Monday, November 2, 2009

Molly Weasley trumps Mary Poppins EVERY time.

My house is currently a disaster area. I'm talking President Obama could declare it if he wanted to right now at this very minute and no one would question it.


So, maybe I'm exaggerating a tinge, but seriously, I'm about to go crazy.

See the thing is my husband is super great at helping me around the house.


He is my Molly Weasley when you come to think of it.

For example, I slightly raise an eyebrow when I walk into a slightly dirty room. I straighten things up a little of course. But when I come home the next day, it is spotless.

Seriously, y'all when I go back to school the housework will be mine totally. He has taken it on while in school and he actually does it willingly.

I do make a contribution by making sure that things get to their next destination in life. You know dirty clothes in hamper, trash in trash can, glasses/dishes in sink, etc. I'm good at cleaning up the table and cleaning up after dinner. I hate a nasty bathroom and will do something about it. But my Molly Weasley, well he seems to wave his magic wand and it all disappears. And I love him for that.

HOWEVER, sometime during the semester IT husband gets sick.

And Mary Poppins arrives.

I don't like Mary Poppins y'all.

She is a good housekeeper and nanny, but she makes a girl help out.

And when you have an hour and a half commute round trip every day, this helping out business can make a girl a little crabby too.


I know I should be more than willing to help out, especially when my husband is sick.

I can definitely find my clothes easier in the morning if I help. If I can find my clothes easier, I'm not "super close okay really 30 seconds late which I absolutely hate" late. If I'm not late, then I start my day out right at work. If I start my day out right at work, then things tend to go better.

But, seriously y'all...sometimes it's just easier to wait for Molly.

Because Molly has all of my clothes organized for me annnnnnnnd Molly makes sure to keep the laundry going annnnnnnnd Molly has dinner ready most nights I just have to help with a few last minute things.

I know all you Mary Poppins of the world think you're "practically perfect" in every way, but my Molly Weasley has a magic wand.

And a magic wand trumps Mary Poppins and her bag every time.

1 comment:

Brittany Ann said...

Molly Weasley is my fav HP character. I love her. LOVE HER.

And now that you've just told me this about your hubs, I'm beginning to think that despite everything else our men have in common, that you got the better model! I want an upgrade! Where's my Molly???

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