Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Traditions: Kelsey Style!

Hooray for guest bloggers!! Tonight you'll be blessed to hear from my pal Kelsey.
Sam was kind enough to allow little ol’ me to have an opportunity to be a guest blogger on her wonderful blog. Here is a little background about Sam and myself. You see, we both went to OU (Boomer Sooner). We were also both in the Christian sorority Sigma Phi Lambda. We were also both officers at the same time. She was the chaplain and I was the president. We are also both now on the Alumni Council for Phi Lamb. We weren’t that close during undergrad but surprise surprise blogging has made us close! So in honor of Sam’s love for Christmas I am now going to entertain you with my favorite Christmas traditions.

Christmas growing up in my family was a big deal. One important part of Christmas has always been the church. You see, I am Lutheran and very set in my traditional Lutheran ways. Just ask anyone who knows me!

With that said nothing makes me happier than being in the church at Christmas. I love advent. I love preparing my heart for Christ’s birth. I love advent wreaths. I love Christmas hymns. I just LOVE the church at Christmas

My favorite traditions are centered around Christmas Eve. When my husband, TJ, and I got married I wanted to spend Christmas Eve with my family and we could do Christmas Day with his family. I know most people would prefer the opposite.

We start out the evening by eating some yummy comfort food like Frito Chili Pie (which if you have never tried you have to)! We then get bundled up in our winter apparel since it is so frigid in Dallas at Christmas (haha).

We then head out to look at Christmas lights. We go all around the area and just drive and drive! We set our radio on Christmas music and soak it all in. It really puts you in the mood to go to church.

We then usually go to the 11 pm church service. We of course have to arrive early. You have to get there early so you can sit in the pew that you do every Sunday! Duh.

Then the beauty that is Christmas Eve begins. The hymns are fantastic. The sermons are inspiring. The communion is centering. It is a perfect hour in time. I love it.

The service always ends in Silent Night my favorite Christmas hymn. We have candles, the lights are turned out, everyone is singing, everyone is in the moment. The last verse gets my every time. I get warm fuzzies just thinking about it.

Oh, how I love Christmas. Oh how thankful I am for Christ. I hope that this year when you are in church singing Silent Night you are thinking how blessed you are! I will be praying that you all have a blessed Christmas and New Year!


1 comment:

Daffy said...

Frito Chili Pie is where its at! WHOOT WHOOT!

O'Holy Night is my all time favorite. I can't get through even one Christmas song without opening the flood's only been this way since my daughter was born. I suppose I'm just so filled beyond measure with blessing, gratitude, grace and love....

Christ is the reason for the season!

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