Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm declaring my love for Edward...

Edward Cullen that is.

I am so committed to our relationship (even if it only exists on the world of literature) that I am staying up way past my bed time tonight to go watch him.

I am so committed that I will go to work on what is expected to be a busy day on a very low amount of sleep.

I am so committed that I am in the middle of writing this lame blog post about how much I love Edward Cullen.

The time has come, which team are you?

Clearly you know where I stand.


Travis said...

Look at me! First comment! You're my line buddy!

Yeah, it's that fat guy from last night in line.

Stoppin by to say hey, blogging about last night. Gonna get you more followers!

kys said...

Hello! The fat guy from the line at the movies last night went me over here. I'm jealous of him (for obvious reasons) and of you, too cuz you've already seen New Moon.

Ed Adams said...

My buddy Fat Travis sent me over to say hey.

adrienzgirl said...

Fat guy sent me too. You must be ok cause you saw the midnight showing of New Moon too. I will let the Team Edward thing slide!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

How was it?? Travis sent me over! Great blog and new follower!

Daffy said...

Visiting on account of Trav - the guy you met in line last night. He's Real.. He's Awesome and most of his followers would do just about anything for him!

Anywho, LOVE the blog set up and design! Hope you enjoyed the movie!

Even though I have a potty mouth sometimes Jesus is my Homeboy too...TGIF

Brittany Ann said...

This is all so confusing if I haven't read the books.

Samantha said...

Thanks guys for stopping by!!

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