Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm alive. I'm alive! I'm SO ALIVE!

So it's about time we had a random posting around here don't cha think?

  1. Saw New Moon for the second time around. Taylor Lautner is wonderful to gaze at on end.
  2. I'm still Team Edward.
  3. We also saw The Blind Side this weekend. This is definitely a must-see!
  4. My Christmas tree is going up soon.
  5. I still LOVE my Sooners. Lots of people are ready to jump ship. I'm not one of them.
  6. I take the LSAT on December 5th. Same time. Same place.
  7. I am ready for this weekend. BIG. TIME.
  8. I am thankful for and old.
  9. My husband graduates May 15th. I am so proud.
  10. Snuggling with my husband in the morning is one of my favorite parts of the day.
  11. If I had a job where I could wear jeans, a t-shirt, big sunglasses and occasional hat I suppose, and read ALL the time I would ask where to sign immediately.
  12. My face has had an explosion of acne and rosacea recently. Very classy at 25, I tell ya.
  13. My husband calls me the "human heater" because I generate a lot of body heat while we sleep at night.
  14. In less than a month, we've been married for two years.
  15. Yes, I'll show some pictures.
Happy Monday.


Law School Podcaster said...

If you need any last minute tips for the LSAT, check out our new podcast on the test.

Pere Callahan said...

#5 but thats what makes a real fan, there when things are tough. I say stand by your team!

Brittany Ann said...

OK, I died laughing last night when I got your text. Of course you went again!

But, wait, you saw the Blindside! I SOOO want to see that!

And hey, one thing Patrick and YOU (not your hubs) have in common: You're both human heaters. Just sayin'.

adrienzgirl said...

My face still breaks out and I'm freakin' 37 years old! WTH?

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