Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday is "Aunt Ruby Flo" Day

Well this is one that the Urban Dictionary did not have.

Aunt Ruby Flow: a clever name that my sister and I came up with for that time of the month; a relative that all girls can grow to have a love/hate relationship with if the relationship cultivates itself properly

It is that time of the month for me.

I realize that may be a bit much for some of you that read, but just hold onto the part of your self that is saying "TMI" to the computer screen for just a moment. If you're a girl, you go through it. It is a natural part of our lives as women.

Wow...that was a little...well you know.

Anyway, I have decided that my husband finds it extremely humorous while I'm dealing with my visitor to pester me.

Yes, he knows that I'm dealing with the fact that my pants fit tighter due to bloating this morning.
Yes, he knows that my day that was "slower than all get out" (another techincal educational term we'll discuss some other day) and while I would have usually enjoyed it, today I was just annoyed.
Yes, he knows my whole body not just my chest area is tender.
Yes, he knows I'm just a little crabbier than usual.

And most of all, yes, he knows that it is ridiculously easier to get a rise out of me.

I am as average as it gets as far as dealing with Aunt Ruby Flo is concerned. I'm also regular.

Side note: I am not complaining about regular. You will never hear about that from me because I know several women who don't have a regular period and then have a horrible time getting pregnant because of it. I am also very glad that I'm not irregular and have wound up pregnant and not knowing it! That show gives me nightmares. Okay, side note over...

You see my good guy friends were quick to let him in on the secret that I am one of those girls you can get a rise out of if you pester her just right. They sent him the proper schooling so he'd have the proper training when the situation arose.

The proper situation never fails to be when I'm dealing with Aunt Ruby.

Brandon and I compliment each other very well. When one person is having a bad day the other isn't and typically we bring one another out of our slump.

Well somehow it turns out that he is always in a good mood during this time of the month, so much so that he is...chipper.

I don't do chipper y'all.

It's that simple.

And Brandon gets a total kick out of this. And I know at some point, my friends will see that their young Padawan has now become the Master.

I'm so sure that they're proud.

Well that's great, grand. and wonderful. (Yes you're supposed to read it in the Chris Farley voice.)

I'm still stuck dealing with the hateful old bitty who decided to roll into town for a few days.

Happy Wednesday.

1 comment:

Brittany Ann said...

Oh, been there sister. I'm exactly the same way.

It's that time of the month where even big hair won't help us feel better;)

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