided we wanted a dog for Christmas.

We're not ready for human kids, but we decided that we might be ready for a canine if you didn't know already.

Well I thought I had one yesterday. We decided that the situation was too good to be true and turns out we were right. It was a total scam. And I was totally bummed.

I spent all day today moping around because I didn't have a puppy at my house.

I was ready for work to be over so I could go out and find a dog when I got off work.

I even drove down the Main Street in our town so I could make a run by Wal-Mart to see if they had any there.

It took me a little longer because I went this way and Brandon called.

I thought he was just being nice and checking on me because I was so bummed.

I also may or may not have moped and whined a little bit to him today off and on about the no puppy situation.

He said well hurry and get here because we're hungry. (My brother and sister were over for the evening.)

I got off the phone...sighed dramatically because I still didn't have a dog and pulled into our apartment complex.

I walked into the house and there was my second surprise ever at Christmas time...Christmas bow and all.

Her name is Paisley and she ran right up to me, gave me kisses and gave me this look like, "It's about time you got here!"

She is a French Bulldog and absolutely wonderful. Naturally, she already has a dress on and some bling around her neck. I became one of those dog parents in about 15 minutes-literally. We went to pick up pizza for dinner and had to stop by Wal-Mart for food and the necessities like her dress and bling of course 15 minutes later.

I am not kidding.

I'm just waiting for my mom to formally meet her before I tell her that she will need a stocking of her own too.

Her birthday is next week on December 16th.

December seems to be our month.

But then again, I'm a total believer in miracles happening at Christmas.

My miracle's name is Paisley Noel.

Isn't she cute?????????????????

Merry Christmas!


Brittany Ann said...

I'm getting the feeling there's some sort of subliminal message I'm not getting with this post...

Jane said...

Ahhhhhh the pupppy is adorable!!

Brittany Ann said...


Now I get it!


I love French bulldogs!

I wanna kiss her puppy face all over!

And her birthday? Day after mine, dear friend!

Just add that as another reason to do it up big in December!

Kelsey Claire said...

I love her. She is so cute. I love the name Paisley as well. Yeah for your new little family!

Gina said...

Thanks for the follow...and congrats on the baby! She is ridiculously cute and I love her name. Enjoy every second dressing her up and kissing that cute face!!

Heather said...

What a cutie!!! I love her name, too. Congrats! Great Christmas surprise!!! :)

brown eyed girl said...

I am TOTALLY the same way as you, snoop mcgee! I got the mail and thing that my husband got me some pearl earrings and a necklace for christmas that i have been very, very subtly giving hints about for, oh, three months. a;slkjfas;lkfjsd;ljkad yayyyyyy! LOL!

Your puppy is beautiful, I got goosebumps when I saw the picture - such a beautiful family y'all make!!

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